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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Want You to Check Out Their Love!

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Want You to Check Out Their Love!

Johnny Depp and his fiancee Amber Heard hold hands while checking out of their hotel on Saturday (March 22) in New York City.

The day before, the 27-year-old actress was seen arriving at her hotel without her 50-year-old beau by her side in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Johnny Depp

It was recently reported that Dakota Johnson is in early talks to play Johnny‘s love interest in his upcoming movie Black Mass, which will be distributed by Warner Brothers. Stay tuned for more details!

FYI: Amber is wearing Quay Australia sunglasses.

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  • stillgreen

    As much as I want them to be happy,
    I don’t think this is going to work,,,,
    He is what? 23 years! her senior??
    I’m one year younger than her and my boyfriend is a 30 something. It works for us, but even we had trouble because of the age diverence.
    Maybe she doesn’t want Kids… But if he does…they won’t have a future…

  • Talita

    aww I love them together!
    *and the haters come to annoy me

  • peace

    Aww they are so cute!

  • Sophia

    He was already sexually active when she wasn’t even born yet. So fu**ing gross.

  • GFW

    Just a super smart girl biding time who’ll end up filthy r.i.c.h. for being with a famous star while making him feel young again. Kind of sad really. They don’t look in sync at all. Feel sorry for his kids.

  • Mia

    Who writes these titles?

  • JDF

    @Sophia: You already spreaded hate in a previous article about them. Do you have no better things to do you pathetic loser? She’s a grown up 28 years old woman now and not a child and it doesn’t matter that he was sexually active before she was born, so are thousands of couples. It’s gross that you try so hard to make it seem gross by saying BS like that.

  • Lana

    What a stupid title. It’s not like if they are making out in front of the cameras to show the world their love. They don’t seem pleased to have cameras around them

  • JDF

    @GFW: Wow you seem to not know much about what you are talking about! Do you know that she’s a “filthy” rich actress herself? And how the hell do you know that he’s with her to feel young again? He’s been with her since 5 years and they are in love and he doesn’t need somone to feel young because he looks young and youthful already. They don’t look “sync” to you because they are being annoyed by strangers that are shouting and taking pictures of them. They always look happy and in love when the paps are not around them. Don’t feel sad for his kids because they are happy that he is happy and they love Amber and they attended the engagement party.

  • Love The Shoes

    I LOVE her shoes! I like them together a lot. There have been some long and happy May-December couples whether or not it’s the man older or younger or woman is. Joan Collins has been seemingly happy married for over 11 years with her 30+ years younger hubby. Brad is 12 years older than Angelina and Harrison Ford is over 20 years older than Calista Flockhart. Amber isn’t some silly Hollywood starlet and Johnny isn’t the sugar daddy chicken hawk type. They’re probably closer in age were their souls are concerned than most.

  • JDF

    @stillgreen: Why would it not work when they are happy and in love and have so much in common? There are so many long and successful relationships with bigger age gaps than that.

    Don’t worry about them and just wish them happiness.

  • scarlett

    Oh I was wrong earlier THIS is the most stupid headline your staff has written all day. Who’s writing this crap?

  • Nicole

    Yeah right, they sure seem desperate for you to check out their love. *sarcasm*

    Leave them alone.

  • Me

    I love this couple. Johnny looks so happy since he is with her and Amber, the way she look at him, her smile from ear to ear in those private pictures or in the pictures at the rodeo in Austin, i have no doubt that she’s happy with him and she makes my boy happy so I support her, i support them! Bless them and much happiness on their marriage. Their rings are stunners

  • sarah

    I love em too. They seem very well-suited for each other.

  • Gus

    This couple is like a funeral,depressives.

  • Moore

    @Gus: You do know that this is just how they are when there’s a bunch of strangers picturing them right? They do not look happy because they are a private couple that doesn’t like being pictured and being on the tabloids.

    They are a very happy couple and the pictures that were not taking by the paparazzi just proves that.

    It’s quite hilarious that you think they are depressed based on some paparazzi pictures that were taken in less than 30 seconds.

  • Mike

    I thought she was a lesbian.

  • B

    @Mike: You thought wrong didn’t you? She never came out as a lesbian and she hinted that she’s bisexual. She’s had more relationships with men than the ones she’s had with women and she’s with Depp since more than 2 years.

    Do your research next time before opening your stupid mouth.

  • Andrew

    PR couple, desperate for attention. Depp is nothing but a creepy ageing moviestar who hides behind his manufactured quirky behavior, faux bohemian persona and silly hats.

  • xCC

    weird couple

  • JDF

    @Andrew: PR couple? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s really funny because they are dating since 2 years and they only came out as a couple last year and they never talked about each other and their relationship till this day! Amber refused to to talk about Johnny and their relationship when she was promoting her last movie. Is that what a PR couple that is desperate for attention does? Why are they not doing PDA’s if they are a PR couple? Why did they not let the media and the paparzie in their engagement party? Thanks for making me laugh you stupid troll.

    Even thought he doesn’t want it, Johnny will always have the attention and all the eyes on him. He doesn’t need to pull any stunts to get the attention.

    You seem quite bitter and jealous of Depp! If he’s all of that then what are you? You are nothing but a pathetic loser that judge people that he knows nothing about behinf a computer screen.

    Depp is nothing but an amazing man and a legendary artist whose also a fashion icon with a great, uinque persona and he can date any woman he wants.

    His “silly” hats worth more than your whole family you pathetic loser.

  • JDF

    @xCC: Nothing weird about them but you are weird for calling a couple that you don’t know “weird” based on some pics.

  • vicky

    @Andrew: PR couple your a$$. You sound so damn pressed about Depp! He is 100000000000000 times the man that you are isn’t he? Loser.

  • Kate

    @Andrew: Are all the couples PR couples these days or what? Do you think you are smart for calling them a “PR couple”?? Both don’t seem “desperate for attention” at all in these pictures. They are not even looking at the cameras or smiling to be “desperate for attention”.

    Whatever happened to wishing people happiness and not saying anything when you don’t have something nice to say.

  • Kat

    Any of you know why they carried two dogs out of the hotel? Pistol it’s Amber dog, but the other ?

  • Cele

    @Kat: awwww! that’s so cute! they were with the dogs. Not idea about the other, maybe Lily-Rose’s dog?

  • Andrew

    Jealous of a boozer druggie with an ageing problem and a fake persona, LOL. Try harder!

  • JDF

    @Andrew: Your jealousy is killing you, Loser! What boozer druggie are you talking about? You do know that he stopped doing drugs ages ago right? And he stopped drinking more than a year ago too!

    Ageing problem? Hahahahahaha, where did you get that from? He really doesn’t seem to care at all about ageing and if you saw/read his recent interviews were he was asked about it, you would realize that. Just because someone is ageing it doesn’t mean they have a problem with it. Not all the people are insecure like you.

    There is nothing fake about the nicet man in Hollywood that is Johnny Depp. He’s the very least fake person on the planet.

    If you are not jealous of Depp and feel that you are better than him, then what are you doing here? why are you hating on him? Get a life please.

  • TTas

    @JDF; and you do know them??
    Just as much as you seem to love them ( based on pics or interviews) there are people who don’t like them ( based on pics or interviews).
    Same thing isn’t it.

    People who care(d) about him, thought he had a great thing going with Vanessa, and have falues in live concerning long time relationships, specially when kids are involved.

    My quess is that he lost alot of fans this past couple of years – and not only due to the way his career is been going downhill.

    I don’t like her. Look at pics of them together – something is just wrong about her. Somehow they seem awkward .
    She barely looks 18 on these pics, he looks very much his age next to her. She is bisexual. She makes him looks like a fool. I bet she wants his baby next – and then run of with lots of cash and a cute looking nanny ….

  • Camille

    The retired pirate and his “pouffiasse” ! Nice couple !

  • Falala

    They are a nice couple, i wish them the best. By the way those dogs are cute, if you have seen the pics of them. I guess pistol has a new friend. I would be annoyed if the paps were always in my face like that..jeez leave them alone already. They are engaged so what? are they the only people to get engaged in the world? enough already.

  • Lena


    Hi Gerry’s Fassinating Woman! Is that you? Xoxoxo…😊

    My favorite part of this article is the title: Johnny Depp & Amber Heard want YOU to check out their love!

    Classic JJ. With an exclamation point and all. Love the way that is titled. That short sentence says a thousand words. Doing your part to wake up the 300 million who suffer from celebrity worship syndrome? Great if so…. Don’t worry….long way to go…

    Yes folks. These people (celebrities, not necessarily those in the picture) DO want you to notice how in love they seem to be as coincidentally on blind sites elsewhere the SAME celebrities are constantly the subject of PR romances cooked up by PR firms who work hard to create false images and false fronts for their clients to sell lies to the trusting public who are kind souls willing to give the benefit of the doubt to cads and con “artists” who deserve neither their good will or business as far as I am concerned. Why can’t we have celebrities who genuinely are great folks? There are some out there but an exception rather than the rule possibly?

    Why is it that in every other business people are shamed and licensed and sanctioned into being ethical, truthful, above board, etc?, But in show business, these folks arrogantly get away with schemes and farces and false images intended to deceive the public for monetary gain, and they are not called out on it but instead are idolized and financially rewarded for it? Ironic. Makes no sense to me.

    I don’t have a clue as to whether Depp and Heard are truly in love. I just have seen blind items where people name them and I am making general statements about show business. I feel for the fans who are normal folks that care for people including their idols. The calculated PR farces are unfair to them most of all.


  • angel

    adorable! finally a real couple in holltywood! i love their rings, their coats… sometimes i wonder if they are already married.. <3
    for those who say "oh they're marrying too fast", a information: they are together for two years and a half now (for what we know) but they know each other and are in touch since 2009.
    god bless them, i wish years and years… and years of pure love and happiness!

  • Mala

    They are super PR couple, that’s why they only appeared for 13 seconds in front of paparazzis (irony). Look at the video of their super PR appereance- as they were doing some show by kissing or posing for the photographers at least- they just went out of their hotel, kept their heads low and that’s all

  • Mala

    And I have to admit that I feel totally bad for these two videos:

    They were followed by the paparazzis…I love to see them together, but gosh! they only wanted to go to their car and then to their hotel…the paparazzis could keep the distance at least!

    Jerry is the best, by the way!

  • Kat

    @Mala: wonder what the paparazzi said? to Johnny to warn him “watch your language, man”. maybe something to Amber? Johnny said he would eat the nose of any who try to harm his loved ones (so haters here! be warned too)

  • JDF

    @TTas: I know much better than most of the clueless trolls here for sure.

    People who thought he had a great thing going with Vanessa must have known nothing other than the fact that they are together because they have been not very much a couple since 2007 and it’s not his problem if some dumb people thought they were living a fairytaile.

    He only lost some hypocrites and not a lot of fans. All of his real fans are still there for him and his fanbase is actually growing with the younger generation.

    No one needs you to like her and nobody cares that you don’t like her. They don’t seem awkward or wrong at all they just don’t like being pictured by the paps.

    18? puhlease, She actualy looks her age in those pictures and he looks like he is in his late 30s or early 40s. He doesn’t look 50 at all.

    She doesn’t makes him look like a fool, you are just saying this because there is an age difference between them. If you didn’t know them and saw pictures of them you wouldn’t say they look wrong.

    Run with lots of cash? Do you really think she is that type? And do you really think that his money isn’t protcted by millions of people?

  • Olive

    @Kat: I think he warned him when he sweared after Jerry tried to hit him. Or was it Jerry the one who sweared and Johnny warned because they were being photographed and recorded?

  • Kat

    @Olive: I think you’re right! watching the other clip it’s possible to hear how the papz swear to Jerry and Johnny reprimand the papz to watch his language.

  • Nat

    Johnny tries to be discreet, hiding his face in his hat and Amber does the contrary, seeks showing off or at least show her engagement ring.
    Jesus Christ. she is really a b*tch.

  • Lucas

    Amber is a farce. She is showing that she isn’t who she claimed to be.
    Did you ever see a photo of her showing “unintentionally” her engagement ring?
    Depressing, embarrassing for her fans to see this kind of pic.

  • Miryam

    It’s depressing to see Johnny with Amber.
    I don’t hate her but she is the opposite of Johnny.
    She is arrogant and selfish.
    I just don’t see anything that would draw me to her.

  • love Jd

    I love him!!!If Amber makes Johnny happy then i am really happy for them!!!Haters Please Get a Life!!!

  • brenda

    Wow so much hate here and some hate comes from Just Jared with that title ..someytime I think Just Jared.,E.entertainemnet and daily Mail are the same thing…they are against Johnny ,they NEVER post the best pictures of Johnny …like when he was walking in Manhattan..what happen with those photos?..Why they didn’t buy those pics? Ahhh they didn’t buy those pics because he looked so good..that’s why!

  • brenda

    And @Andrew..Johnny is NOT a creepy ageing moviestar..he is 50 but he looks like he is in his 30 but Just jared didn’t post his BEST pictures because JJ loves people criticize him all the time…

  • Troll

    She dresses herself very old to day ! No taste at all ! And Johnny is papy now !

  • K

    @Troll: She is wearing an elegant coat that you could not even afford to buy and Johnny is your king. A papy your father.

  • Troll

    It is a little bit ridiculous in 50 always to hold the hand like teen !

  • Troll

    My mother has the same elegant coat !