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Halle Berry on Husband Olivier Martinez: 'I Think He's Delicious!'

Halle Berry on Husband Olivier Martinez: 'I Think He's Delicious!'

Halle Berry stops to chat with a crew worker on the set of her latest television project Extant on Tuesday (April 2) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old actress recently delved into her personal life with Extra!

She discussed Olivier Martinez and his role on Revenge saying, “I’m going to follow his little arc along. I’m very proud of him. I think he’s delicious.”

“I just feel great because I have another baby. I never thought that at my stage in life another baby – and a baby boy – was coming to me, so yeah, I’m blessed,” Halle added.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry working on set…

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    Oh please, more of Halle’s drivel….guess, it’s started. Singing praises of his work just as she did with David, Eric , Gabe and crew. And we all know how those all ended, this isn’t any different. Not hating, just stating the facts. It will be interesting what she comes up with this one, when she’s done with him.


    No, talk on their marriage or how he’s doing as a 1st time father, when he’s even around.

  • carla

    She just talks about his work, she talks how her is daughter with her brother but nothing about Olivier as a father! “he’s delicious” (head down)! Keep working! 2 children to feed! I think she’s a very good mother!

  • kayla

    Okay usually when a lustful affair begins it’s going to be short lived no matter how much frosting you add to the top! Halle and Olivier started off hot, and that altercation between gabriel and olivier seemed to have made the relationship got hotter. but now that there is marriage and a baby I think the lust Olivier had for Halle in the beginning just isn’t there anymore. Lets face it she may be stunning, have a great body but in all reality she can’t turn back the clock and he is French and probably wants some sweet, sexy noncommittal hot thing that can do a whole lot more than Halle!

  • Heather


  • Jt

    No way is he going to stay faithful to her old @ss.

  • Pat


  • spirit7

    I like her and she is extremely beautiful. I read that her and Oliver are having problems. He has become controlling and thinks she works too much. Hey, were all human. I will watch whatever she is in because I think she is amazing.

  • carla

    @Pat: Well, You are already wasting you time! after all you are writing about her!!! so…

  • Shelbethegreat

    She’s right, he is DELICIOUS!!! I knew those rumors of a break up were all lies. You can tell she has a crush on her husband and who can blame her. I bet he’s a fire cracker in bed! Lucky Halle!

  • just saying

    She didn’t say he was Delicious it was words put in her mouth by lady who was asking her about her husband. Halle don’t speak much about her own so called husband it always the people who is asking the question who ask about him. All she speaks about is her work and her children. I will say it again it just a matter of time Trick Tack, the hour glass is running.

  • TruYr

    Berry brings all her damaged bagage to every relationship, notice berrys no comment as to martinez being a committed father or partner or anything . When i heard her say she is going to Watch ” his little arch” that was just a différent way of saying olivier was beneath her , what a train wreck halle is Fake as ever not sincère . All halles manipulation arrangés all her null and void conditions.

  • Carla

    @TruYr: i agree, not a only word about olivier “father”, always olivier work! The way she talks about children sounds like a single mother – she has to work and feed and find some balance, so seems she’ s alone! Her daughther enjoy her big sister role? Great! That’s what we supose that a big sister enjoy to do! What about husband? Wy doesn’t she says that he’s also enjoying his son and also help her? It’s the second interview that she talks about olivier on “revenge”, not a single word as a father. I wonder wy never ask her about that! Just ask her about his job!!! We know that those interviews have a “pre agreement” ! I think they know that admit their split was no good for their imagens at this moment.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Hey, maybe he don’t want her talking about him. Maybe he is a modest man. Anyone can see in that interview she blushed when talking about her husband. Love can conquers haters every time.

  • Carla

    @Shelbethegreat: well i agree that he wants some privacy, but on Queen Latiffha show she sad that her husband tkinks she must use her x man wear!!! So maybe he doesn’t want that she talks about him as a father.

  • QL wig comment nothing new

    @Carla: re: her Xmen wig comment–nothing new. She said the same thing about wearing her old Storm outfit for Gabe back in 2006 on Conan, I think and folks called her out on it for saying the same exact thing about Eric and we both know how those relationships ended.

  • Carla

    @QL wig comment nothing new: what?????? Didn’t know about it!!!! Her publicist isn’t doing her job! Thanks

  • QL wig comment nothing new

    @Carla: I know she did a bunch of firing of her old talent agency, publicist and other staff after between Catwoman 2005, X3 and Perfect Stranger 2007.
    She may have had her current publicist sense then?

    Maybe. Besides doing damage control and positive promo work, her publicist can only do what her client, Ms. Berry allows her to do.

    Then again, Halle’s known to put her foot in her mouth from time to time like anyone and makes up her own stuff not just given sound bites from her publicist Meredith O’Sullivan Wasson.

  • QL wig comment nothing new

    @Carla: only those following Halle for awhile would have picked up on. I am sure there won’t be much flack. You could be right about OM being possibly more reserved than Berry and is one person who cannot be controlled by his wife who has admitted in the past about her “control” issues/.

  • carla

    @QL wig comment nothing new: I admire her relationship with is menager Vicent for so long time, and I think she respects him a lot, she considers him a father and probably if she didn’t have his support (career/private) maybe she was not considered one of the greats names of cinema anymore. I use to live in france and i remember Olivier as a very respectable man. Even in his private life he always had long and stables relationships. He’s well know in europe as a gentleman and weigted man. When he had a chance to became a great name of european cinema a few years ago he decided to decline many works because he didn’t want to be a “star’. But… he’s partners? just very famous and beautiful women wich is strange for someone who wants privacy!

  • just saying

    @ Carla Olivier is fool to get with Halle , People have lose respect for him after he let Halle talk him into beating Gabriel in front of his daughter to make Halle feet better. I hope it was worth it when she knick him out of her life for good on her time. It is so sad that he can walk in the street with his own child ??? It all what Halle say he wear the pant’s in that family controlling.

  • just saying

    I mean she wear the pant in the family

  • carla

    @just saying: I wasn’t surprised when i saw him so involved with someone so popular, i was surprised when i saw him everyday in front pages, chased by paparazzi, etc, etc. Now his more low profile and seems more like OM that i once heard about. The question is: Is it because he doesn’t want expose his family anymore or he’s not involved in his family? time will tell us.

  • Shelbethegreat

    I bet Halle and Olivier are doing fine. I sure miss seeing pictures of him more often. Thank god for Revenge so we can at least see him.@just saying: Boy, you really got a hangup on Olivier don’t cha. Sure he kicked the crap out of that leech Golden boy(Next time he needs to keep his mouth shut) but hey that is in the past. Let it go.

  • just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat We are holding on to straw are we now? Pay back time is a boss. The next man is going to beat the hell out of him too Trick Tack!!!!!! Shelbethegreat

  • Oh for goodness sake!

    This woman said she has been in therapy since she was 10 years old because of her so called alcoholic abusive Father (which was not true) and her identity racial problems. She lies all the time in her interviews. People are sick of her poor acting skills. Just look at how many people went to see her recent films! She has all failed relationships because of her! Think about it – look at David Justice now. Look at Eric Benet now! There’s more to the story and it’s no coincidence that her nickname is Scary Berry. She’s a has been and no one will look at that horrible show in the summer!

  • shelbethegreat

    @Oh for goodness sake!: You got some serious problems. I think your the one that needs therapy. Leave Halle alone.

  • DeDe

    @shelbethegreat: No. You need therapy.

  • shelbethegreat

    @DeDe: Sure, @just saying using a different moniker I see.

  • Just saying

    @Shelbthegreat you just love don’t you? Wish it’s was me but can’t take the credit