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Miranda Kerr Is Spring Chic for Promotional Tour in Tokyo!

Miranda Kerr Is Spring Chic for Promotional Tour in Tokyo!

Miranda Kerr is picture perfect while attending a press conference for beauty clinic Yuri Takano held at Hikarie Hall on Friday (April 4) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 30-year-old super model then switched into a floral dress as she was spotted taking in the sights at Tokyo’s busiest Shibuya crossing while in town for her Reebok Skyscape and Samantha Thavasa promotional events.

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The day before, Miranda rocked two different dresses at the Samantha Thavasa Omotesando Gates Store fan event held at Akasaka Britz.

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Credit: Jun Sato, Edo Kat; Photos: WireImage, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Miranda Kerrdashian has to milk the attention her and her people paid for in Asia for all it’s worth because she won’t be able to buy this kind of love anywhere else. To get attention in the rest of the world she has to take off her clothes and sit on the laps of perverted old men and give sexual predators shots of B12 in their crusty a$$es and talk about how she’d love to feel up a woman until a man came along to rescue her with his big schl*ng.

  • @Elena….

    Poor bitter Elena so desperate & delusional.

    Every spiteful post about Miranda REEKS of petty jealousy & sour grapes.

    I just love the fact that Miranda’s career just keeps going from strength to strength with all these huge companies hiring her to be the “face” of all these campaigns. The fact she’s already earned $15 million this year shows she’s beyond successful as a Supermodel, businesswoman & a celebrity & brand in her own right.

    So keep posting your bitter rants as the more you do so just proves over & over again that Miranda owns you…..lolololololololololol.

  • Lovely

    Miranda looks gorgeous, love both dresses.
    She looks years younger than her age with those dimples & flawless skin!

  • @2

    You keep telling yourself those things and one day they will all be true in your little head and the rest of the world will know better. Of course, no matter how much you believe, Miranda still isn’t going to pick you as the woman she muff dives until a man shoves his hairy d**k up her a$$ so you might as well give up the delusion now.

  • wow

    She’s dressed! big improvement!

  • @ the troll

    As popular as she is in Asia, you are still claiming that her pr had to pay people to show up?
    Someone on another thread asked you to prove it. To put up, or shut up.
    I guess that you still don’t have that proof, eh?
    But when have facts ever been important to you?
    You need serious help for your Miranda obsession. I understand that your life is miserable, and that you are bitter and lonely, but stalking a celeb across the internet just to wallow in hate is not healthy. You will never be able to turn your life around until uu let go of the hate bubbling up insure you.
    Poor troll. Destined to die alone.

  • MR. BIG

    No.1; Oh yeah… Last night at 4:02 am, I had my first dream ever about Miranda Kerr. Wherein I got to feel it big time. After she had hit the shower and asked me for two towels. Not one, but two…

  • Rose

    Miranda is stunning! Great to see her having a strong career after VS.

  • @6

    Alone like you with your Miranda fantasies that will never come true? Get your hand out of your pants and do something else, anything else, but stalk me on the internet. Freak.

  • Kath

    Miranda looks stunning in floral. Pink looks so good on her. Shes looking ever so beautiful and fresh…..and that banging super sexy body of hers looks good in anything…..or nude. Cant wait to see more of her nudie shots! Looking at her I dont believe those sexy boobies are fake? Hmmmmm…. I love to see whats shes wearing….shes always so stylish. Great to see she is ever so popular around the world and her career is still going strong. Just by looking at her its obvious to see she is so very happy & she has such a fantastic exciting life….good on her!

  • Here’s the thing…

    @@ the troll: You cannot offer proof that the crowd was not paid off any more than Elena can offer proof that it was. Listing what you feel are MK’s accomplishments is not proof that her people, the ST people, the Reebok people or the the venue didn’t solicit crowd padders and off them some form of compensation to make the events appear more successful than they were. Those things do happen, all the time. I know that you have invested a lot of time, energy and emotion into being MK’s fan but the reality is that no celebrity is what they seem. Not a single one. They have all crafted a brand, an image, and that is what you are a fan of. The people themselves are very often wildly different than the image you soak up. Miranda is not what she seems. That is a fact and it’s a fact for any celeb.
    You know, you accuse Elena of being a troll but you just keep coming back to the bridge. You feed the monster. She is what you make of her. Without your energy to feed off of she is nothing so why don’t you just ignore her if she bothers you that much. From the time that you waste commenting to her it appears that you have just as little of a life as you claim that she does. You are just as sad and pathetic because you spend your day feeding someone you call a troll. I feel sad for both you. Both of you need help to turn your lives around. Both of you are filled with hate and bitterness. Both of you are pretty pathetic.

  • @11

    No hate here. We are just laughing at a troll.
    Your comment that we should just ignore her is ridiculous. Why should we let her lies and filth stand without comment? That just makes her bolder. We know her history. She will run and hide when confronted by facts that she can’t twist. That is why she has posted the same garbage on each of Miranda’s last few threads. She is running from our responses. If you notice, she has disappeared each time she has been challenged by the truth.
    And you say that we have no proof for our stance, either, yet forget that you can’t have proof for something that didn’t happen. She is huge in Asia. That’s why she is earning so many high dollar contracts over there. ‘Padding’ is simply not necessary in Asia.
    You also forget that the burden of proof is on the ocuser. Funny that you lay it at our feet.
    Fans have a reason to follow posts about Miranda. Haters who follow her are only here to sling mud and venom. If you can see no difference between the motivations of the two groups, then I have to wonder about your own motivations. Saying that we should just ignore the vulgar, child hating, troll that is Elena seems like a way to protect her posts from any form of challenge. That, my dear, will never happen. We won’t let her lie and attack Miranda, or her child without comment.
    Unlike Elena, we have no hate in our hearts. Disgust? Yes. Hate? No.

  • Um…

    @@11: “And you say that we have no proof for our stance, either, yet forget that you can’t have proof for something that didn’t happen.” Um…you have no idea that it didn’t happen. You are assuming that it didn’t happen based on your loyalty to her and your assumption that others love her as much as you do. Padding happens at events (yes, in Asia) with stars much more famous than MK. She has no proof that it did happen and you have no proof that it didn’t and the burden of proof is on both of you to back up your individual claims. You cannot offer the proof of, “well we all know that everyone loves her” because we know no such thing. We know that you love her but that really isn’t enough to assume that anyone else does. (Also…accuser. Just saying) I would also like to add that if you continue to bait the “troll” she will keep coming back and have you ever considered that she stops commenting because you become tedious? I know that will be my motivation after I post this. Namaste.

  • @13

    Why did you change your name, Elena? We all know that it’s you.
    No one else could be so hypocritical as to side with a troll on an idiotic claim, yet insist that a fan prove that the claim is wrong. Common sense proves that it is wrong. And since you are so lacking in common sense, it has to be you.
    And funny that this particular sockpuppet thinks that a people responding to your claim are “tedious”, yet thinks that your posting of the same comment on every thread is not. Hypocrisy is another trade mark of yours.
    Care to try again?

  • frisbee

    I can’t believe that coming back after two years I see exacly the same arguments on Miranda threads. It amazes me that some of you have the energy to hate/love her enough to devote so much time to her JJ threads. People – there’s more to life than loving/hating Miranda Kerr! (Though i admit it’s great fun! On that note – how is her marriage and son? Last time I was led to believe there would be a divorce and/or new baby soon!)

  • Ha

    Love how people with enough time to post on her threads try to claim that people who have time to post on her threads have no life.
    Hypocrisy 101.
    The only thing that differs is the motivation.
    Fans are supposed to be here. That’s what fans do.
    Haters stalking her just to post lies is a sign of a deep sickness.
    If you can’t see the difference, maybe you have a problem, too.

  • frisbee

    Whoa, way to overreact!
    Also, whether you’re a fan or a hater, seriously – Miranda Kerr? That’s the important topic in your life?

  • @17

    That didn’t look like an overreaction. But since I’m a fan, I may be a bit biased. ;)
    But I don’t think an occasional post means that Miranda is the most important topic in someone’s life. Your statement that it was, really WAS an overreaction.
    Fans come here to catch the latest news, and post about Miranda. We wouldn’t have to keep posting if certain haters didn’t come here to attack Miranda. And don’t try to say that we should just ignore their nasty comments. Why let them have their say and let it go when their posts are always full of lies and twisted half-truths? That’s ridiculous.
    And there are several haters who really do invest way too much time in Miranda. They run blogs full of hate, and disgusting lies. They started those sites because people here wouldn’t let them have their say without being challenged. They even admitted as much when they pretended to leave. 99.9% of the nastiest posts come from these few ladies. They scour the internet for news, just to post it on their sites. They often have news before Miranda’s fan sites. That tells you how obsessed they are.
    And I’m questioning your own motives as well. Why did you come here? To act superior by insulting the people who post here? Seems as if you have a lot of time on your hands to be willing to do something like that.
    Can you explain why your coming here is any different from a fan, or even a hater, coming here?
    Can you?

  • Marlies

    @18 I don’t get the hatred and bitterness that some people have for Miranda. She’s beautiful, is a successful businesswoman, and is doing well for herself and is also a great mom to Flynn. I know of one hater site which is the Delphi site. Are there other hater sites? Why are they so consumed with anger and hate over someone they have never met and someone who has done nothing to them. I am a fan of Miranda’s and can’t stand it when they post lies about Miranda.

  • frisbee

    Dear me, I’d forgotten how rabid some of you Miranda fans are o.O But by all means, do carry on, I’m anxious to see how the situaion progresses. Also, I realize now that the solution was a divorce after all, I can only say I was sorry to have missed the hype, and – quite obviously – that the only victim here is he chilld, apart from a few bruised egos.
    Insults away!

  • @20

    Funny how you consider rational statements as being “rabid”.
    I guess that you have no rational answers, then, and you fall back on a weak insult.

  • frisbee

    *eye roll*
    So Miranda Kerr is a goddess, you are her greatest worshiper, all you say is true – happy now?

  • @22

    You’re still here? Oh no. You’re just a casual observer. No investment in this at all. Nooooo.
    But since you love to claim that others overreact. Please point out where we said that she was a goddess. Or that any of us claimed to be her greatest “worshiper”.
    We are simply asking that a hater stand behind their statements with proof. What is so wrong with that? I mean, surely they would not have made such an outrageous comment unless they had proof, right?
    Or is that just a silly question? That a hater has proof of anything. Lies never have proof. So I guess it is silly to expect it.
    But keep on coming back to a thread that you don’t care about. And keep on throwing out ridiculous overreactions.
    We’ll be here. You are quite entertaining.

  • Kath

    Ive been to a few Miranda Kerr promos here in Australia…….and Im still waiting to be paid. A couple of my Japanese friends have seen her in Japan….. & they didnt get paid either. Ive been to Japan many times and the fans in that country on most levels about most things from the Western world are pretty excited anyway. So where’s this proof that people who turn up to these events get paid? Im proof they dont! And to some of you, stop with the “Stop baiting the Troll Elena” blah blah blah. Bait or not shes going to keep harping on sh*t. So why cant we have a go if we feel like it? Elena said in another thread that “No one has ever proved her wrong” firstly read what she posts…..ummm….just childish sh*t! For heavens sake….she didnt even know who James Packer is. And if you dont like reading the banter back & forth of haters or fans then what are you doing here?…..

  • @24

    I love you.
    I think that it’s hilarious that troll-ena thinks that no one has ever proved her wrong.
    Everyone has proved her wrong. Even elena herself. One of the dangers of her hypocrisy. It came back to bite her.

  • Kath

    @@24: Yeah remember Elena constantly going on about Miranda & her boyfriends Leo & Bieber…..then suddenly she got blindsided with the whole Miranda & James Packer couple thing…yeah….no one has ever proved her wrong. Shes such an idiot!