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Nicole Kidman Talks Nashville Lifestyle on 'Queen Latifah Show'!

Nicole Kidman Talks Nashville Lifestyle on 'Queen Latifah Show'!

Nicole Kidman is gorgeous in red while making an appearance on The Queen Latifah Show, which aired on Monday (April 7)!

The 46-year-old actress chatted with Queen Latifah about her new film The Railway Man, her beau Keith Urban, and living in Nashville. Watch the video below!

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“I suppose just the aspect of love having that power to heal is certainly relevant in some marriages,” Nicole shared on the show. “You kind of move into each other and discover and heal a lot of things in each other too. It’s very healing when gently done.”

FYI: Nicole is wearing Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.

Nicole Kidman – ‘Queen Latifah Show’ Interview

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  • Louise

    Such a beautiful, intelligent woman. It is so obvious she is loving of humans, and has such a sincere love for her husband and family. By far my favorite actress. Classy all the way.

  • Ella

    Love her! That dress is stunning. Queen told Nicole she’s the right actress to play Grace and how great a judge Keith is on Idol. It was a very relaxed cute conversation. If her show sticks around I hope Nicole goes back. I had never watched it before but I really enjoyed it.



  • Amy


  • maddog

    Can’t deny she’s hott!!!

  • ?

    So many lies Nicole. When is it all going to stop.

  • x

    Faith obviously forgot her southern manners when she was shouting at grown men to stop taking photos in LA recently.

  • bahahahaha

    I wouldn’t worry about losing your Aussie accent Nicole. Australia has already disowned you.

  • The Queen is obviously senile

    @Ella: “Queen told Nicole she’s the right actress to play Grace and how great a judge Keith is on Idol.”

  • GFW

    Sorry, but where is she living?

  • Zaya

    Nicole is beautiful. She has the blessing of a loving family.

  • Ivermom

    She get’s more gorgeous as she ages!! She is blessed!

  • Iverdad

    She uses more Botox and fillers as she ages!! She is psychotic!

  • Amy


    It won’t stop. When will you give it up? How many decades?

  • kami

    “her beau Keith Urban”???? they are married. that makes him her husband, not her beau.

  • Jordan

    What a lovely woman. I saw more of the show on You Tube, and it was delightful. There’s a cute clip with an E interviewer, too, where she says she’s “crazy in love” with Keith. I’m very happy for them both.They were meant to be together.

  • LIa

    Kidman is a lesbian living a lie with her gay husband Urban.

  • Billie

    @Ella: I really agree with you. It would be fun for Nicole to come back when she’s promoting Paddington. The skit may or may not be online but they did a cute little thing on another day before Nicole’s interview where Queen Latifah was talking about how many great movies Nicole has been in and a kangaroo pops up behind the couch because he wants QL to get Nicole’s autograph for him!

  • Oh dear

    The poor kangaroo, drunk and delusional just like the KUNK bunnies.

  • kohl

    Nicole is charming and lovely. What a great combination.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie


    No matter how you perceive yourself, you’re an ignorant piece of trash. Decent people don’t write that type of statement. So the next time you look at yourself in the mirror, (if you can), remember what you’re seeing. This isn’t just a statement, it’s fact.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    @Oh dear:

    I’d be very careful about calling others delusional if I were you.

  • LIa

    @Lizzie: save the hysterics Lizzie. Decent people don’t live a lie like Kidman and Urban.

  • duh

    @LIa: Decent people don’t invent scenarios – like Keith soliciting young men out in the open through twitter. You are truly fvcked up in the head.

  • vivian

    Such a beauty, red is truly her color!

  • LIa

    @duh: what are you talking about. did I miss something?

  • http://yahoo Lizzie


    Hysterics: ‘Psychological disorder’. I think that term would be more aptly used describing a person who for some reason, be it cult association, jealousy or even an imagined snub, has become vicious. As far as the term ‘decent’ is concerned, try kindness. Most people have been hurt during their lives’ however, never would resort to the hatred which you display to ‘get even’.

  • santamariavargas

    She’s not my favorite actress but she looks great in red. Love the dress, lots of class.

  • Carlos

    So pretty.

  • BEA

    yuk, that ugly twit has transformed her whole face. she’s gross to look at. her face is going to fall off. stop plastic surgery!!!!

  • Yep

    nose job alert!!!! yuk nicole!!! lips injections!! yuk nicole yuk

  • -

    @BEA: @Yep: You can’t hide Crazy One.

  • Mindy

    I loved hearing from Nicole. Very sweet and beautiful person.

  • Tee

    There sure are some raunchy foul women posters at this place.

    Nothing worse than foul women.

  • http://comcadt Joni

    It is just one lunatic using different names aka as THE CRAZY ONE.making all of these hateful remarks about The Keith Urban family. A very insanely jealous person. (OMG Nicole and Keith are a beautiful couple, both so kind and talented).

  • a n o n

    Nicole a “homebody”? Pull the other one!

  • Sorry

    Nicole is a pathological liar. She is virtually never home.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    Comment 36 and 37, same person THE CRAZY ONE !!!!!

  • Keyboard Junkie

    How can she talk about her Nashville lifestyle when she is hardly ever in Nashville?

  • Jill

    @a n o n:

    I’m not a NK basher, but this is kinda true. She must have no clue what a homebody really is. :). But, that’s ok! It just sounds funny coming from a celeb who is always traveling and working. What was she supposed to say though…. “I am usually staying in hotels where we do the filming, but it’s nice to have a house in Nashville we can call home.”.

  • http://comcast Joni

    To The Crazy One: Time for your meds !!!!

  • a n o n


    Nope, you’re wrong.

    All the negative comments are not coming from just one person. At some point, you need to realise that while Nicole has many fans, she also has many people who simply don’t like her.

  • get real

    @a n o n: No you’re lying. It’s two people from the cuckoo board, Mary who posts as maclen and you Taralea hitnrun who posts as everybody else including ”a n o n”. The skeptics are anything but anonymous.

  • http://comcast Lynn

    Did the hate for Nicole start when she took (all in their minds) Keith Urban away from them ???? Now Keith has the ones that used to love him, hating on him now. Just too funny!!!!

  • get real

    @Lynn: Yes that’s exactly what it is. The ones that think trashing Keith will work have come to JJ. But don’t be fooled. They were trashing his previous exes too on boards. They just won’t tell you that. It’s not even really about Nicole. They want Keith single with no personal attachments and definitely not children.

  • a n o n

    @get real:

    Nope; you’re wrong. Again.

  • http://comcast Audra

    @BEA: send a picture of yourself and we will put it up next to Beautiful Nicole. I’ll bet you are a real beauty !!!! LOL

  • http://comcast Audra

    I read someone’s comment and I think it is true (Keith Urban has to announce publicly that he is sorry he married the girl of his dreams Nicole Kidman and had two daughters with her) and then maybe they will forgive him and her.

  • http://comcast Audra

    People that know them say there is no one nicer then both of them. And then to see some of these jealous remarks made against them, unbelievable. Thank god they don’t read any of these remarks, including mine.

  • ian

    Who is that person constantly making comments under different names? Little scary, don’t you think?