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Brad Pitt & Orlando Bloom Have Mini 'Troy' Reunion!

Brad Pitt & Orlando Bloom Have Mini 'Troy' Reunion!

Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom share a laugh together while attending the Paris Photo Los Angeles Private Preview held at the Paramount Studios on Thursday (April 24) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 50-year-old and 37-year-old former Troy co-stars were joined at the event by Jodie Foster, Jesse Williams, Maria Bello, Mena Suvari, and Paris photo director Julien Frydman.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Over the weekend, Orlando was spotted showing off his ripped shirtless body while enjoying a sunny day at the beach with a friend in Santa Barbara.

15+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, and others at the Paris Photo Los Angeles Private Preview

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brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 01
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 02
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 03
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 04
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 05
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 06
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 07
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 08
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 09
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 10
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 11
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 12
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 13
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 14
brad pitt orlando bloom reunite at paris photo l a private preview 15

Credit: Jason Kempin; Photos: Getty
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  • the ring

    oh¡¡¡ two Miranda’s men

  • Handsome

    Brad forever handsome.

  • Hello

    Brad looks younger than Orlando Bloom.

  • Tiffany

    Brad’s so sexy and looks young

  • ndn

    Good morning JP fans!!!!
    Brad is looking mighty fine….the man is aging like a fine wine….Love the hair and clean shaven look…hope he keeps this look for a while…it suits him much better imo…
    Quick shout out to Phool and Rose…have a great weekend ladies!!!

  • Gail

    Brad has no interest in MIranda and he looks awesome in these pics. Orlando looks a bit tired… To my view, recent Orlando’s condition doesn’t look ok. He looks insecure and weary most of the time. Hope he will recover himself as fast as he can…

  • 7

    Dayum! Brad is the living Benjamin Button! He’s 50 and looks younger and hotter than Orlando!

  • Rose

    @ndn: Hi Ndn, how are you lady? We know Angie and his kids keep Brad looking young, handsome and contented. Hook at that happy smile on his face, the look of a contented man. Have a great day my friend.

  • Kay

    You are so right…he looks so young!

  • Dawne

    Top of the day to you Rosie…….the sun is making a feeble attempt to come out……..what an endless gray April is. As Busted said, get your popcorn ready, the show should be great for the next two months of Maleficent fever and troll hysteria………we are going to get a double header so make it a large……they should feel somewhat consoled cause their idol, the Meryl up and comer, is emoting all over train tracks in her baby indie giving them Oscar hope………so it’s a triple header watching this show as well……….

    You sure can tell Ticky has reached the apex of desperation when she takes the hair out and the nips and makeup off………she is so frantic to stay relevant it actually overtook her ego.,.and the big hat ain’t for sunscreen it is to ‘hide’ her face from the papz……….she has seen the pics and read all the comments and she does not like it…………so as we have said forever, she ain’t no natural beauty………..strip her bare and she’s a hound dog……..without a team at work on her daily she is absolutely ordinary on the homely side. What a beautiful Maleficent she would have made…………..ROFLMAO………..she would have been the scary fairy who didn’t need the horns for effect. Bwwwhaaaha

  • Dawne

    Brad has no interest in MIranda

    OMG……….as if. You can blow through her ears…..some fameho model who dumped her husband and two year old for greener pastures………yeah, that would be Brad’s type alright. He’s been there done that and auctioned off the tee shirt.

  • busted

    WOW.. Brad looks amazing.

    I love the new haircut.. well growout is more like it. he really looks relaxed. enjoying time doing what he loves to do..

    I really miss seeing Angie and kids.. if she is really going to be in Paris on May 6th; then the promotion will have begun.. CAN’T WAIT.. Maleficent looks MAGNIFICENT and Angie is so going to SLAY

  • What?

    Brad sexy pitt!!!

  • What?

    >>>>>>>>HAVE A GIOD DAY JP FANS<<<<<<<<>>>>>

  • Friday

    Love Brad (& his beautiful family). OB seems harmless & hopefully he kept most of his POC, LOTR $ in the divorce bc he doesn’t seem to be doing much now. Maybe he feels he has enough – MK has lots of $, too, so their son is well set.

  • huh

    Brad is 13 years older than Orlando Bloom but he looks younger than Orlando.

  • Lily

    Brad loves photography. He is such a great photographer. He should have exhibition of photos he takes.

  • well

    Brad looks amazing. OB’s career sucks, he never became A list, now B/C list.

  • huh

    Jodie Forster’s wife is Ellen DeGeneres’s ex girlfriend. HW is a small world.

  • Elena

    Brad and Orland discussed how Troy was the biggest mistake of their careers and how Brad is coping with the herp Miranda Kerr gave him. Orlando is glad that he just took credit for her crotch dropping without ever having to actually touch her there and Brad wishes he would have gotten off that easy.

  • well

    Looks like Brad was the only one not to.walk the red carpet…I guess he just wanted to see the art. To the poster on the last thread who asked if those were pictures of Miraval, I think.yes- so pretty!

  • Count down

    3… 2…. here come the
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL FILTHYSPLITWHOAREPANTIES with its tiny winzy dong dong the ring worm size d1ck.

  • well

    BTW, here is a nice Pinterest board featuring the AMAZING Miraval wine. I think OB is harmless, too. It doesn’t matter what list he is on…as long as he isn’t hurting the JPs and/or being a gross barnacle on the world or otherwise a purveyor of hate, lies & intolerance, he is okay.

  • onlooker

    I don’t see where anyone should be intolerant…I think compassion for the stress that is shared should be recognized. Scrutiny is the enemy…nobody is perfect in this world.

  • justme

    YUMMMMMMMM Love my Brad, OOps I mean beautiful Angie;s Brad. MAUH!

  • onlooker

    Brad should cut himself some slack…trying to maintain the appearance of perfection can be daunting.

  • Ian

    Can sameone post that photo of Miraval again? It is not the main house though. Probably another building in the property because the main building has not those arcs in the windows.

  • Rose

    According to psychologists who did a study on trolling they came to the conclusions that trolls have Dark TETRAD Personality traits and cruelty can be pleasurable, even exciting. They take pleasure in others pain.
    They are SADISTS. Trolls are agents of chaos that exploits hot button issues to inflame and exploit fans emotions.

    If an unfortunate person falls into their trap, trolling intensified for further, merciless amusement. This is why novice Internet users are routinely admonished, “Do Not Feed The Trolls”.

    For those interested in reading the article, it’s on Angie’s last thread, page 56, #1377. This will help the fans to not fall into the trolls trap especially today with Brad looking HOT, HOT, HOT,!! We know this will drive the psycho SADISTS over the edge today.

    To all the Brad and Sngelina fans, have a great day m friends.

  • onlooker

    Not all people commenting are trolls. I’ve been on my own personal mission of purifying any evil intent from my soul, so I have no evil here to give the Jolie-Pitts. I wish them health and happiness. I believe Brad does wish to be the best father he can in spite of the life he has to lead. That I can respect. I was raised in a Baptist environment too…the chokehold of control was very strong to break away from.

  • twitter

    BradPittOnline ‏@BradPitt_Online Protected Tweets 13m

    He’s our artist #BradPitt

  • Observer2

    In spite of the life he has to lead?

    Yeah, you’re showing no judgment there. ROTFLMAO!

  • onlooker


    Very stressed, I can imagine. What would I get out of slinging mud on him or his wife…? How pathetic would that make me?

  • a fan

    Brad is looking great. he can grow hair fast and he is going to have great hair even when he is 70 or 80 just look at his father.

  • Gorgeous

    A hunk of a spunk Brad Pitt andmHis gorgeous Angie of course <3

  • umm

    I firmly believe Brad wearing the same clothes every day intends to annoy paps but he does look sexy regardless.

  • tweet

    margauxmonet ‏@margauxmonet 55m

    @jameskeough & I had wonderful time #parisphotolosangeles VIP event . Brad Pitt &Orlando Bloom were there & the photos were breathtaking.

  • groundcontrol

    I firmly believe Brad wearing the same clothes every day intends to annoy paps but he does look sexy regardless.
    You may be right but I also suspect Brad may do what I do. When I find a great piece of clothing like the perfect fit black pencil skirt then I get 2 or 3 of them and just rotate. I remember once bugging a store to gather 5 great skirts from all their local branches so I could have a different ( though same LOL! ) skirt for every day of the week. Brad has the money to have multiples of that entire outfit. I’m starting to so this with a favorite brand and model of shoe. if nothing else i am consistent. LOL!

  • just sayin

    Daniel Radcliffe once said he did a prank to papz. He wore the same outfit for 3 months that drove papz crazy. Brad could be doing the same.

  • fyi
  • Bea

    Brad looks great. I hope he is wearing the same outfit every single time he goes out to piss the paps off.

    GC….I too buy multiples of the same piece when it looks good. I currently have 6 pairs of the same black pants that make me look pretty decent for my age (!) so I wear the hell out of them in rotation. It’s driving my dh crazy because I always wear black (always have, always will). I scared my kids the other day because I wore a purple shirt – they didn’t know what to say (I didn’t do the laundry yet).

    I also have about a dozen pairs of the same sandals that I fell in love with 10 years ago. They were discontinued a few years ago and I’m mad that I didn’t buy 12 more before they disappeared off the face of the earth!

  • CK

    Brad is always the hottest man ever.

  • http://justjared zce


  • http://justjared chrissy

    Brad is SUPER- DUPER- BAD he has a style like Sigmund Freud, he do not need to put any thought into it everything the same color and the same style–SHOW THEM WHAT YOU ARE WORKING WITH. Peace out.

  • love them

    Love Brad. he is hot.

  • fyi
    Brad Pitt Steps Out Solo for L.A. Art Show—See the Video Now!

    Brad Pitt is in the market for some new art.

    The world’s most famous father of six was one of the first to check out the Paris Photo Los Angeles show yesterday at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

    Casually dressed in a beige shirt and pants and lace-up boots, a bespectacled Pitt spent several hours touring every exhibit, while also taking time to talk to several of the gallerists as well as a representative from the Leica camera company.

  • geez

    They were stalking Brad.

  • tweet

    E! Online ‏@eonline 7m

    Brad Pitt goes solo at an L.A. art show and looks hot as ever:

  • a fan

    That guy wearing a hat was the same guy that we saw Brad at another art gallery where he got a parking ticket. He must be Brad’s artist friend.

  • Ako si Gladys

    Ang gwapo talaga ni daddy Brad <3
    I've stopped visiting this site for almost 2 years and
    as I read Mommy Angie's previous thread, I was so
    shocked that I recognized some who posted comments
    ROSE, CLINIQUA (you may not remember me or recognize
    at all but I love reading your comments!! Haha)

    I am now a constant twitterer (LOL) and I met a lot of
    JP fans out there (kids and adult) and we became instantly friends, we even exchanged phone numbers coz many of them are Pinoys too..

    And I think I read it from Ms. Neer's comment that
    Maleficent will be shown here in PH on the 28th of
    May, thanks much coz I really thought it will be on the
    30th!!! Lol

    I am now celebrating my 6th year as an avid fan of
    Angelina Jolie!!!! And soooooo looking forward for
    Maleficent!!! It will be huge and epic, for sure!!! Coz you
    know Disney + Angelina Jolie= Pure Epicness

    Good day to all of you!!!

    P.s Orlando Bloom looks nice. Haha

  • tweet

    HotWheelz ‏@MeganMajors now

    Photo: Hot damn #bradpitt is #sexy in this movie & still is‼️👌💯 #interviewwithavampire #annerice #louis…