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Katie Holmes Tap Dances & Sings in Her Movie 'Miss Meadows'!

Katie Holmes Tap Dances & Sings in Her Movie 'Miss Meadows'!

Katie Holmes strolls around town with a gal pal on Thursday afternoon (April 24) in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

The 35-year-old actress stars in the new movie Miss Meadows, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this week, and in it she both tap dances and sings a rendition of “These Boots Were Made for Walking” for the end credits!

“If you’d like me to do some more I can,” Katie joked to the audience after the screening, according to the Huffington Post. “I love to tap dance, yes, later we’ll tap more!”

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katie holmes tap dances sings in miss meadows 02
katie holmes tap dances sings in miss meadows 03
katie holmes tap dances sings in miss meadows 04
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katie holmes tap dances sings in miss meadows 07

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  • Lauren Krouse

    Trying to find out who makes Katie’s black leather bag in picture. Anyone know??

  • Betsy

    Horrid as usual. I don’t mind the coat here but it’s probably the way she wears things and carries herself. She is trying again with a new pair of ankle boots to wear over and over.
    The jeans look like she is trying to be cool and Katie Holmes is in no way cool.
    Why does she always look sort of dirty or smelly?

  • Nathan

    I think Katie Holmes is the coolest chick in Hollywood.

    Katie just posted a picture of herself on twitter with 80′s hair. Maybe she’s going to an 80′s party or something? If she is i hope we get more pictures later.

  • Iris

    So New York. Love it! Want to know who makes that black bag of hers.

  • Iris

    @Lauren Krouse:

    HA! HA! Me too!!

  • ANNE

    She did not need much to be beautiful. She is naturally .
    I am sad that the fake marriage did not work . They were cute together . The most beautiful couple HW .
    Follow on personal front .

  • http://comcast Emma

    Proud of Katie and her big escape!! There is nothing stronger than a mothers love.

  • Pam

    Oh I see the pity party people are out.
    This girl is pathetic for joining a cult and marrying some guy she liked from a poster anyway. She was 28 not a child. People act like poor 16 year old Joey Potter got married.
    I Hate the cult like everyone else does but still can’t stand this silly twat who uses her own child for press.
    Did you notice the whole time she was with Tom she was a ready willing and able partner is using that relationship to try and make her a Star?
    She left him when it didn’t suit her anymore but she is still an idiot for walking into it and a fame ho for the way she uses her personal relationships and her own child.
    She left a cult she willingly joined. Good for her. She is still a manipulative woman who will do anything to be “A-list” even pimp a personal relationship. Her character is greatly lacking.

  • Pam

    Hi Emma
    Here is Katie Holmes as a 30 year old grown azz woman pimping out her own daughter and husband.
    No one had a gun to her head. She made life choices and she is not a victim of anyone but only her own stupidity

  • Charlie

    I saw this (Miss Meadows) last night at Tribeca Fest and even though the audience totally loved it (it got a big applause at the end).. it is one of the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen and kinda trashy too (all of which I loved). It is like a movie from John Waters. The demented character is really outside Katie’s comfort zone too and she totally owns it! I was really impressed with her performance. I think this movie will become a cult classic.

  • jokes

    Annie is not good at hiding it’s her writing. Faking reviews now?
    Saying John Walters because it was in the review she liked.

  • annie

    sorry to disappoint you, i don’t need to make up anything,or give a fake review about her.
    cute pics!
    good review!

  • annie

    since we are sticking to facts she had just turned 26 (dec) when she hooked up with tc( april) not 28

  • @13

    I think the post was probably referring to by the time she got married but it doesn’t matter since 26/28 is not a child.

  • anne


  • anne

    I saw the picture. Very artificial. Connor is off in the photo. Tom Cruise was very exaggerated this relationship with Katie (jump on the couch, birth of Suri full of mysteries, VF debut, thousands of pictures everywhere … and now? No photo? Stranger. Much money wasted and in the end .. .. backfired.
    Of all the comments the most interesting is this:
    “Wow! It’s hard to look at this picture… Can it be any more obvious that Tom didn’t want Connor in the picture. Tom put his arms around Katie and Suri…Could he not just as easily put his arm around Connor. You can almost hear him saying to himself… If we move closer to the right, I can digitally remove Connor out of the picture. Tom, learn how to hug your son.”

  • Pam

    No question they were both really big famewho$es and OTT trying to sell their “true love” to the public. Katie was right there in the mix loving every minute of it. “I’m gonna be a big star.”
    Connor? IDK I don’t read too much into that since there are other pictures and comments that show them to be very close so I don’t know. Don’t care too much to look into it.

  • anne


    Annie does not agree with my opinions. More for everything I’ve read, only innocent in this story that Suri did not ask to be born.
    Katie entered this “marriage” eyes and open pockets. Perhaps, the way she repented or not like what she saw and her career did not ascend in HW as she expected. Created the fear of Scientology, heroin mother, played Cruise down the train. Ugly for both. Poor Sure. However, I recognize that as a mother she was better than Nicole.
    old and boring subject.

    Oi Annie.

  • NicoleFan

    When these two were hot they were really hot. I wish he stayed with her forever. Nic&Tom!!!!!

  • annie

    you don’t care to go into as you started it, you took the time to sift through all the pics back to 2009, wow!

    hi anne
    no don’t always agree with you, but still love ya!
    but you say that suri didn’t ask to be born…why ?she is a little human being who is loved and looks like she has a good life.
    she has a mother who loves her,a father who i’m sure loves her ,she has grandparents who love her very much, aunties cousins, friends, she seems to love school. feel sorry for other little innocent kids in the world, but suri cruise is not one of them.

  • annie

    @ nicole fan
    yes i wish he had stayed with her too, but not for the same reason as you!

  • Pam

    She brought up a different subject of Connor. Not the Katie and Tom. That was what I did not want to get into.

  • Missy

    I can see why some Tom fans would wish he was still with Nicole, but I’m surprised that a Nicole fan would wish that she was still with Tom. I believe she has found her soulmate in Keith. Plus Tom has gotten much weirder since they broke up.

    Anyway, this is a Katie Holmes thread so what does this have to do with anything?

  • what’s wrong Suri
  • @Betsy #2

    She does look sort of dirty and smelly — hair looks oily and unwashed, skin doesn’t look fresh or clean, teeth (when she lets them show) look dingy. Her clothes look unkempt, too — one button on coat not buttoned, one cuff turned up, ripped knees on her jeans (looks sloppy, not stylish), ugly-colored booties.

    If I was a guy, it would give me the heebie jeebies to even THINK about touching or kissing that.

  • @Betsy #2

    @@Betsy #2:
    That would not stop me :-)

  • Poppy

    @@Betsy #2:
    Smells and has bad breath probably. She smokes right? Probably why she has the yellow teeth.
    If this is only 35 then 40 is going to be nasty.

  • Nathan

    You Katie Holmes Haters really need to go away it’s just getting really annoying.

    It’s cool if you don’t like her outfit or something like that but when you just keep saying really nasty hurtful things just to put Katie down that’s really messed up and completely mean and evil.

    Why all the hate? are you jealous of her achievements? her beauty? what is it?

    I just don’t see any reason to hate katie she’s talented she’s sweet she’s beautiful she’s a great mom to suri and she totally minds her own business and lives her life.

    she is one of a kind and i think she is great.

  • Me too@25

    Are you new here(25)? Be careful you will be accused of being every poster here. Her 3 stans Nathan, Annie and Missy think it’s their job to monitor JustJared comments and protect KH’s honor so expect them to come after you . Ignore them like most people.
    @28 No, I love to admire beautiful women when I see one. I just don’t see any beauty if Katie Holmes.

  • Missy

    I’ve never “come after” anyone. In fact, I’ve been super polite. I simply state my opinion just as everyone else does. I guess it’s ok to make nasty comments about someone who isn’t harming anyone, but heaven forbid, I say something positive. And at least her “stans” have the balls to use a real name unlike most her haters who hide behind @this and @that and change their name with every comment.
    In any case I’ve gotten bored of most of the discussions around here and don’t really care anymore. OK we get it, you think she’s ugly, has no talent blah, blah, blah. I sure as hell wouldn’t waste my time following someone who I felt was so bland, mediocre etc. But to each their own.

  • popeye

    It’s all so simple,really. If you hate her,why bother to read news updates, look and scrutinize her pix and post comments?!? I just don’t get some people here!

  • abc

    It seems like the majority of nasty / catty comments seem to come from women. This seems to be theme on other sites as well.
    I suspect there is a lot of jealousy and insecurity hence, they feel like it cool to put another person down.
    A wise person once told me, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

  • Or…..

    ….it could be that woman read gossip sites a whole lot more then men.
    It’s the oldest deflection in the book to say anyone who doesn’t like your favorite celebrity must be jealous/insecure.
    Maybe they just don’t see things the same way you do.
    If you want to hear only nice things go start a fan blog and make it private membership.
    Have you been to the daily mail? Not just about Katie but other people too, it makes this place seem light weight in content and amount of comments.No one will ever just comment on the celebrities they like so saying it over and over won’t make it stop.

  • Katie’s Mouth Sores

    Nobody is jealous or insecure about a girl who won’t even cover up her Herpes when she goes out.
    This is nothing to be jealous of. She admits to being a slob and this is just one more example of it. There is a reason her personal hygiene comes up often in discussion.

  • @Katie’s Mouth Sores

    This is definitely and example of being catty.

    adjective: catty; comparative adjective: cattier; superlative adjective: cattiest

    deliberately hurtful in one’s remarks; spiteful.

  • Katie’s Mouth Sores

    So what. The more you provoke and try to tell others what to do the more they post.
    Here is another of Katie and her “natural beauty”
    How about if you don’t like what people post around here than don’t come here?

  • @Katie’s Mouth Sores

    So you insult people and then claim victory? Yeah, this is why you don’t play chess with a pigeon, they knock over the pieces, shit on the board, and then claim victory. You just jerked it until you felt happy and then declared victory.

  • Katie’s Mouth Sores

    lol..The only victory was not allowing people like you to tell others what they can and can not do.

  • Nathan

    @Katie’s Mouth Sores: # 36

    Your reaching now That article is from December 2008. it’s old news.

    You said in post # 29 that you don’t see any beauty in Katie Holmes. well then i gotta ask which actress in hollywood do you find beautiful or attractive?

  • anne

    Someone took the sarcophagus, photos Age Tom / Nicole. I still prefer the Age TomKat. Nicole is a beautiful woman, but, she looks like a transvestite, passes an aggressive image. I say and repeat: katie is the most beautiful woman in HW. She has herpes? So what? 10% of the world population has. She out in public helps to reduce prejudice.
    Annie when I say that Suri is the only innocent, is because I’ll always think she was born to fulfill a clause in a contract. I’m sorry, is my opinion. I’ll hope that everything ends well for her in the future.
    And for the haters of this site: kisses on the shoulder.

  • Dare to be honest

    @Charlie: She got a role that fits her. WIERD. Like Cher. Known foe attracting the darker side.

  • Dare to be honest

    @Nathan: #28 – Fake, Fake, Fake fake ….And people pick up on it

  • Nathan

    @Dare to be honest: # 42

    All celebrities are a little fake when they do interviews. they kinda have to be to sell their movies or TV shows. Katie’s no different form the rest of them. Yet she gets all the hate.

  • ANNE



  • @44

    From what I see most that don’t like her also don’t like Tom so they are not Tom fans.
    They saw her in that relationship and how she acted and they both looked like the biggest idiots around. She was an equal member of TomKat and all the buffoonery that wen’t along with it.
    So no, not everyone who doesn’t like Katie is a Tom fan or a scientology person.

  • Missy

    “She was an equal member of tomkat”
    Geez, from the way that you phrase that, one would think that Tom and Katie had committed some sort of crime or something. Yes, they both acted like fools and now they have both moved on. Are you gonna keep hating on her for the rest of her life because of a silly relationship? I can see why some folks suggest that some of her haters must have some ulterior motive (whether they are Tom fans, scie’s etc.) because the extreme anger directed at her just seems disproportionate to her “crimes”.

  • @46

    No one said it was crime but it did reveal her character and that is one reason many don’t like her and she rubs them the wrong way.
    Another poster said it was due to her being fake. That is another.
    Its not just the “silly relationship” but her character in it. A fame ho who uses relationships for press among other things. And no, not all celebrities do it.

  • Missy

    I wasn’t using the word crime literally. Just meant that the anger directed at her seems disproportionate to whatever she’s done. I personally don’t find her to be fake. But to each their own, I guess.

  • Dare To be Honest

    @Nathan: no more than any other actor. Why do you think she is so special? IMO, that is strange. My fascination is her splitting after all that lovin she proclaimed. She “broke free”, so where’s all the talent she had that he was suppressing her. You may see a hot camel toe but I’m looking for her supposed talent.

  • Suri’s Burn Book

    Is it common knowledge that Katie goes out looking like she doesn’t bath?
    “It’s kind of like that time I attended a dinner without washing my hair and everyone thought I was going as Katie Holmes.”