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Willow Smith, 13, & Shirtless Moises Arias, 20, Pictured in Bed Together - See the Pic

Willow Smith, 13, & Shirtless Moises Arias, 20, Pictured in Bed Together - See the Pic

Willow Smith lies in bed with a shirtless Moises Arias in this brand new picture that was posted to his social media.

The 20-year-old actor deleted the picture from his Instagram page after causing some controversy, since Willow is 13 years old.

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Willow and Moises are often seen out together with her older brother Jaden. Willow and Moises were just seen out to lunch together with another friend earlier this month.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the picture of Willow and Moises??

Bigger picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
willow smith lies in bed with shirtless moises arias see the pic 01

Credit: Moises Arias
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  • go go

    The girl has parents who are lazy and self absorbed and dont care, so her friends are her surrogate parents. She is still a child and really doesnt know better about her actions, allowing anyone to take advantage of her.

  • Neptune

    it’s probably just completely innocent…people make fuss over he most pure (non) actions nowadays.
    so no need to vilify Moises willow or her parents.


    There is nothing to it just two friends who just happen to be chilling on a bed i think it looks cute

  • sky

    wow, can’t wait to read about all the people blowing this out of proportion. Let me point out a few things:

    1. she is lying on the bed
    2. she has on all her clothing in the pic
    3. not like he is all over her or they are in some intimate snuggle.

    In my opinion all of this is innocent and neither of them should be vilified.

  • bubu

    Although she’s 13 she’s still a child. She hasn’t developped.

  • That’s Right

    It’s funny, nothing with any the Smith kids surprise me because they were never really parented in the first place. They were allowed to basically do what they wanted from a very young age, they were adults before ever being children, which they will probably regret later in life.

    Anyway, this to me is inappropriate due to the guy is 20. We are talking about a 13 year old child hanging with someone who is not in her peer group. Yet, like I said not a biggie (until something, God forbid happens to her) I guess since her parents don’t care what they do and treat them like they’re adults instead of a child who need their parent’s guidance.

  • Joelle

    She obviously isn’t getting enough attention.

  • Babekat

    The is nothing sweet or innocent about this picture. The 13 year old probably doesn’t know any better, but a 20 year old man certainly does!! In what universe is it okay for a grown man to be on the bed with a 13 year old girl. NOT AT MY HOUSE!!!

  • Living in a box

    A picture worth a thousand words. I’m really sure her parents Will asked alot of question.

  • Rose

    I feel like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have no control of their children. They never seem to be with them… Why are all of the kids from Hannah Montana degenerates?!? Hence in this case, Rico.

  • closeupman

    A 13 year old in bed with a 20 year old shirtless ADULT is not harmless.
    That’s the problem with society today…do whatever you like…..
    it’s okay for young prepubescent girls to wear bikini’s, but not head coverings….

  • Lolita

    You looks like one of those ‘kids’ that has had abortions already anyways, sooo. More power to ya Willow, maybe the next pregnancy you can keep it!!!!!!!!

    Her parents DON’T GIVE ANY F%@,KS ABOUT HER, WHY THE I.SHT SHOULD I???????!!!???????

  • Diedre

    What bothers me is her parents’ statement claiming that it doesn’t bother them and that, at 13, Willow is mature enough to make her own decisions.
    Yeah, keep telling us you’re not Scientologists and buy into their idiotic ‘treat your kids like adults’ crap.
    I have no respect for the Smiths.

  • People are Sick

    If you see something wrong with this picture it says something more about you than the actually pic its self! Nothing is wrong with this pic I don’t care what there ages are and I’m not interested in how something “looks” You have child molesters in families that look picture perfect the best lawns, all pretty on the outside and then families that look on the outside like they don’t have it all together are DECENT people. So I don’t care about what looks like what! I care about the facts! What is INHERENTLY wrong in this pic? Nothing…nothing on this pic will get anyone arrested.

  • don’t judge

    no one knows the context in which these pictures were… To look at these pictures and make some sort of sordid conclusion is an exercise in lunacy…also go and live your lives and get off JJ..

  • Gina

    So, if they were by a swimming pool and he was shirtless, would people care? Its clear that they weren’t the only ones in the room (I mean someone must have taken the photo) and often times when young people hang out theyall hang out on each others beds. But I guess the question is, why a 20 year old is hanging out with a 13 year old, right? But I personally want to know why a 13 year old is hanging out with a 20 year old. More specifically, why is she hanging out with her brother’s friends?

  • jane

    It’s an intimate situation and there needs to be boundaries for someone her age. That is how respect for self and others is developed. There is a large gap in their development regardless of how free her parents let her be.

  • mike

    Sorry but the only people defending them have got to be the 13-15 year oldage group. This is not appropriate so stop trying to act like it is. When i was 20 the last thing i wanted to do was hanging out with a 13 year old girl. Moses and Taylor Swift hanging around with people who are way younger and it is just weird. My parents wouldn’t let my sister or I have anyone of the opposite sex up in our rooms. It was either the family or no room.

  • peter’s pork

    if there is smoke there must be fire somewhere right ?

  • Xx

    She’ll be a little sk@nk in no time. Why is any 13 year old child allowed to hang out with 20 year olds? Bad parenting. They shouldve never pushed their kids to work in the indistry. Some day, if not already, they’ll be sorry.

  • Shutup

    @People are Sick: sit down child..youre in no position to spew b/s. you’re obviously not older than 13.

  • AshleyLove


    They do have control over their kids. The believe in the scientology way, let their kids be open and free. If Willow and that 20 year old do the dude, it will just be because they feel Willow in her soul was ready to embark on that venture. I believe this has more to do with Jada’s open beliefs than Will’s. She runs the family.


    No.7 at 1:12; The Smiths are just trying to make a latter-day Book of Mormon statement here; about when sometimes the Gentiles are more righteous than the white people. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Observation

    What horrifically bad selfish parents this child has.

    Aren’t parents supposed to protect heir daughter?

  • hmmm

    Didn’t Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife allow their very young Miley under the age of 16 I believe date an adult over 18 and look how well that turned out, just sayin.

    Also, shouldn’t this be on JJ Jr.???? Why are they always on the adult side???

  • Minihaha

    Who cares.

  • Observation

    Will Smith has ugly kids. Willow needs her ears pinned back, argh. The parents don’t care, they’re probably running down the rest of America and praising their “boy Obama” for doing nothing for 6 years.


    No.24 at 4:52; You sound like that Protestant Mormon preacher in the 1984 Reaganite Footloose prophecy about the ten virgins in the last days. Who was half right and half wrong.

  • oziumzx

    It seems innocent but 5-10 years from now we’ll hear about Willow and her drug and alcohol problems and we’ll see what parental neglect does when a celebrity child grows up.

  • Mimi

    What’s Aria’s purpose of posting the picture then? He wanted to brag that he’s intimate with Willow but realized later that he could get in trouble. FBI should take a closer look at this guy…his computer might have more pictures of underaged girls.

  • http://Website Sunshine3-11

    Im not going to jump to conclusions intil i hear all of the facts. Sometimes things are not as they seem to appear. At the end of the day no matter how anybody feels the parents has to answer to there actions of how they raised their kid’s.


    No.29; Let’s do lunch sometime. I got an idea for a great movie…

  • jon m’shulla

    13 and completely out of control. Such a waste. Suicide at 13.


    What is the big deal here everybody?
    “If it feels good, do it…” Janis Joplin.

  • N

    what’s WRONG – is how quickly people judge whole family and this boy .

  • oziumzx

    @I LIKE GIRLS: Sounds good. I’m picturing Zoe Kravitz as an older Willow, and maybe Angela Basset as Jada? Have your people call my people.

  • And

    She looks like a boy so unless he’s gay don’t worry

  • Rose

    I just read through all the comments here and all I can say is that if you don’t have kids then you wouldn’t be able to understand why so many people are finding this disturbing. I have two daughters and I personally find this to be wrong. There may not be anything going on between them but the fact is that there is no boundaries in this girls head about what is right or wrong for her to do. Unfortunately it is a fact of being a mother to daughters that we have to educate them to protect themselves and be aware of potential dangers. The boy should know better, but boys will be boys and we have to prepare our girls for that fact. I sincerely hope she has someone in her life to help her understand this…

  • miapocca

    the guy does not feel guilty about the picture, it may be quite innocent,…as a self absorbed celeb,he was most likely more interested in his own chest than willow…

  • aussiefan

    20 years old spending time with a 13 year old .. Innocent picture ?
    What’s grooming eh ?
    Parents should be made responsible.
    Agree , in the years to come we shall read about her tragic life .
    Yeah, it’s ok , do what you want and so innocent 😇

  • eternalozzie

    OMG … how scandalous!! They are watching TV … call child services. If I was to venture a guess I think Moises is the kids chaperone … just because he has no shirt doesn’t suggest anything sexual.

    It might be more disturbing that the commenters here automatically think abuse … I think it’s odd that a 20 y/o hangs out with 13-15 y/o’s but I think he’s the handler for the kids … like a nannie but without the English accent.

  • http://Twitter oma Ila

    Parents are just dumb or blind.

  • Jamie

    The fact there are people defending this photo and actually think it is harmless and innocent is incredibly disturbing. There is nothing innocent about this photo, it is completely inappropriate no matter how you slice it.

  • The Truth

    This is not about wheather she is having sex. This is about a black young star image being tarnished by her irresponsible brother. If Will or Jada does not standing up for her. Her older brother should and one of them she kick Jadens but.

  • wittier

    @don’t judge: it doesn’t have to be sordid. it just shouldn’t ever happen. period.

  • wittier

    @People are Sick: Of course its inherently wrong. It should never happen.

  • brosnanfan

    What people forget is that Will and Jada are Scientologists. They believe that children are just adults who have died and then been reborn in a new body. Scientologists do not believe in giving their children rules, since they believe they are little adults who do not need rules. Therefore, people should not be surprised that they do not give their children rules or are upset about a picture like this, since they don’t believe they are doing anything wrong.

    Of course, anyone with a shred of common sense can see that this is creepy as can be. The parents should be investigated by CPS and the children monitored. Now, this obviously won’t happen, since the parents have enough money to make this all go away.

  • Anna

    You guys are so stupid. Moises Arias has known the Smiths for years and years and years. Willow isn’t touching, looking, not even under the covers. If you actually look at the picture, their eye contact is somewhere else, meaning others are in the room/ they are just watching tv. I’m sure they have a siblings relationship. To the people screaming Will and Jada are so bad, call Cps. Lol! Tmz has contacted the police and the police have said there’s nothing sexual about the pix. Because there isn’t. Quit judging and picking apart an innocent pic.

  • Anna

    @brosnanfan: tmz already contacted the police and they said there is nothing sexual about the pix. Because there isn’t. If you look closely, you can see their eye contact is somewhere else or looking at other ppl. This is a very innocent picture. She’s not half naked, touching him, even looking at him. You’re beyond reaching. Why don’t you worry about your children instead of the Smiths? Even better yet those poor nigerian kidnapped girls!

  • CS

    Wow, this is NOT good. She’s 13 and he’s 20? Gawd this could cause problems. What next?