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Beyonce & Jay Z Release New Star-Studded Fake 'Run' Trailer!

Beyonce & Jay Z Release New Star-Studded Fake 'Run' Trailer!

Beyonce and Jay Z have just released a star-studded new video that serves as a spoof trailer for a movie called Run… that is “coming never.”

The video features celebs such as Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Guillermo Díaz, Emmy Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Rashida Jones, and Kidada Jones.

It is set to the couple’s song “Part II (On The Run)” and is seemingly a new video to promote their upcoming On The Run Tour, which kicks off this summer.

Check out a ton of stills from the video in the gallery below!

Beyonce & Jay Z Release New Star-Studded Fake ‘Run’ Trailer!

FYI: Beyonce is wearing Levi‘s 501 shorts in the video.

20+ stills inside from Beyonce and Jay Z‘s brand new video…

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beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 01
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 02
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 03
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 04
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 05
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 06
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 07
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 08
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 09
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 10
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 11
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 12
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 13
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 14
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 15
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 16
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 17
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 18
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 19
beyonce jay z star studded fake run trailer 20

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  • Misscutiepie
  • Guest

    Cliche and cheesy

  • trenton finest
  • Brittany

    @Guest: lmao, it’s a SPOOF.

  • Rachel

    Woooow that was so dope!

  • Sarah

    Coming never, lol what a tease. ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ is a Jay Z song feat. Beyonce that they released in 2002. Hence the ‘On the run’ title it’s a continuation.

  • Well

    Where is Solange?

    No wonder she got pissed

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    This was sooo hottt!

  • wow

    What movie can afford a cast like that?

    Jay-Z is the king

  • OMG this is so dumb

    They try so hard to be the coolest, while being the fakest people ever.

  • Just saying

    Bearded Jake Gyllenhaal is hot as hell

  • Sarah

    @OMG this is so dumb. It’s meant to be entertaining. I found it entertaining. It put a smile on my face. It’s not meant to be a blockbuster just something to excite their fans.
    They are entertainers, he’s a rapper and she’s a singer. Their job is to put on a show and make music and their pretty damn good at it. Don’t take it so seriously, don’t make it something it’s not. It’s a music video, fiction, fun.
    If it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing. That’s expected, music can be divisive. Don’t understand the need to insult their character though?

  • Frances

    cheesy. they could have done better. jay-z is ugly. jake is hot. penn is not. yuck

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    sigh love it!

  • janekay

    very creative…really cool and entertaining, i liked it a lot….Sean Penn is such a cool cat, love him!

  • Eeew

    Cringe…this is even more embarrassing than Kanye’s Bound 2 video. These people are all image, all fake.

  • worstactress

    Beyonce is the worst actress in history. Already so bad in Dreamgirls and Obsesssed, she obsviously can’t stop. hahaha. it’s ridiculous!

  • Jo

    Blake Lively is gorgeous !

  • perdida

    OMG I love this! it’s fun. Anyone who takes it serious, is silly. Jake Gyllenhaal is pure sex! Rashida & Kidada are so pretty. I’d love to see Jake with Rashida! Didn’t he hook up with her a long time ago?

  • Peaches

    I can’t take Bey seriously anymore nor after the lift fight. Bey is no badass.

  • Fever

    This Jay-Z Jake /Gyllenhaal friendship is the coolest thing ever!

  • Fever

    This Jay-Z /Jake Gyllenhaal friendship is the coolest thing ever!

  • Living in a box

    This is a fake trailer? Of course, the person whose knows about being fake is Beyonce herself.

  • Demi

    I agree, Jake is so hot he should be illegal!

    Emmy Rossum is cute as the bad@ss cop!

  • Beyonce worst actress

    Beyonce is the worst actress ever. She is so dull.

  • Lol

    Blake lively is the worst actress, duller than a dishwasher

  • Lara Jon

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  • Lara Jon

    ok dude….

  • Annonymous

    Blake and Emmy look cute!

  • Lena

    Didn’t even watch it. It just seems so pathetically desperate to go out and beg for attention right after that elevator fight. And not even attention for a record, as they are MUSIC people. Collateral Attention like with family photos and skits. They forget they need to entertain us for $$$. And that they don’t DESERVE our $$$ because they are oh so special human specimens. They should shut up until she has a professional product to show us… (A record). I don’t give money to celebrities because they are mortal Gods. I buy movie tickets or records they make. Period. It’s like… “Wait , hold up…don’t go…come back and look at meeeeeeeeeee again…. I need more of your money….don’t abandon us now…seeeeeeee? Look at my “we are family” pictures. See how cute we are and how much love we have? Dont we deserve your $$ cause we’re great? Oh oh oh …’s a good one. Look at this one. Notice how close we are. Awwww shucks…don’t give your spending money to themmmmmmmm…. Me and Jay were counting on reaching that $2 billion mark…don’t let us down. We need your help in reaching our personal wealth goals. Waaaaah! Waaaaaah! Waaaaaah!!! Runs to sit in the corner and sulk because they’ll have to settle for having like only $1 billion before people tire of their farce…

    It’s pathetically ATROCIOUS. The desperation to hold on to world love so they can continue to extract cash from minimum wage earners at any cost is disgusting and disgraceful. Just my opinion.

  • Sarah

    @Lena: If u didn’t watch it then why are u here? Get a life!

  • Clear

    Cool that they got sean penn and jake. Cool concept for that video.

  • BAD!!!

    I love those kinds of videos, when it’s built like a movie or a trailer or a short film.
    I remember the Michael jackson clip Bad. It started like a short movie in black and white with a story. then it turns into color and a musical. It’s a two part video and it’s amazing!
    I hope they’ll keep on making creative video with stories and different ways to experiment .

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @Lena: “Didn’t even watch it”… hahahahaha and yet this person typed all of that. folks, that’s an example of a hater. hahahahaha

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @Beyonce worst actress:

    LOL Haters r here. Worst actress goes to rih in Sunken ‘Battleship” lol.


    I hope Bey will never again try to act. She is so bad at acting its embarrassing.

  • hmmm

    B is so bad at acting that she took Blake with her just to look better.. lol

  • James

    These two scare me. They think they can buy everyone and everything and they build enormous influence every day. And you all just buy it. They are no heroes, no scientists, no humanitarians…they just sing, make videos, make photos of themselves and swim in hteir money. And people adore them, give them more money and make them thousand times more than they are and give them billions more than they deserve. They manipulate every news about them, they absolutely control what we should think of them and build a picture of a family that is absolutely unreal. And you all buy it. Why do you like them? Why do you give them money? What are you getting back?

  • over

    Beyonce worst actress? Look at Emmy Rossum! THAT is a bad actress!!

  • GFW

    Right now every thing needs to be taken seriously. This power couple who only show a selected side of themselves to the public just got outed. No do overs. This “run” theme is badly timed or maybe it falls into that F.E.A.R. (for everything a reason) category that this power duo has gone too far? Cracks in the veneer shown on that tape where she went for the jewels. She did.

  • GFW

    You’ve got 4 minutes watch it. Then I want to see what you really have to say.

  • guest

    she and jay-z should just take a seat…they are the laughingstock in the industry right about now.

  • LOL

    Trashy … but that’s what they have to resort to in order to stay on top. What more pathetic is …this is the same couple that the Obamas welcome with open arms to the White House before they have a hard working teacher or fire fighter or policeman to the sit with the First Family.

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @James: To answer your question – What are you getting back? Escapism. Escaping from the mundane or harsh realities people live and deal with everyday. There isn’t anything wrong with unplugging at times. We all like to relax and be entertained. Who doesn’t like to have a good time? I get what you are saying though. Hey, politicians buy everyone and everything too. Politicians (including the President) control what we think of them, and care about how we (the public) view them. Most celebrities and politicians will take a negative incident/scandal and use it to their advantage (marketing wise). It called good PR. What’s that saying again? All publicity is good publicity.

    @Lena – I did find it suspect thst they conveniently decided to put this video/commercial out a week after the elevator incident. This move of theirs definately made me give them the side-eye.

  • awake

    @BAD!!!: Michael was the real deal he didn’t sell out like these fakes did he tried telling you all how the industry works and they killed him so don’t ever mention his name in this crap subject ever you zombie! Beyonce’s family and jay z are trash from the ghetto they act like they’re top dogs and they’re innocent caring beings when they only live through us. WE are the top dogs not THEM and we need to remind them of that. But instead you all fall for their acts and defend them against people trying to tell you the truth.

  • Sophia Decosta

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  • Ava

    It was so lame , had to stop watching, I was embarrassed for the actors in it, only 2 egos the size of Beyonce & Jayz would do something this showy and cringe worthy .

  • Scarlett

    I stopped at 1:50. Ridiculous and completely lame. These two have got to be the most overrated and over inflated peeps in the biz. Jay-Z is marginally talented and has a face that could stop a clock. Beyonce is moderately talented (I don’t like the tone and inflection of her voice) and has built a career on wigs, bleach and photoshop. TIme for these two to get on with their tour and quietly fade away. Everything they do seems very contrived and irritating.

  • Scarlett

    They both also sound completely uneducated. Money can only take you so far. It can’t buy class or a pedigree. They both will always sound like they just rolled in from the hood.

  • Bella

    It’s not about the music anymore, it’s about the fuzz behind the music. That’s what bores me. I prefer more Ed Sheeran, Coldplay or even Slayer, Metallica, Killers and so on. Real musicians with real talent.