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Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Naked Behind Girlfriend Irina Shayk for 'Vogue Espana' June 2014!

Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Naked Behind Girlfriend Irina Shayk for 'Vogue Espana' June 2014!

Cristiano Ronaldo stands totally nude behind his girlfriend Irina Shayk for the cover of Vogue Espana‘s June 2014 issue!

The 29-year-old Portuguese soccer player and the 28-year-old Russian supermodel have been dating since 2010 and definitely are giving fellow power couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian a run for their money with this new cover.

Cristiano currently plays soccer for the Spanish team Real Madrid and he is also the captain of the Portugal national team. He became the most expensive player in the sport’s history back in 2009 when he joined Real Madrid with a $132 million deal.

Irina is frequently featured in the famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and she will soon be making her acting debut in the new Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movie Hercules, in theaters July 25.

Behind the Scenes with Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk
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Photos: Mario Testino for Vogue Espana
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  • http://brownbib brown

    They make a perfect couple!this is the best vogue cover ever followed by Kimye!

  • http://brownbib brown

    This is the best vogue cover ever and they make a perfect couple too!

  • Meh

    Not again. ><

  • Rocky

    WOW!! and WOW! Awesome shot!!

  • guest


    Kanye and Kim’s cover did not sell.
    The paps caught Kim and Kendall out buying up boxes of the magazine off the news stands, to give a false impression of high sales. …LOL
    But Vogue has already lost many customers (because of the Kanye//Kim debacle) and will not get them back.

  • ha

    ENOUGH OF HER. She’s the Kardashian of the modelling world, who will do anything for attention. Her face isn’t even that pretty. And she handled herself SO well after the Bring Back the Girls issue. Complete lack of tact and diplomacy skills. All she knows how to do is pose.

  • Hot Dumb Italian Mike!

    That is a great photo. Plus, hes one of the best soccer player on the planet. His girlfriend’s pretty hot too!

  • :)

    they’re a very exotically stunning couple. both are very lucky to have one another.

  • Barf

    Two of the biggest egos on the planet.

  • chris

    @Hot Dumb Italian Mike!: who also cries a lot too :P

  • Eeewww

    She has an ugly mug…that means “face” to those of you who don’t know.

  • lol

    How very Kim and Kanye
    Right down to Testino

  • Louis


    How do you know all that? I thought it did sell somewhat.

  • go go


  • Cammie

    I’m NOT a big fan of her, the only way she can Vogue covers is after she started dating him, but I’m glad they made the guy get naked on the cover this time

  • ?

    @Louis: There were photos everywhere of Kim and Kendall grabbing copies at a newstand.

  • Hahaha

    She is UGLY….she looks like a man. But then, maybe that’s what he really wants!!

  • Mari

    So cheap. lol

  • Nene

    Neither one of them are as hot as they think they are.

  • http://karinakanashi1 karina

    what are sure to marry?,is there the confidence to be a family ?

  • Tip

    @karina: Who cares.

  • JustChill’n


    FYI: Irina is NOT naked in the photo. She has a black bikini on. She was doing a photo shoot. She took a moment out of her BUSY schedule to pose for a good cause before getting on a plan to go to another location for another photo shoot. What have you done to help a good cause lately? Maybe you better get the whole story before you JUDGE OTHERS.

    BTW, you sound like just another jealous, bitter twit that has unfilled fancies for CR. News… even if CR wasn’t with IS, he STILL wouldn’t want you. So, no need to try taking another sister down because you want what she has. And yes… she is absolutely beautiful. Even CR was quoted as saying IS is the “most beautiful woman in the world.” Sorry jealous twits.

  • JustChill’n

    @Cammie: @Cammie:

    CR is NOT the reason for her magazine covers. She already was on the covers of Vanity Fair, Ocean Drive, GQ, Elle Spain, & Glamour before CR. She would have made Vogue on her own eventually.

    Seriously, you all need to stop with the jealousy. You all just look like a bunch of twits with green junk on your faces.

  • just asking

    how many vogue spain covers does she have now ?

  • trania

    this is just publicity for the world cup

    besides she is his “beard”

  • Janire

    Perfect couple!!

  • true love

    Brasilian transgender cristini souto ha reveled to the spanish newspapers that he is hot in bed too .what do you think irina?

  • Brazilian girl

    I’m usually not a fan of Cristiano, but he looks damn hot here!

  • kokolino

    u are ugly and fat girls!look at ur self …….u wish u look like irina,but u never will….so stop making comments

  • Afm

    Asking a serious question here – why do people consider Kim and Kanye on vogue to be trashy but these for these 2 it’s wonderful?

    Irina and cristiano are probably a better looking couple but that aside top 2 footballer/wag vs grammy singer/reality star couplings are pretty neck and neck on the respectable couple scale (as in they are both nearer to trashy than classy)

    IMO at least the Kim and Kanye vogue cover and feature attempts to be high fashion (up to personal interpretation) but this cover and the other photos shown in that video are more suitable for GQ (though even that isn’t a match)……….it has no place in high fashion or vogue (or at least vogue till recent months – everything has gotten thrown out of the window) – for a start I don’t think you can count nikewear, football shorts and cr brand underwear as ‘vogue labels’

    Footballer/Wag culture is getting worse sadly

  • Louis


    Think you could show me? I would do it myself but I don’t want to even type their names. Waste of ink.

  • Tina

    @JustChill’n: Nobody’s “jealous.” That’s always the overused go-to response for every opinion that doesn’t agree with yours. She’s UGLY. I’d rather be jealous of alot of others than her.

  • Awww…..

    @JustChill’n: Awww…..This must be one of her relatives! Hahaha! Nope, not one of the “most beautiful.” Not even close. Too masculine looking in the face. That fits, though, since I heard she’s nothing more than a beard.

  • STFU

    @kokolino: And YOU need to go back and learn correct English.

  • Nikki


    What Vanity fair cover? And these covers came out when they first started dating. She got 98% of her covers AFTER she started dating CR. She got Vogue because some lady is a huge CR/Madrid fan. She posted pictures with her in her madrid jersey.

  • Nikki

    I laugh.

  • Joraje

    @Louis: It did not sell. Kim PR lied and said it sold more then Beyoncé and the First Ladys, but it wasn’t true. Less then 300,000 were sold. And besides, Irina and Ronaldo are a more high profile couple then Kanye west and Kim. You think Kanye West is famous around the world like Cristiano Ronaldo? As if.

  • Joraje

    @Afm: People were angrey about that cover because Kim is a porn star and Kanye West is just a dumb, bratty rapper. What do either have them do for fashion? They are not even employed in the fashion business. Atleast Irina is a model, models belong on the cover for Vogue, not porn stars or reality tv stars or talentless rappers.
    And besides, what doe Kim or Kanye even have to promote anways work wise?? They basically begged and whined about wanting a Vogue cover.

  • ……..

    She’s a beard who has a manly face, and he likes men.

  • Rebekkah Mitchellkig

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  • Annie

    He looks totally gay on the cover.

  • 42

    Cristiano is ridiculous her seriously, this is vogue magazine not playboy ! that’s not a decent pose for a vogue magazine.

  • American football is better

    Why is he grabbing his crotch? I always thought he was kind of odd looking with his hairstyle, and she is definitely odd looking.

  • Parker

    My daughter wearing her pink tutu is more masculine than him.

  • soccerdong

    It’s funny how US Vogue covers get shittier each time and all other Vogues are getting better. This is just a perfect cover. Spanish Conde Nast rules!

  • Yes

    He looks feminine down there…

  • tasha

    Are you kidding me?! You might not like Kimye and that’s understandable, but at least their cover had some clothes on, this is SO much worse. I mean, the guy is naked! behind a woman in a wedding dress wtf is that all about. And he’s not even as hot as they present him to be. He’s so gay, and that would be ok if he liked guys actually, but since he doesn’t, he’s just plain disgusting. To tacky and classless, shame on Vogue!

  • Ally

    @Afm: Wag culture is getting worse? lol is that a serious observation? Why is wag culture a “thing”? Most “wags” actually have no jobs, or acquire a job as a “professional blogger” or “fashion expert” just to occupy their times while their boyfriends/husbands are making millions. At least Irina is making money on her own so that if her rich boyfriend dumped her, she isn’t affected at all.

  • kimse

    What a shameless couple. I knew that CR was a gay. Real man would not get naked infront of others. Doesnt his son, mother, sister watch it? Doesnt he feel shame? What a gay couple