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Leonardo DiCaprio Parties it Up at the Cannes Film Festival

Leonardo DiCaprio Parties it Up at the Cannes Film Festival

Leonardo DiCaprio whispers in the ear of a fellow partier at the Gotha Club on Monday evening (May 19) in Cannes, France.

The 39-year-old actor was seen chatting with a few party-goers as he hit up the club for a fun night out.

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Also seen at Gotha Club that evening was Justin Bieber, who partied shirtless with some pals during the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

It has been rumored that Leo and his girlfriend Toni Garrn have officially moved in together.

20+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio at the club…

Just Jared on Facebook
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 01
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 02
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 03
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 04
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 05
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 06
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 07
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 08
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 09
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 10
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 11
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 12
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 13
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 14
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 15
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 16
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 17
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 18
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 19
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 20
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 21
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 22
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 23
leonardo dicaprio surrounded by ladies at cannes 24

Photos: AKM-GSI, FameFlynet
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  • @39

    @Newcomer: So that means Toni was in NY all this time?

    Maybe she was indeed the blonde sitting next to Leo in the restaurant.

  • shame on Leo! LOL

    For all the idiots saying that she’s married and I’m still not believing she is or you in fact know this mystery woman don’t you kw married woman never cheat right?!? LOL This is clearly so disrespectful to Toni and she IS an idiot of she stays with Leo. Leo would never act this way with Toni in a club. He will only do so on a private island where he thinks he has privacy but doesn’t…lol

  • Blacksharpie

    I am not sure if that blind is true but if it is, I believe the date on it was August 2013. If your boyfriend asks you to sleep with another man you have to know he’s not serious about the relationship and doesn’t really care about you IMO. She’s still around so I am sure she understands the status of their relationship.
    Last night is the most blatant he’s been since they have been together. He had to know there would be pics. Maybe they have recently broken up.

  • ####


    Hmmmm…..interesting comments.

  • @What?

    No I don’t think that blind is Leo. I don’t see him sharing his girl with anyone. Scorpio is possessive.

  • Newcomer

    @@39: I have no idea but I find it strange that she would be tagged on the picture of the airplane if she wasn’t flying with them. Maybe it was her in the restaurant. The only night he didn’t party was the night the restaurant pic was taken so I don’t know. Maybe she stayed in Germany the entire time and she has just been tagged as she is going to be there, or maybe she went back to NYC and she took this flight to Cannes with all these people that the girl tagged.

  • Newcomer

    Wasn’t it said that CDAN is not reliable at all? I don’t think Leo would do that, even if I think he is a cheating womanizer. And about the brunette being married, maybe nothing happened with her but it seems like he is clearly flirting with her, and also with other girls, so if he is still with Toni, he is not really respecting her by acting like that.

  • Newcomer

    One last thing. I have just read the Daily Mail article and it says they tried to contact Leo’s rep for a comment. And I guess the rep didn’t comment or didn’t return their calls or they would have published his response. When the In Touch story was published, they immediately denied it. Here there is a story who is making the rounds, not very positive for Leo, but they have still said nothing. This is a bit suspicious but I don’t know if it means something as his publicists don’t seem to be doing a good job.

  • Well

    Maybe this is why Toni has been quiet on twitter and Instagram?
    Wasn’t this his M.O when he and Erin broke up?

  • hmmm

    This is really embarrassing and humiliating forToni.
    Leo sure does act like a single and free man.

  • twitter

    it’s not a coincidence if Toni is suddenly quiet on twitter.

  • Aferdita&Nina part2

    So Leo is talking to ANOTHER MODEL in another CLUB. Shocking Repeat patterns. Usually after they get “caught” with Leo a break up ensues. Remember that aferdita woman in Miami was engaged to be married then she got “caught” with Leo and they broke up. Same with Nina…got “caught” with Leo and then she broke up…I see a pattern here. I don’t think leo cares if they’re married or not. He must have truly lost his mind or Toni is very boring now and its killing him. He needs to branch out…He’s over Toni. Not saying they’re breaking up just yet but the end seems like it might come this year. lol
    I think its clear he has no deep feelings for Toni now whatever they still “have.” T-Bone better get prepared, Leo getting ready to drop that hammer. This is truly shocking. Its like he doesn’t care! lol

  • @blackshaprie and ######

    @Blacksharpie: What were the comments?@####: I do not have Istagram?

  • ####


    Leo is no dummy. After all the pics that came out last year showing Leo partying in Cannes, he would no doubt know that the same thing would happen this year. He’s in a club with other celebrities so people are taking pics. He obviously doesn’t care. I guess we will see what is going on over the new few days.

    I still say it’s strange that Toni hasn’t posted anything at all about heading to Cannes, being in Cannes, nothing…..she acted the same way when something happened between she and Leo in December. She just kind of stopped posting as much on instagram.

  • Blacksharpie

    What would the publicist say? They can’t deny it, there are pics. To say they are just friends ( even if they really are) would sound kind of ridiculous IMO, given the pics.
    What’s interesting is that she hasn’t posted on IG in three days.
    She might have been in NY this past week but why wasn’t she seen and why didn’t she post? The last indication she was in NY was Mothers Day when she posted the pic of Freedom Tower and said, “… On the day of my departure”.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. The next 24 hours could be interesting?!

  • also…

    @@39: I don’t know what’s going on with the girl who tagged to I but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t in NYC with Leo before Cannes. Many Leo sightings and tweet photos but not once with Toni. And she posted that photo from Hamburg at the end if last week I think so I think she was in Germany.

  • ….

    Well this is spreading fast. I repeat, I hope they are broken up because this is really embarrassing. I don’t think she deserves this kind of public embarrassment. Maybe monogamy is just not in the cards for Leo.

  • sugarbaby

    @Aferdita&Nina part2: He doesn’t care about anyone but HIMSELF. He is selfish and and disgusting. I have no sympathy at all for Toni, his previous gfs and other women that pursue him. They very well know how Leo is and they still go after him, what ever happens to them, they deserve it. Unfortunatly, Leo will never get any slack from his gross behaviour, no consequences for him, its all great for him, but not everyone else. Leo is just like the rest of the Hollywood elite, weird, gross and effed up!

  • also…
  • What?

    @@What?: Who do you think it is then?
    @Blacksharpie: I guess so, but I have could imagine it to be true. Hope it isnt or then Leo is mean and toni just needs self respect.

  • ####

    @@blackshaprie and ######:

    Here are the last two comments from TG’s instagram.



  • Blacksharpie

    @@blackshaprie and ######:
    I can’t cut and paste comments on IG. One of them said “I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you.”
    The other, ” Leoni was real.” This comment had a crying face and cracked heart emoji.
    They were both posted in the last few hours.

  • where is the ballsy toni now?

    miss hints/chatterbox has gone all quiet… what’s the matter?, kat(ie) got your tongue? lol

  • also…
  • Newcomer

    @also…: What I would mean with her being in NYC would be that she came back after her shooting, maybe was the girl in the restaurant pic and then they would have broken up, hence the many sightings of Leo clubbing and eating but never with her. Because he is acting like a single guy but if she stayed in Germany, it would mean that if they have broken up, it was on the phone and I don’t think he would break up on the phone. She posted from his place before leaving and then she liked that Dave’s pic but then, after Thursday (the only night where he wasn’t partying and there is a pic with a blonde in a restaurant), she went quiet, except for that Hamburg pic. Maybe she stayed in Germany, but I don’t understand why she is tagged in that NYC-Cannes flight.

  • Blacksharpie
  • Candies

    I’m sorry but I’m looking at this pics and Leo seems to be into this woman. Is it a surprise that she’s a model?!?! hmmmm I don’t know if they’ve broken up but maybe Leo is bored of Toni now and they will soon break up over the summer. We will just have to wait and see. But how can any woman be ok with this kind of behavior of Leo. If he’s seen with another woman its almost always a model whether they’re in a relationship or not. Is that a coincidence???
    Self esteem is a B*tch!

  • Newcomer

    @also…: Anyways, now that she is in Cannes and there is the de Grisogono party, we will know if once again, she decides to turn a blind eye or if they have broken up.

  • fighting words frm the scorned

    A minute’s silence for Toni’s shattered dignity..

  • Newcomer

    As she wasn’t really working in Germany (if she was still in Germany), I would have thought that she would have joined him yesterday. I wasn’t expecting that story honestly.

  • also…

    @Newcomer: Well, that’s a possibility. I guess we will see soon enough what’s going on but do you think he would go to Cannes right after the breakup to party with other girls right in Toni’s face? Wait… didn’t he do that with Lively? I think Bar was in Cannes. Anyways as I said we will see since she is in Cannes now.

  • Blacksharpie

    So, the question is did she fly in yesterday or this morning?

    I may be reading too much into it, but her comment on the post sounds like “keep a stiff upper lip, let’s just doing this and get it over with.” ?

  • Agree

    This is embaressing, eventhough I’m not a fan I feel a bit sorry for her, then again as someone said she tries to come off as intellegent and funny etc. it feels like she tried to show how much smarter and better she is than his previous girlfriends. I might understand why, she was the whole time being bashed for being just another model he dated, and she maybe tried to show that “i am smart, i’m not like them dummies” boy she did wrong. Im not saying she is stuppid, but trying hard has never been good for anyone. At that age she is not even expected acting smart or like a woman that will “suit” his status or level of maturity, remember bar and gisele? yes he dated them young as well but they had their moments when they said stupid things and yes they were bashed for it, at least I give them both cred for being honest. Like that army-thing with Bar, the whole Israel (im from israel) hated her because she shared her opinion (that she didn’t want to let that ruin her so called “carer”) but at least nor she or gisele started out of sudden caring about envoirment like Toni stated in some interviews after dating leo (I have read it in her bellazon) or neither did them brag about jenn meyer. To be honest i think toni is much nicer and humble than Gisele, erin and bar (in real life) but she just couldn’t handle this leo-thing. All the instagram hints, trying to be special and everything, look now

  • twitter

    is it me or she look sad on her last picture ?

  • ####


    She’s not smiling like she normally does in these pics but maybe she’s going for a sultry look.

    Here’s a comment from under the pic. LOL

    Might want to give an eye on your bf :s

  • @also…

    Yes he did!! I remember JJ thread at that time used to be funny as hell haha! Everybody was so happy for bar they hated so much ;) its funny how she talked about it last year LOL.. she said that she was so sad after seeing pictures of him with blake that she left the party and went to her hotel and cried for hours although they already broke up. Can’t feel sorry for her, she deserved it!!!! Can’t say the same about toni

  • also…

    @@also: So I remembered well. I didn’t feel sorry for Bar and it’s the same with Toni. Sorry but there’s no way she didn’t know what it’s gonna be like to date him but she went for it anyway.

  • ####


    Didn’t he do that to Erin as well? Even going so far as to be in the same club as she was flirting with other girls right after they broke up?

  • also…

    @####: Have you seen the latest comment? JJ is mentioned.

  • Newcomer

    @also…: I don’t know but maybe they had first planned to go to Cannes together and with his mother and Dave and also Richie and some friends with all these parties that Richie is organizing. He is also being auctioned off at the AmFAR gala. Anyways, if they are still together, and it was always planned that she would only arrive one day after him, knowing that there are paparazzi everywhere in Cannes, I would have thought he would have “behaved”.

    @Blacksharpie: If she was in Germany, this is a quick flight (maybe 2 or 3 hours), so as she wasn’t in Cannes yesterday, she might have flown today and arrived this afternoon. If she was in NYC and was flying with the other people tagged, I guess they took a plane yesterday evening (NYC time so last night France time) and arrived in the middle of the day (France time).

    According to another pic on BZ, it seems she is staying or at least was preparing at the Martinez hotel in Cannes. It was posted 30 minutes ago.

    Leo is staying in a villa or at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes, where thede Grisogono party takes place I think.

  • also…

    @####: Oh, I forgot about Erin. So he would do it to Toni as well. Let’s see what’s coming!

  • Blacksharpie

    There’s another comment, “be careful DARLING”. When you clink on the posters link, she has all the pics from last night.

    There are other comments as well about keeping an eye on Leo.

  • also…

    @Newcomer: I think that’s the same hotel ( where Leo might be staying ) where Katie is staying. At least that’s what I thought looking at her IG account.

  • ####


    This one? LOL

    Leo is a asshole look at his new picture on just jared! You Need a real man not a Teenie boy ! Beauty

  • also…

    @Newcomer: who knows what’s going on? I see your point. I found it a little weird he left NYC only Sunday night or Monday morning even though his mom and Dave ( and his daughter ) were already in Europe. Then he arrives and he debuts with a Big Bang the same night ( or the night before ) she arrives.

  • Newcomer

    @also…: Who is Katie? Did you mean Toni? I guess he has a suite in the Hotel du Cap and Dave and Irmelin are there and he may be there sometimes, but he also has a villa like last year.

  • malibu

    I feel embarrassed for Toni too. Granted she KNEW what she was getting into as Leo has not changed his dating style at all. I feel so bad for her if that blind is true. Bad, sad but also indifferent because she “paid the price” and got her name out there, now we shall see what she does with her newfound fame. But then again who knew Leo was into the whole cuckold scene? But I also strongly believe this whole relationship is based around a business arrangement/image/ego thing. I agree with what others have said that she has been getting a lot of extra press lately so I’m thinking she knew her time with him was coming to an end. Business or not though I’m sure the attachment was there for both parties at one point and breakups are always hard, especially when it happens abruptly (or in their case, for all to see!). JMO!

  • ####


    She doesn’t look too happy in this pic either. No silly Toni smiles or tongue sticking out.

  • malibu

    @twitter: I think she looks sad too. Different than her normal sultry pics. Or maybe I’m feeling sorry for her? How embarrassing!!

  • Partygirl

    Well, whether Leo and Toni are still together or not it’s got to be a bit of blow to your self esteem that he thinks you’re easily replaceable. Meanwhile, Leo is there having a great time. If they are still together does she act like she doesn’t know about the rumors and pictures or like she doesn’t care. But if they aren’t together the story is they were seen partying separately. Either way not good press for her.

    Side note, I wonder if Leo has run into Blake & Ryan. Apparently no one liked Ryan’s film. The was actually booed.