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Charlize Theron Slams Gluten-Free Diet on 'Chelsea Lately' - Watch Now!

Charlize Theron Slams Gluten-Free Diet on 'Chelsea Lately' - Watch Now!

Charlize Theron rocks a “82 Blond” top while exiting a yoga class at Yogaworks on Friday (May 23) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The day before, the 38-year-old actress looked casual and comfy while heading to an office building.

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Charlize recently made an appearance on Chelsea Lately and talked about getting gluten-free cupcakes from host Chelsea Handler.

“I just think that if you are gonna send a gift, let it be enjoyable. Why send me a f—— cupcake with no sugar in it? What’s the use…? It tastes like cardboard!” Charlize shared on the show.

She added, “I think the gluten-free thing is bulls—… I don’t believe it and I think studies now recently just proved that it is bulls—.” Watch the video!

Charlize Theron – Chelsea Lately

FYI: Charlize is wearing a Karma El Khalil necklace on Chelsea Lately. She is wearing a Junk Food Clothing tank top at the gym.

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  • Xoxo

    Love her…Americans have these silly diets
    Anything to make excuses for their fat a$$es

  • Debbie

    love CT
    can’t stand CH
    CT is right though, don’t have a party and serve cardboard

  • Tracy

    I love this chick, she is so real lol

  • Nathan

    I agree with Charlize what’s the point of eating a cupcake if its sugar free and tastes like cardboard. I think people get way to crazy with heath food.

  • :/

    I like Charlize Theron but sometimes she says the most crack-headed things.

  • ForMe

    Some people are actually angry because she made these comments about gluten. She’s actually making fun of Chelsea for following the gluten free trend.

  • jane

    Charlize took the words out of my mouth about gluten-free food, she’s such a cool chick.

  • shelly

    @ForMe: pretty sure her BFF maniston convinced her to go gluten free, won’t be surprised at all. Both maniston and handler are still uglier than hell regardless what diets and cosmetic treatments they use. Charlize seems to eat whatever she pleases and is one of the most truly stunning women in the world. I side with Theron :D

  • Not bs for everyone

    If she had the misfortune of having Celiac Disease she would eat her words…gluten makes your intestines attack themselves and it is very painful…not fun.

  • Eww, crass, no class.

    Eww, if CT is friends with CH, it makes me question her.

  • Debbie

    totally agree. People need to chill
    I read on another site some chic is going apesh$t over this and likening CT to a racist (saying she turned a blink eye to this she must have turned a blind eye to injustice back home in S Africa) LOL Jump to conclusions much??
    …also calling her a heartless B.
    I mean on one hand celebs should be careful what they say but on the other people need to be adults and take responsibility for their own lives. So what if CT doesn’t like it or believe in it. Its her right.
    Be an adult and do your own research and stop looking to celebs or blaming them for every little thing.

  • Fran

    For those of us with either wheat allergies or celiac disease, going gluten free is a way of life! Seven yrs ago I developed a wheat allergy and while there are a lot of gluten-free foods that do indeed taste like cardboard (or a mixture of wet cardboard and sawdust!) there are some that are really good! And that includes cupcakes! Just a matter of trial and error in finding what is good and what isn’t! Why anyone who doesn’t have to be on this diet does it is beyond me! For me the consequences of “cheating” are too debilitating to even consider it! So if Chelsea wants to serve her guests gluten-free foods,the least she could do is offer the oes that taste good!

  • True that

    You’re better off having that one cupcake than eating the foreign crap cupcake someone tried to reformulate. If you want it have it in moderation and enjoy!

    I say leave all the artificial sweeteners and fat free crap alone.

  • Not bs for everyone

    @Debbie: Well likening her comments to racism is going WAAAY too far, but her statement will naturally rub people with Celiac the wrong way because they have to be on a gluten free diet to survive, it’s not just a trendy diet for them, it’s a serious health problem…same with diabetics having to limit sugar to survive. It’s easy for people to scoff at someone else when the shoe is on the other foot.
    I have always liked Charlize and I still like her, but I’m disappointed that she would make such an insensitive statement.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Not bs for everyone: I think she was talking about the diet as a fad, a trend, and not about whether or not it helps with Celiac disease. She could have been more careful with her words, but I don’t think she meant to offend anyone.

    A very small minority have this disease, so while its not an excuse, I can see why they’d be overlooked in the discussion.

  • http://Hy Sisele

    Really chill when they are people out there that have celiac yes ..that it what a gluten free diet is… Just like Mr Silver had the right to his opinion too! why did Chelsea send them to her? So finding out that people do have dietary problems , Yes Chelsea get together with Jimmy Kimmel who did that stupid stunt of asking people what a gluten free diet was. Only people that have the dietary problem have to deal with it!

    Like her black son ho is going to grow upend find out what being black
    Is really like!

  • Tracey

    So true! there are tons of things naturally gluten free, it’s when you try to make something a Frankenfood that you destroy it and make it inedible

    I say eating a cupcake isn’t an every day thing – make it awesome!

  • Jimmy Kimmel
  • Pat Bedson

    Gluten Free cupcakes are not FREE OF SUGAR. Look if you are going to make a joke about Gluten Free GET IT RIGHT. People with Celiac Disease which in 1 in 133 Americans have it (BUT IT GOES UNDIAGNOSED) have this problem and that includes Children. Look you were all willing to fire the Guy on Duck Dynasty because he said he did not believe in Gay Marriage and that is only 2% of the population. This Celiac is an Auto Immune Disease AND PEOPLE CAN DIE FROM IT. It effects Children as well as Adults. Picture if you were a Child and most of the things children eat YOU COULD NOT. Celiac is growing and right now it is 3,000,000 but it is expected to grow to 6 million in a few years. I guess when someone you know has it then MAYBE people like Charlize Theron will not be so CRUEL.

  • Sideways

    @Eww, crass, no class.: Yes, thank you. CH is her friend they must have similar things in common. Makes me look at CT sideways.

  • Pat Bedson

    One more thing by the way Jennifer Esposito the actress from TAXI and BLUE BLOODS has CELIAC DISEASE and nearly DIED of it. Her twitter account did not find what Charlize Theron did was funny either


    Go laugh Charlize Theron YOU THINK SOMEONE’S CONDITION IS FUNNY. You are really a horrible person

  • Sideways

    @Pat Bedson: So basically so are saying that CT confused gluten free with low carb?

  • Pat Bedson

    From Jennifer Esposito website @JennifersWayJE Have you seen the video by Charlize Theron how she puts down people who are eating Gluten Free.

  • Pat Bedson

    Read this: Gluten Free items contain sugar. Remember this is an Auto Immune Disease CELIAC DISEASE. One must ask themselves this question, if this ACTRESS said the same horrible thing about blacks and gays NOT WANTING THEM AT HER HOUSE which is what she said about people who eat Gluten Free and Celiacs have NO CHOICE BUT TO EAT GLUTEN FREE. However from what I heard Charlize say if you cannot eat a Gluten cake you cannot come to my house, that is the same as saying a black or a gay is not welcome at my house because I would not want to see to gays KISS. Celiacs cannot eat Gluten and Charlize is saying that if you cannot eat the same things as she eats at her parties then YOU HAVE TO LEAVE and she would be arrogant towards you. SHE DID NOT EXCLUDE CELIACS. She really should apologize for this SKIT.

  • Neil Gold

    One more thing. The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Wife and Son both have Celiac Disease and I am sure Mr. Stewart must worry about his little boys health and as well as his wife’s everyday. However from how Charlize Theron doesn’t want you eating cake that is Gluten Free because you have Celiac, I am sure Jon Stewarts Wife and Son would never be allowed into Charlize Theron house because she would be cruel enough to tell Jon’s son to GET OUT because his little boy cannot eat GLUTEN

  • serious

    Love her but that’s saying much about her empathy with folks n Celiac or allergies. People have been known to vomit pass out n worse. Does she deny dairy allergies too? Not all DNA is the same. She’s smart I’m sure shell clear it up. She was trying to b funny n it failed.

  • Helen

    I also think that the gluten-free prodcts are just something that’s not working. Like sugar-free or low-fat products. They don’t taste good. When you eat normally, you’re physically active, take long walks, then you don’t get fat.

  • Amy

    Yes. Gluten free is BS. The best way to go is the Obama supported GMO foods. I’m sure that’s the crap she feeds her son and her dolt boyfriend.

  • Wurry

    I eat (non GMO) wheat because I can, although I watched my uncle with undiagnosed at the time celiac disease whither away to almost nothing and suffer with very poor immunity. It is a disease.
    She sounds profoundly ignorant.

  • Ellie

    She clearly doesn’t mean the people with allergies…she is talking about the people who use a “gluten-free DIET” as an excuse to lose weight.

  • James

    Come on, people! Of course she ment gluten free diet as a life style choice, not people with gluten intollerance! You all understand how she ment it perfectly but can’t resist to use it as a stone to throw it at her. She’s not stupid, quite the opposite, she just pointed out the fact people love to act like sheep without any reason. If you are tollerant to gluten there’s absolutely do reason to avoid it.

  • snapcracklepop

    Great, another dumb actress that thinks everything she says is brilliant and will lead the stupid American fans in the right direction.
    People are talking about Celiacs needing to be Gluten-Free, but, my roommate works at a Boston Hospital and the amount of patients they lable as “IBS” (which is a catch-all, vague term for we’re not sure) is sad. They are unable to diagnose and heal A LOT of people with stomach problems. 70% of your immune system is in your gut…
    The thought is that a lot of these people would heal their guts if they were eating 100% Gluten-Free. But, it’s very hard to avoid it in the American diet.
    Gluten is just a glue, you don’t need it nutritionally. People who eat Gluten-Free are not on a diet to lose weight. GF foods (manufactured) often still have tons of fat and sugar, they just don’t have gluten.

  • MimiB

    If someone has celiac disease, they must avoid gluten found in wheat. But for the rest of us, the 95% that don’t? There’s no reason to avoid wheat flour. Sure, we all eat too much sugar in it’s many forms, much of it hidden in processed foods, and no question, we should avoid eating too much highly processed white flour products loaded with sugars. But gluten is not sugar and carbs are carbs, whether in corn, oats, wheat etc. Non-gluten flours behave the same way as wheat in our bodies when we eat them and have the same calories… unless, I’ll say it again, we have celiac disease.

  • EndOfTime

    It was obvious that she was talking about people without Celiac disease !

  • Mark

    She does have a right to her opinion, though it is an incorrect one. She should not be so classless in her comments. She offended a lot of people with celiac disease, which is very real. My 14yr. old son has celiac disease and I was quite pissed off by her comments.

  • Mark

    @True that:

    You are an idiot!

  • Mark

    Sorry but you are wrong. Eating two pieces of wheat bread is the same as eating a candy bar. The body does not process gluten and it sits in your gut. Instead of your body converting it to energy, your body ends up storing it in your mid section.

  • sugarfat

    Gluten is just protein, it’s only bad for people who are allergic to it. Gluten intolerance is rare and it’s actually an autoimmune disease…

    It’s the food that has a 50/50 combination of processed fat and sugar without much nutrient content (like ice cream, cheese cake, glazed donuts etc etc) that’s bad for you because it turns on the reward system in the brain which is why it’s so good and makes us over eat the stuff which increases our total caloric intake while making us eat less of high-nutrient food that our body needs to fight and prevent diseases.

  • puravik

    If you are not allergic to gluten, then its not necessary to keep gluten-free diet.

  • hvjhg

    Where is Sean? Working on his lobstertan?

  • Shawna

    What in the hell does gluten have to do with sugar? She sounds like a moron, as do many of you, saying that it won’t be good because it doesn’t have sugar. Gluten-free cupcakes can have sugar, the two are not connected in any way. And gluten-free cupcakes do NOT taste bad. I have celiac disease and other food allergies and I make cupcakes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free and they taste amazing. When I serve them people don’t even know the difference. So don’t talk sh!t about things you know nothing about!

  • Calm Down

    Charlize wasn’t talking about people with celiac disease or people with allergies. She’s calling out Chelsea,who I’m guessing doesn’t have celiac disease, for following a fad. Calm the hell down. JFC people.

  • Pat Colon

    It has just come out today Gluten Free Diets prevent Type 1 diabetes for those who do not think there is any benefit to a Gluten Free diet and are not bigots like Charlize Theron

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Pat Bedson: maybe you should tell Chelsea that. She sent the cakes, so she thinks gluten-free is sugar free.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Pat Bedson: also, she is not talking about the disease already!

  • Pat Colon

    Celiac Disease is also considered a Disability. This from the Americans with Disability act . You know I wonder if Charlize and the audience would find it funny if Charlize was to make a joke about someone in a wheelchair, would that be FUNNY. Many people can walk but what if Charlize was to make a joke saying everyone else here can walk and dance and this person in a wheelchair cannot so he or she has to leave. Would that be funny? Children struggle with Celiac everyday it is a disability so KEEP LAUGHING EVERYONE. To the 3,000,000 with Celiac IT IS NOT FUNNY.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Pat Colon: are you a person or a spam machine? You aren’t here to discuss anything, just to advertise and rage.

  • George Ascolf

    Because what she said is bigoted period. Children suffer with Celiac Disease and can DIE If she said the same thing about gays or people in wheel chairs it would be considered bigoted PERIOD. The bottom line is 1 in 133 Americans who suffer from Celiac Disease did not find her skid amusing and I am a Celiac and Type 1 Diabetic. I agree Charlize Theron is a BIGOT PERIOD

  • Diedre

    Hmmm…Charlize Theron never struck me as a moron before. Too bad she decided to go on Hagatha’s talk show and confirm that she is actually a massive idiot.
    Must be the Sean Penn influence.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @George Ascolf:

    how is it bigoted when she didn’t actually say anything about people with Celiac disease? Putting down a diet is bigoted now?

    She is talking about the diet as a fad. You can hear that when Chelsea says not everyone can stay thin like Charlize. Its about using a gluten-free diet to stay thin, not to fight Celiac disease. If she did anything wrong, it would be that she wasn’t more careful to clarify that she’s excluding Celiacs from her critique.

    Considering the calibre of mentality of some of the people angry about this, I no longer feel the need to explain or defend Charlize to them on this issue. They’re just dumb, so if anything maybe Charlize SHOULD have insulted you about that.