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Disney Planning 'Beauty and the Beast' Live Action Film!

Disney Planning 'Beauty and the Beast' Live Action Film!

Tale As Old A Time…

Looks like Disney is giving all the fairy tales a new life.

Variety is reporting that the Mouse House has tapped Bill Condon, most known for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn films, to direct a live action movie of Beauty & The Beast.

While no plot details are known at this time, Disney’s animated version of the classic tale by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, grossed over $375 million worldwide, spawned a Broadway play and became one of the few animated pics to receive a best picture Oscar nomination.

ARE YOU EXCITED for a live action tale?

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  • bbm

    movies get so original these days…

  • nm

    yo, Disney, calm down a bit.

  • hmmmm

    noooo, please dont ruin an amazing film by making it LA :(

  • WTH

    so people bit@h about Disney making a live action version of THEIR films, but they have no problem with all these lameass superhero reboots.

    I rather watch Disney B&B than yet another Avenger, Iron Man, Batman, Superman, Spiderman and on and on and on and on and on and on.

  • oh god no

    they better not ruin this movie at all, i really think this should be left alone. and then i bet after this along with the hipsterness of sofia coppola’s the little mermaid, won’t be surprised if aladdin gets thrown in the blender right after. i thoroughly enjoyed maleficent because it was an original movie and the story was put together very well. im not so sure about the cinderella movie either, god why is disney doing all of this? seems like they’re running out of ideas and just smashing all the disney princess movies into live action this decade. and please don’t cast emma watson as belle, they can surely find someone with more talent than her for the part, someone that actually looks french and can speak english with a believable french accent too.

  • dana

    Malificent was horrible it really was…i don’t think Cinderella will be any better. As for the little mermaid i just hope they get an actor and actress that are good looking. I don’t wanna see Rebel Wilson rocking that one piece. The same for Beauty & the Beast make it as amazing as the cartoon version. I’m guessing Pocahontas and Aladdin are next, that should be surreal also, i don’t want to see a 30 some yr. Old playing her. Pocahontas was actually 15, they already had Colin Farrell and that little girl act it out in New World. The Aladdin cast should actually be Indians too. Boy would i love to see a live version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame though.

  • dana

    @dana: Sorry i meant realistic not surreal my head got over excited.

  • tina

    Zac Efron as prince/beast pls

  • Trixie Larue

    I would never let my Children consume any media with the ‘Disney’ name on it. It’s sad because Walt Disney was a great Man, now they just want to extract every last dollar out of your wallet while brain washing your Children.

  • Lylian

    I loved Maleficent but NOOOOOOO!! Not Beauty and the Beast!
    Gaston the bad guy definitely DIES! There can be NO reimagining of Gaston the bully and the male chauvinist pig. And Beauty is just fine as she is – after all, she SAVES the Beast! So what is there to re-tell? And I loved the animated movie.

  • mars

    ALEXIS BLEDEL as Beauty.

  • Lily

    I loved Maleficent, and I think I could love the “Beauty and The Beast” movie, just It needs to pick the perfect casting. Could Meryl Davis play “Belle”?? She is like a living Disney Princess

  • Lala

    Disney, please, cast Alexander Skarsgard as beast! I dream of it every time! He could be deadly and wild and super caring. It would be really great!

  • Nothing lasts forever

    No. PLEASE. No. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie along with Pocahontas and I can sense that they will ruin it. No matter who they cast. No matter how good the plot is. No matter what they do. It’s gonna be bad. Why can’t they be original and find new stuff to film!? ugh. I don’t care if it’s a superhero or Disney reboot, they’re rebooting too much!!!! @mars: It’s “Belle”. But anyway, Oh God, NO. She’s scary-looking. Absolutely not pretty enough to play Belle. The latter has brown hazel eyes. Bledel has creepy piercing blue eyes, it’s not the same effect. I don’t see anyone who could play her or the Beast and pull them off, really. And I doubt they’d cast newcomers….. This is horrible. They’re SO ruining a great childhood classic!