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Kim Kardashian Puts Her Out of This World Bikini Body On Display - See the Pics!

Kim Kardashian Puts Her Out of This World Bikini Body On Display - See the Pics!

Kim Kardashian just uploaded some new pics of her rocking a bikini while vacationing at Joe Francis‘ house, Casa Aramara, in Punta Mita, Mexico, and she looks AMAZING!

“It’s a little blurry but you know what it is..” the 33-year-old reality star captioned one of the pics on Instagram.

Other captions read “#OurLovelyLadyLumps,” which included a pic of Joe‘s pregnant girlfriend Abbey Wilson, and “#NoFlexZone 💪👙”

“I just got to 16mil Instagram followers! This makes me soooo happy! I’m gonna post some pics tomorrow to celebrate!!!! 😍💋😘” Kim wrote the night before posting the pics.

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27 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Puts Her Out of This World Bikini Body On Display - See the Pics!”

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  1. 1
    wow Says:

    This woman is pure trash & so fame hungry. Can’t understand the entertainment media’s fasination with such a trashy woman. All she does is go out half naked (something is always showing) and snaps pics of herself to post every day showing her a$$ or boobs – is that child really hers? because she seems to spend no time with her & all her time promoting her naked body.

  2. 2
    GROSS Says:

    that’s all

  3. 3
    jane Says:


  4. 4
    Jentheho Says:

    I’ll bet 15 1/2 are men who love to look at her big tits and huge @ss.

  5. 5
    Jentheho Says:

    15 1/2 mil of the followers are men

  6. 6
    Yuck Says:

    She photoshopped out the cellulite.

  7. 7
    Barbara Says:

    I think she bought her “followers”…and why does she think we want to see that wide lard ass.

  8. 8
    Kimye Says:

    Does anyone else notice that the center part of her hairline is noticeably different widths in the photos? One pix, the part is wider, like she’s losing hair!

  9. 9
    Mean Says:

    This women takes lots of vacation. Takes a pitchure of her ass.who would want to follow that *****!!!!!!go home to la and be a f to that f kid.

  10. 10
    Mary Says:

    So obviously photo-shopped. Other sites have the real pics, and she looks much, much different in that yellow bathing suit. She looks soft, mushy, and much heavier. Too bad she can’t accept her real body and just be thankful for her posh and worthless life.

  11. 11
    ANSW Says:

    What is her job?
    Golden Globe Award, an Oscar win is Great actresst if you’re a movie star, is a mega-hit, you can hit song have?
    Kim Kardashian her fabulous and wonderful talent which I find acting, singer song?
    Have you ever sex tape and ass, breast exposure Fanta stick talent, I do not need such a talent of hers

  12. 12
    nemo Says:

    “Because I’m Tacky…”

  13. 13
    olive Says:

    What can I say, that b*tch has a good life. Always on luxury vacation and she’s gonna get $85 million for that stupid game. SMDH

  14. 14
    POOR NORTH Says:

    Why she is always on vacation outside the USA? Does this lady has nothing better to do than shop, party and travel and to top it all off show us her almost naked body every time there is news about her? Where are her duties as a mother to baby North? I mean why dont u take pic with ur daughter whenu are on vacation too? You alwyas have to take pic of you and you and only you. She fore sure is fame and popularity hungry. She cant really live without the cameras always following her. That is so sad but also real pathetic.

    She is a mother but certainly she does not act like she is. She still behaves like a single lady.

    What a self absorbed nasty, narcissist fame ho** she is!!

    I really wish I would have a chance to run into this lady and tell her many things on her pristine pretty face and make her embarrased in front of everyone and tell her to dissapear that people do nto give a ratz about her exposed private life to public.

    Ohh I so would love to do that

  15. 15
    ROFL Says:


  16. 16
    Violet Says:

    How much do they pay you JJ for these headlines? “They” meaning the Kartrashians.

  17. 17
    Shannon Says:

    A real story would be if she went on vacation and didn’t post these photoshopped “looking down my belly and flappy coochie in a bikini” type pictures.
    I guess her followers want to see these pics but ugh, she needs to find a new angle for publicity.

  18. 18
    J Says:

    This is how Kim defines her life? By how many Twitter followers she has? She runs around the globe, spending money, swimming, tanning, and filming it all for far too much money. Does she have any inclination whatsoever to give back? Is she a spokesperson for any charity? Does she get her hands dirty ever to help others less fortunate? It’s hard to like this woman, because she provides nothing. She doesn’t act, sing, dance, work in any way. She has the money and power, so it seems, to really make a difference despite the absence of a job. She disgusts me.

  19. 19
    Asa Says: has the un-photoshopped pics…

  20. 20
    Mylene - Montreal Says:

    She’s a idiot. She have opportunnity to show to the world she can be a good human being, take care of her daughter and stop post pictures like that take times for somes real causes (like people in need) and she do nothing. Now i believe every rumor about how her marriage will be short. 3 or 4 years (yeah i know i’m generous).

  21. 21
    Mylene - Montreal Says:

    it’s not a surprise this family have a lot and a lot of followers .. society is sick … a lot of women buy this family **** and use money to look like them. Paris Hilton is now a wanabe. PLEASE PLEASE … tell me it’s going to happen

  22. 22
    siennagold Says:

    We all know she photoshops her photos so what’s amazing about these pics?

  23. 23
    Danae Says:

    Oh oh, and then she’ll be in the public like DON’T LOOK AT ME oh no, there are paps everywhere, DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO ME! Damn…

  24. 24
    hmm Says:

    We;ve seen her pu$$y, b( . )( . )bs & naked a$$ on the whole display in a “home movie”, moaning while Ray J is hittin her from the back. So do you really think this bikini body shock us? Nothing new in this area. NEXT!

  25. 25
    aranka paul Says:


    The woman has zero self respect. It’s so sad when person puts money and fame in front of their self respect and dignity. I trust there are very few people like her around (let’s hope so). I really don’t know what Kanye West saw in her. If I ever meet the man,I would definitely ask him that question (I am currious as hell).

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