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Jesse Eisenberg Takes a 'Batman v Superman' Filming Break to Visit Israel

Jesse Eisenberg Takes a 'Batman v Superman' Filming Break to Visit Israel

Jesse Eisenberg exits the BBC Radio 1 studios after giving an interview on Tuesday (July 29) in London, England.

The 30-year-old actor also visited Israel on his trip East, where he attended the Israeli premiere of his play The Revisionist in Tel Aviv, where he gave a talkback afterwards, but was asked by Tzipi Pines, the theater’s General Manager to not ask questions about the political situation.

Jesse reportedly told the audience that he did not think twice about visiting Israel, but if there was a more immediate danger, he would have reconsidered, an Israeli news source wrote.

Most recently, Jesse has been filming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where he is playing the role of villainous Lex Luthor.

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  • DemJewishBoys!

    My oh my how this cutie pie does if for me! What is if about this little, nerdy dude that gets me riled up? His stealy blue eyes, strong nose, those FULL red lips or his wonderous mane of curls. Time to take a hand to myself now.

  • Aww

    Take your monotonous acting and leave this franchise. Bring Ben A. with you too.

  • riri

    I hate that dude, never understood what was the fuss about him. and he’s visiting israel ? pro genocide much ???!

  • tick

    Get a haircut. You look like a tool.

  • xyzc


    Most likely. Dont u think its a coincidence, rite?

  • mary

    oh I forgot he was a Jew too. There’s no danger in Israel, The danger is in Gaza with all the Israelian bombs blowing up.
    Eisenberg is an overrated tool, but most of Hollywood is so no surprise there!

  • Nikki

    A lotta Jews are in denial about the whole thing. The fact of the matter is that Israel is actually the bad guy in all of this. The truth hurts.

  • dharius

    His visit is only highlighting how one sided the gravity of the calamity is. Israel is under no threat whatsoever. Proving beyond a shred of doubt just how much of a terror state Israel is.

    Hamas is a SYMPTOM not the cause of he plight of the Palestinians.

    Never mind the fact that OIL was found in Gaza recently.

    This calamity is being done by a military that CLAIMS to be Jewish. When really its just Zionist scapegoating Judaism. Just read what the IDF soldiers write on their personal facebook pages: one boasted about killing 13 children. THAT is what’s become of Israel. They have proud child killers.

    I was a stark supporter of Israel until now. I REFUSED to believe all the accounts of savagery done to the Lebanese and Palestinians in the hands of Israelis – until now.

    I along with my family of 27 members tore the Israel pray out and will NEVER recite it again until Israel is brought to court for war crimes.

    Enough is enough.

    Thank you Jesse, for highlighting how truly one sided this conflict is. You are a good person.

  • dharius

    I implore all my fellow Jews to speak out now. Please,if you love our beautiful religion – end the its rape.

    End the Zionist RAPE of our beautiful religion and free yourselves from the fear that Zionists have us all poisoned with.

    We are GOOD PEOPLE. We KNOW this is all wrong, we FEEL it within us – do not fight it anymore. Listen to your hearts and to your conscience,

    We know what it’s like to WATCH good people do nothing in the face of calamity. We are not LIKE THAT. We do NOT stand by and WATCH and remain silent – that is not who we are.

    NO JEW WOULD DO THIS. This is the bastardization of our ancestors memory, their plight and their struggle. We are allowing POISON into our hearts,and its numbed our humanity.

    Do not give in to the poisons my fellow Jews. WE are GOOD people, we will NOT stand by or remain silent any longer! That is not what WE do.

  • Living in a box

    Batman vs Superman is just a hype. Everyone knows, the film will sucks. And Israel is terrorist state. Stole Palestine land, and used U.S taxpayer money to killed civilians.

  • Mark

    @dharius: Thank you so much for saying this!At this point we need support from Jewish people to speak out against militant Zionist groups.It’s so hard to criticize Israel without being labeled as racist and anti-Semitic.It’s very important for the world to know there are Jewish people out there who are against Israel’s actions.

  • Bee

    He is Jewish, like Natalie Portman, Logan Lerman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Andrew Garfield, Mila Kunis, etc.

  • Sayer

    He looks like a child.

    He has no business in the Superman movie, certainly not as Lex Luthor. I wonder if he and Gal Gadot were cast because they’re both Jewish, and so are the executives, writers, directors of this franchise.

  • Dan

    I can’t believe there are so many warped thinking people on one website. Your all screwed up. Israel has had enough with the bombings and terrorism directed at them from gaza. Israel is Americas true ally in the region and conservative America will stand solid with them even if the repentetive liberalized American Jew will not. You are all an embarrassment to yourselves! And btw, when this guy nails the role of Lex Luthor like I know he’s going to, you dummy’s can eat your words and praise the man, like you knew what an excellent casting choice he was all along! Idiots.

  • dharius

    ^^^ Is why Israel thinks its beyond reproach.

  • dharius


    It’s not hard at all. Zionists are no more powerful than you are. They are just thugs and come at you in a group rather than one by one – and pay others to do the same. No Zionist has a real friend, there is always a catch. But on their own they are far weaker than we are when we are on our own. Zionism is NOT JUDAISM. We Jews do not need to buy contracts to make friends. Not every Jew is a Zionist and not every Jew is keen on holding back criticism anymore. Those that claim to be zionist are only doing so out of a pathological fear indoctrinated into their brains.

    Jews who do not follow Zionism are free people. We think and live among mankind – the way we ALWAYS have. We make real friends and real allies and even our enemies become our closest connections. THAT is what Judaism is.

    Judaism is everything that Israel is not.

  • jon m’shulla

    Well, I used to like him.

  • Tilikum

    @Nikki: so Palestinians kidnap and kill Israeli teenagers, but the Israelis are the bad guys for bombing the mosques where Hamas stores it’s ammo and weapons, while simultaneously dropping leaflets in Gaza to tell civilians to leave the areas about to be bombed? Got it.

  • dharius


    Palestinians had nothing to do with the kidnapping and killing of those teenagers its already been announced so by Netanyahu himself. While their deaths are our loss, the retaliation for their deaths by kidnapping a child and burning him alive and the IDF going on revenge missions all over the west bank- is inexcusable.

    We NEVER burn people. Much less burn people ALIVE. You understand why don’t you? That child was burned alive for a crime he never committed, against three people he never even met.


    Because he was Palestinian.

    You need to look into yourself and awaken your soul to the horror that I KNOW you would NEVER want to befall you. We cannot condone violence any longer.

    Violence is not who WE are. We are GOOD people, you know that. We cannot sit idle and silent, we know what that is like. To watch good people remain silent while horror is happening before them.

  • dharius


    Have you heard of Jewish Voice for Peace? I would check them out, nothing but Jewish people who not only break through the barriers of fear – but VISIT Palestinians to see the conflict for themselves. JVP is a GLOBAL movement of Rabbis and Jewish people from all walks of life, Orthodox to Liberal, from Israeli to American Jew. All with one goal – to free themselves by freeing Palestinians from Zionist tyranny and terror.

    You have never been alone. Maybe in a Hollywood perspective you have, but you will be surprised at how many in Hollywood support Jewish Voice for Peace and its branches.

  • Shirley

    Killing women and children….not lawful.

  • Anon

    can we please just talk about those cute curls

  • Bee

    Unlike Inglourious Basterds, Fury actually has a very impressive cast of Jewish actors playing soldiers (Jason Isaacs, Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal, and Cajun-Jewish mix Shia LaBeouf). They should have used this cast for that film.