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Nina Dobrev Gets Support from BFF Julianne Hough at 'Let's Be Cops' Premiere!

Nina Dobrev Gets Support from BFF Julianne Hough at 'Let's Be Cops' Premiere!

Nina Dobrev walks the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie Let’s Be Cops on Thursday evening (August 7) at the ArcLight in Hollywood.

The 25-year-old actress was joined at the premiere by her BFF Julianne Hough, who was there to show her support for her pal.

“#letsbecops premiere RIGHT NOW. #ladiesnight @riawnacapri @juleshough,” Nina tweeted while on the way to the event with Julianne and their pal Riawna Capri.

Make sure to check out Let’s Be Cops when it hits theaters on August 15!

FYI: Nina is wearing a Zuhair Murad dress, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and clutch, and Tiffany & Co. jewelry. Julianne is wearing a Sydney Evan necklace.

20+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough on the red carpet…

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nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 01
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 02
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 03
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 04
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 05
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 06
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 07
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 08
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 09
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 10
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 11
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 12
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 13
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 14
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 15
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 16
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 17
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 18
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 19
nina dobrev julianne hough lets be cops premiere 20

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  • derek

    I’m disappointed, I thought she would shirtless at the premiere like she is in the movie. I waited the whole night, what a bummer, just a short sleeveless dress, too much clothe.
    Come on Nina, I’ll watch the movie for the naked boobs, the movie was advertised with Nina’s titties and now in the premiere she covers them up? Not cool Nina, show your stuff, what else anyone would be interested.

  • assman

    does she show her titties in the movie?

  • shipperjunkie

    what happened to nina’s boobs? she had such a nice par and now it’s flat and withered, is that because she is not using a bra? It’s all fake, just like her eyelashes and golden hair extensions

  • delenasanarchy

    I hate julianne, this was supposed to be about Nina but Nina the star of the movie had to share the article with Julianne Nobody Hough.

  • delenaftdobrev

    the movie looks awful but at least nina will have work after tvd ends, she will be famous for accept show her breasts on camera for half pay, so there will be a lot of jobs like “this” for her when tvd ends. Paul Wesley is the only one that can act. Nina should date Paul. at least he would teach her some acting

  • pinksmans

    I’m so glad Nina is dating Julianne. She tried to cover it up pretending to date super gay Derek, but now no need to hide anymore, it’s a modern world. Nina could date some woman more beautiful because she looks too good for Julianne. And everybody talks how Julianne’s p*ssy smells awful but maybe nina just doesn’t go down on her.

  • felicitysmoak

    ew this kind of comedy that objectify women and put them in a place of brainless eyecandy that serves only to wipe tables or show her boobs is despicable. I know you wanna be a movie star nina but have some self respect

  • ipromisedelena Aneta

    No Nina not these shoes omg her shoes are always so ugly, you could do better baby girl

  • Anya thefictionalyst

    I’m so sad Ben McKenzie didn’t show up to see his girlfriend at her premiere. I know for a fact that Nina is dating him but she won’t tell because the fandom will hate her and she is too comfortable just watching Ian getting hate for moving on after she dumped him

  • ShipperJunkie

    ugly beatch

  • Vessy

    Nina please for the love of God get rid of this blond hair, it’s awful. I only say this because I love you, you look like a hooker like this

  • Ok

    Arrgghhhh shes so stunning love me sone nina

  • assman

    show your titties nina

  • Bell

    Sure she will get more movie roles once TVD ends.

  • verox87

    Nina is lovely like always..sorrry but I can’t stand Julianne..this little attention b****

  • Julianne

    I am sorry but Jules is one of the most loyal people going around. She is friend, and let me tell you nina has needed that. I hate how girls get picked apart and hell yes it is hot seeing 2friends support their girlfriends. I hate girls who cling to guys and can’t have girl time. You both are stunning girls. “Never ever forget the people who are ther for you when you are low”. Derek also is amazing, the whole family rocks. And you can’t get much hotter than Julianne either, anyone who says differently is a hater. And I hate haters.



  • Julianne

    All nina needs now is a steady hot boyfriend so the fandom can move on once and for all. But seriously I think even if she stays single that is also very hot. But just remember nina okay hard to get or you’ll be easy to forget. Let the guys chase and call u first. A strong beautiful woman is never desperate. By the way her friend and her look hot. Couple? I love hot girls together.



  • Vessy

    show your boobs nina, only way to make a movie. This one wouldn’ t be different

  • Ian

    I just wish she would be friendly with Ian. Mature people, who I am certain at one point in their lives loved each other, shared many memories and life events with each other, how can u both act like u hate each other. Someone be the bigger person, remember that you were friends before all this, and start going grown people who can be nice to each other. Friendship is all I am asking for, be the bigger people. Who knows what could happen tomorrow, you could die in an accident (touch wood this never happens) but I am using this extreme measure to say , being kind to each other after all you have been through must be somewhere deep down. So support each other’s present and encourage each other’s futures. Being there when you would rather be anywhere else.

  • jess

    Nina is amazig and you people are so invidios!

  • Ewww


  • Emma

    Fake eyelashes and extentions again, ugh and the make up is just horrible. Nina is just hideous these days. She can’t even dress classy for a Movie Premier. Boobs ahoi!! Oo

  • Sierra

    Nina looks absolutely stunning as always and Jules too. I love how Jules stayed loyal to Nina no matter what. Jules was there for Nina when she needed a friend the most and she still supports Nina the same way. I love their friendship and its rare in Hollywood whether you guys love it or not.

    @ pinksmans and Aneeeee
    Ever heard of a thing called friendship? Certainly not you poor sad souls.

    @other Ians stans
    Have you seen Ian new staged pap pics with Nicky? Bitch is getting bald and has already a wrnkled face. Worry about him. I will if I am his fan.

  • Cara

    Nina and Jules! You both look gorgeous and I hope Nina’s movie get good reviews.

  • Ian

    This is what baffles me, ian and Nina’s individual fan groups hate on the other person. Um hello, they are both on the same show, working for the same cast and crew, if you want the shoe to succeed stop spreading trash comments about them both.

  • Mausi

    UGLY Nina. I hate her. Selfish cow

  • Annie

    They both look gorgeous! Nice to see loyal friends.

  • SK

    I guess Nina told Julianne to get rid of her bf, so they could go party the rest of the summer.

  • Kendra

    Julianne’s legs are fantastic!

  • maa

    Nina looks stunning and all you jealous cows know it. Go take your aggression and self loathing out on someone who will actually cares enough to get you some therapy.

  • hellena


  • carla

    @derek: at least she has a movie……….WHAT THE ANOMALY???OOOPPSSSSS NO ONE SAW IT HAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • come one

    Nina at least can act, flop ian Nope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zoey

    Nina is the most arrogant Person I have ever met. Ya all are blind.

  • Pete

    Nina looks like a slut. Oops she is one! My bad.

  • victoria

    @Zoey: FLOP IAN IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heba

    stop hating nina if u don’t love her get out her news and stop follow her no one even watch the movie so what the hell u talk about…nina is amazing actress her acting is awesome or u forget about katherine,elena and amara 3 role in one scene who did that before?? who made the most powerful scene in tvd,,,and there’s something exiting in the world called friendship people dirty mind couldn’t understand this kind of relationships it’s all about dating and sex Go support ian with his new gf nikki who were hanging out as double date ian and nina nikki and her husband and now they dating ohh and she cheat on her friend nina btw she dated derek before ian poor ian

  • Amy

    Julianne appears for the Mormons to make money.

  • Kira


    nina is amazing actress her acting is awesome or u forget about katherine,elena and amara 3 role in one scene who did that before??

    The most recent i can think of is Tatiana Maslany who played up to nine characters – not sure if correct – in just two seasons. And also to mention, unlike Nina, she had to play more than four characters EACH episode in these two seasons. Whereas Nina only had to play bitchy vs. goody, which isn’t that hard to pull of. Neither did she had to make a foreign accent, be completely different in her movements,learn complete backstories etc. Please stop using the argument ‘she plays two/three characters’ because, does she have to play them each episode? No. Does she need to learn a foreign accent/whole backstory? No. And to add, it was getting harder to distinguish between Katherine and Elena because both were acted really similar by her. If it wasn’t the make up people who made them look different – it would’ve been very hard to distinguish of who is Elena and who is Katherine.
    Watch Orphan Black and then tell me about how good Nina is in playing different roles cause in my opinion, she isn’t that good as everyone praises her to be.

  • Nina

    She is very pretty, but I think she looked better when she had long straight black hair, that was definitely her sexiest since it brought out her ethnicity and showcased her features more. I am still hoping for us Bulgarians sake she will return to black hair.

  • Eating

    Is it just me or is nina a lot bigger these days? She needs to start working out more since the camera piles on at least 10pounds and she looks like she has gained at least that. She can still eat as much as she wants but yoga won’t help with getting fit, walking and the gym will. I wasn’t her to look her best in season 6. Just thinking of her.

  • Sierra


    No one has comapred Nina to Tatiana. Nina is awesome on her own too. Tattiana is great but how many actors can pull off multiple characters? Paul tried and failed. Let’s not talk about Ian who only knows to use his eyebrows in acting. Very few actirs can pull off multiple characters so convincingly. Nina manners, her voice, everything changes when she play these characters and she has even played various versions of Katherine and Elena. She is undoubtedly the best actor on TVD. I hope in future she could get more better roles to showcase her talent. No matter how much anyone tries to put her down, Nina got talent. Haters gonna hate!

  • Sana

    Sigh! I really thought when Ian will get a new gf, Ian stans will leave Nina alone and will fangirl about her. Looks like Nikki is not interesting enough for you guys.
    @Ian stans
    Stay bitter.

  • mimi (Brazil)

    The comments are the craziest I’ve ever seen. Julianne smell in the intimate …. Julianne’s gay …. I do not like Julianne so have fun with this comments. You guys are too

  • Eddie

    @mimi (Brazil): You stink from head to toe mimi (Brazil). I don’t like you. I had fun saying that.

  • Athea

    You can smell Nikki Reed from a mile away. Phew!

  • Sam

    Ian passed out from Nikki”s stench.

  • Frannie

    Nina’s stinky part is legendary.