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Matt Damon Does Ice Bucket Challenge Using Toilet Water!

Matt Damon Does Ice Bucket Challenge Using Toilet Water!

Matt Damon has completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but as the founder of, he made sure to do it with a little twist to try and conserve water.

“It posed kind of a problem for me,” the 43-year-old actor says in the video. “Not only because there is a drought here in California, but because I co-founded and we envision a day when everyone has access to a clean drink of water and there are about 800 million people in the world he don’t. So dumping a clean bucket of water on my head seemed a little crazy.”

Matt then explained that toilet water where he lives is cleaner than the drinking water many people in the world have access to, so he filled his bucket with water from toilets around his house.

Make sure to watch the video below and find out who Matt nominated for the challenge.

Matt Damon – Ice Bucket Challenge
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  • Cause

    Love him!!!! He’s the greatest!

  • Jason

    Great challenge! 2 causes at the same time!!!!

  • CJ

    Love… Love… LOVE you Matt

  • Kel

    Hope he flushed first.

  • Petino

    You gotta love this guy! Down to earth and genuine.

  • groundcontrol

    How does that help? It’s still wasting water unless he dumps it over his head while standing over the toilet.
    Okay he could stand over plants that need watering.

  • Band

    Good cause! great video!

  • shamrock7

    PERFECT!! 2 CAUSES and Matt leads the charge with his actions and words. That was well stated, and so true.

    Thank you Matt!!


  • Let’s do it for Cancer 2

    Ben Affleck nominated him for the Bucket challenge glad to see all three of Ben’s nominations ..done! Wonder what got Matt to do it! Glad to see him promote his the process wonder if he is going to have
    His benefit dinner in honor of Water.Org?

  • Ava

    Could he have suck up more of the fun from the challenge , what a bore.. As if he doesn’t take daily showers , why didn’t he say he skipped his shower that morning , make a joke about his wife sacrificing too for the challenge or how about he promised to not fill his massive pool for a year.

  • Sunny

    @Ava: You’re in a good mood today!

  • Mindy

    Matt Damon, you MUST stop being so AWESOME! I can’t concentrate on the rest of life. So cute, you can hear one of his girls giggling.

  • Maja

    That was cool… So, does that mean he doesn’t have a pool?

  • riri

    that doesn’t change anything, I LOVE HIM BUT, he still wasting water and it’s coming from the same pipes than the one we drink it’s just nastier ’cause it’s from where he poops

  • Wake up Wendy

    Seriously, Ava, anybody who could complain about my Matty -boo gloriously upholding three causes simultaneously while wearing his gorgeous smile AND a wet t-shirt needs help. It’s like the end of the rainbow! Not to mention, he is jacked.

  • Well, well, well

    Overpriviledged movie stars asking others to make more daily sacrifices while they’re living the dream in Beverly Hills. GMAFB. How about donating half of your income to those in need of water, food or a cure?

  • Lisa

    He’s adorable and all but who is he kidding? He’s still wasting water to please the internet. Why people need to see random celebs dump ice water on themselves in order to be generous and help a great cause?
    The satisfaction of having made a good deed and nice gesture should be more than enough… What a fùcked up world we live in.

  • Ren

    I love Matt Damon. He really walks the walk. For those who don’t know, Matt will be a principal speaker at the Clinton Global Initiative this fall. His has provided safe water for hundreds of thousands around the globe and is groundbreaking in it’s approach. Good on ya, mate!

  • Hello

    Matt Damon wins!!!

  • Cara

    I’d drink sweat from his armpits any day! Who needs clean water when you have ripped Matt around? #noshame

  • *puke*

    Ewwwwww-yo! Yuck! Pretty brave of him, however, with or without toilet water, I’d still hit that!

  • who’s the filthiest?

    Bath water, poop water and breast milk….. No thanks. Please, just give some cash so we can keep watching your movies without being repulsed by your poor personal hygiene.

  • Mick

    It’s really pretty mind blowing how much we take for granted. Thanks, Matt you’re a great actor and a noble soul.

  • allison

    Why didn’t he go to the beach and get some water out of the ocean add ice then pour over his head.

  • Foley

    He’s done it. Matt Damon just made toilet water sexy.

  • Rick

    The guy knows how to educate, advocate, and have fun at the same time. That’s what I’m talkin about!

  • puh

    enough already. Keep the ice for more private thingies now eheheh…

  • Ever

    @puh: why? wtf?

  • johnny

    Yikes, not out of the bowl, Matt, Out of the TANK!!!!

  • Jeremy

    Incorporates not one, not two, but three causes. Dude is legend.

  • vacay

    Matt is a dude. Who knows, maybe he’ll make toilet water popular.

  • Mince

    Gives new meaning to ‘Eau de toilette.’ Ok, that’s not my joke, but it’s so great I had to repeat it!

  • The Toilet perfume

    @Mince: hahha! priceless!!!!
    Eau de toilette à la Damon.


    Matt Damon has the most beautiful eyes!!!

  • Me

    Toilet water on his head?!! props to him. That’s humility! at least he’s not taking himself so seriously.

  • Mince

    @The Toilet perfume: I would definitely buy that! OK, Matt a new fundraising idea for Eau de toilette a la Damon!!

  • Niagirl

    Where did the ice come from? He poured the water over his head on to concrete instead of the lawn. I also but he took a shower afterwards. Geez, just write a check.

  • The Toilet perfume

    @Mince: He should!! He’s a fun guy and the is a fantastic idea! Very generous and thoughtful. People who care and help out are really good people. Those things can be life changing for those who receive it.

  • Cate

    This was awesome. Loved how the point he made and how he promoted both very important charities. Matt Damon is such a great guy.

  • BYE

    Matt looks like really good person to be around.