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Beyonce's Dad Calls the Elevator Incident a Ticket Selling Stunt

Beyonce's Dad Calls the Elevator Incident a Ticket Selling Stunt

Beyonce‘s father Mathew Knowles is claiming that his daughter’s incident in an elevator with hubby Jay Z and sister Solange Knowles was a “Jedi mind trick” to sell tour tickets.

The comment came when the music manager made an appearance on Houston’s Roula and Ryan Show.

“[They needed something to] ignite that tour. It’s called a Jedi mind trick. A Jedi mind trick fools you a lot of the time. [Snaps fingers] All I know is everyone is talking about it. Ticket sales went up, Solange‘s album sales went up 200 percent…” Mathew said.

Later in the clip, Mathew makes sure to remind us that he’s still the manager of Destiny’s Child, even though he is no longer Beyonce‘s manager. He even hints that a new album and reunion tour could be happening soon.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the comments made by Beyonce’s dad?

Beyonce’s Dad Calls the Elevator Incident a Ticket Selling Stunt
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  • James

    There’s something wrong with him. He want’s the attention.

  • guest

    HE DID NOT said that. Mathew said the elevator incident WAS NOT planned.
    But he thinks the marriage breakup was a Jedi mind trick. But he is wrong because, it is the media that started the break-up rumor NOT Jay and Bey.

    JJ you have to report the truth, and not twist things.

  • Jay

    I swear their estranged. Wow, continuing to live of his daughters name. No wonder none of the family are close to him.

  • Ava

    The elevator beat down was not a stunt, what’s the theory : unstable family prone to violence… The marriage rumours totally from their camp .. Make people forget about the elevator beat down .. Make them report on the tour., keep them in the news to sell tickets to a concert that did NOT have one sold out show… Beyonce spread the same rumours about being pregnant on her solo tour, even E news reported it as fact because someone from their inner circle confirmed it off the record Then pictures of her on your tour on every celebrity blog , tv show, free promotion . These people only care about MONEY, they’ll use the daughter , their marriage anything to promote themselves.

  • Mia

    Beyonce ‘s ghetto family worse the the Kardashians any day .. But even Kanye & Kim wouldn’t bring their baby to a trashy awards show and parade their poor kid in front of millions of people to play the happy family.

  • Jay

    @Mia stop calling celebrities of colour Ghetto. They had a middle class upbringing. The casual racism pisses me off.

  • mmm.. hmmm

    @Mia: At least BEYONCE didn’t get famous from being on her BACK and KNEES. .The Kardashians are like Trailer park WHITE TRASH.

  • Jay

    @mmm.. hmmm I suspect your @mia. But hey who really cares. Stop with this racist shit. Firstly the Kardashians aren’t white they are Armenian. If you have to stoop to insulting someone based on their race, you’ve got nothing, which is silly because there is a lot you could go after with the Kardashians.

  • VH1access Blog

    Why would a couple like them stage a fight to bring up ticket sales? This is Beyonce and Jay-Z we are talking about.

  • Jay

    @VH1access Blog He never actually said they did. Also he doesn’t pretend to know what they are doing, they asked him aha he ‘thought’ not what happened. He has to look after himself, keep interest in him alive. It’s sad.

  • chanel

    @Mia: #5

    Beyonce was not raised in the ghetto. Her father worked as an Engineer before he began to manage Destiny’s Child. Her mother owned a hair salon, and worked as a seamstress and designer.

  • guest

    @Jay: #8

    The Kardashians/Jenners ARE white, and ARE white trash who got where they are because of a s e x tape.
    Armenians ARE Caucasian. Also, Kris is not Armenian.
    The only ones who are HALF Armenian are Kourtney, Kim and Rob.
    But as I said, Armenians ARE Caucasian.

  • guest 2

    @Mia: #5

    Beyonce got where she is today by working her butt off, she is ultra talented.
    The Kardashians got where they are by Kim laying on her back having s*x on tape.
    And also, the Knowles children were raised in a middle class family.

  • guest 2

    @Mia: #5

    Upper middle-class.

  • becky

    @guest: not all Americans are caucasian. American is a nationality not a race

  • wooly

    Thanks Dad for confirming what a low class trashy ho your daughter is, but we already knew it was a stunt, there is no one in the world more fake than Fakeyonce.

  • koko ma

    yes the elevator was stageed to sell tickets
    let me explain why so all YOU AIR HEADS CAN HUSH UP DREAMING IT WAS REAL
    1. the ticket sales were low no one wanted to see them on stage together
    2. jay z use to be a hustler so he will do any trick to get what he wants
    3. beyonce is not speaking to her dad but solange told him bout the stage fight so she could kick off her career too
    4. no one was ever arrested for thieft of these so called tapes from the hotel security camera that is grand thieft that equipment is worth milion
    5. tmz said they didnt buy no video it was bought to them by messenger
    6. jayz threat the hotel to expose them as clumsey if they didnt give him the tapes that he knew would exist ..
    7. they paid someone to come up with that idea as a jedi effect as matherw said
    8. the divorce rumors were done after the elevator fight didnt not work so well people wre angry at solange and embarrassed for jayz they changed gear and bought out a divorce rumor PERFECT TIMING
    9. SOLANGE would have been locked up for assault then jayz would have to drop charges .. .fighting in a public elevator is grounds for arrest ..
    10.. no person who sold the tapes was ever produced and you tmz would have had names of all involved so would the polcie there was no police invovlment cause the hotel covered to to make sure not to loose future quest …. people would not come there if they knew it was a breech of security the problem is . ALL CELEBRITIES KNOW BOUT THE JEDI TRICK LIKE MATHEW DO AND NON OF THEM WILL SAY ANYTHING CAUSE THEY TOO HAVE USED IT TO GET ATTENTION ….

    MATHEW IS NOT LIEING .. BUT HE SHOULD NOT HAVE REVEALED IT CAUSE NOW FANS OF ALL THESE FAKE STARS GONNA START PAYING ATTENTION … i been knowing the fake a lot of stuck like porsha and kenya fight awas staged and fake .. .but it got the show another season when they were closing down due to low rating .. and porsha got a new job on the dish nation … nene is back another season … so they all know bout this jedi trick ….and they all do it form time ot itme to keep the gossip going gossip is money .. THAT IS WHY KIM IS SO RICH SHE AND KANYE STABED THAT FIGHT WITH THAT MAN … they paid him to do this and then go to court the whole 9 yards was staged ,, remember he was suppose to have called kim a whore and kanye come running from no where ..> duhhhh how was that kanye was on the spot but not in the bldg .? huh
    so beyonce and jayx is about over .. the better look happy boy htey sure know how to fake it when the heat is on . NOW LOOK AT THEM ALL OVER THE PLACE TRYING TO SHOW HAPPENESS AFTER PUT OUT FAKE RUMOR OF DIVORCING .. .THEY NEVER SAID THEY WERE DIVORCING their managers and family started the rumor and it took the spot light off the elevaotr SO YALL ARE BEING PLAYED LIKE PUPPETTS WHILE THEY LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK