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Apple Investigating iCloud Link to Celebrity Nude Photo Scandal

Apple Investigating iCloud Link to Celebrity Nude Photo Scandal

Apple has announced that the company is “actively investigating” if there is a link between iCloud and the leak of many celebrities’ private nude photos.

“We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report,” a spokesperson for Apple told Bloomberg.

While no other details were provided, it has been confirmed that Apple has already fixed a bug in the “Find My iPhone” app that may have given the hackers access to the accounts of these celebrities.

Several celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence have responded to the leak already and Kirsten Dunst even took a jab at Apple in her simple tweet.

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  • Ri

    I don’t get y this is such a big deal… People have nudes “leak” all the time. If u don’t want nudes to leak then don’t take nudes. Simple.

  • 2014

    kirsten dunst is a has been.

  • leila

    you gotta be kidding? When REAL people have issues with apple, the company does not care at all to help their costumers, but god forbid poor little jennifer lawrence gets her nude leaked and suddenly Apple comes to the rescue.

  • white women

    Rip our dignity. Now everyone knows were vain and petty too.

  • yep

    @leila: I agree. The world doesn’t revolve around J-Law, although her moronic fans think so.

  • Corn beef

    celebs have it easy

  • Joey


    What are you talking about its all the celebs some 100 of them, there are way more then just Jennifer dont let your jealousy show.

    Also understand that what has happened to these celebs will most likely create a class-action lawsuit against apple to help us non celebrities to get these problems fixed and even some monetary gain if taken all the way. Sucks these ladies were exposed but its great for us common people to make things better for us as well.

  • Julia

    @Ri: And if you don’t want to be robbed, don’t buy anything.

  • analu

    @Ri: It’s a question of privacy and the right to have one. Everybody should be able to take as many pics as one want. To say “Don’t tale them” is a form of victim shaming. Similiar to “Women shouldn’t wear sexy dresses and flirt if they don’t want to get raped.”

  • DS

    It’s only a big deal because these people are celebrities and there made to fill like their more important than us commen folks.And this could or could not make or break their careers.

  • Alaia

    @2014: She is hardly a has been. Didn’t she win Best Actress at Cannes three years ago?

  • Eli

    @Ri: No!, ’cause is his own private life! these photos don’t have to be in the internet. They do whatever they want in his own life. We don’t have to judge. Also those pics are in private, the celebrities don’t published the pic, some stupid hacker did that.

  • ?

    I never realized how hated celebs were till now. I’ve seen people applauding the hacker and persecuting the women. What the hell is wrong with the world.

  • ?

    Good analogy.

  • liz

    i don’t feel sympathy for them because i myself have never taken any nude photos, i think that’s such a vain and conceited thing to do. how awkward to take all your clothes off and try to be sexy in front of a camera. there’s a word for that–pornography. and i don’t know why people try to argue that it’s not porno if it’s for their boyfriend. you can be sexy for your man in TONS of other ways.

  • analu

    @liz: AND you can choose to take pictures. Thank God we can all decide for ourselves. Your opinion is only your opinion… a bit narrow minded and prudish but hey, it’s your thing.

  • Fercat

    Remember Anthony Weiner? How was he treated when his dirty laundry got aired?

  • Jennifer

    The photo with the curler is just disgusting.

  • liz

    @Ri: i agree, as ridiculous as it is that there are hackers out there who are so desperate to get some dirt on celebrities… the celebs are not completely innocent. BUT who really cares at the end of the day, it’s just nudes. it’s not the end of the world

  • nicole

    @analu: People should be able to do what ever the hell they want. Whatever floats your boat. But if it DOES go wrong, you need to take responsibility for your actions. Don’t bîtch and complain or blaming others.

  • mpo3


    That was Bar Refaeli with the curling iron…. Leo DiCaprio’s old model girlfriend.

  • Babs

    @liz: #15

    i don’t feel sympathy for them because i myself have never taken any nude photos, i think that’s such a vain and conceited thing to do. how awkward to take all your clothes off and try to be sexy in front of a camera. there’s a word for that–pornography. and i don’t know why people try to argue that it’s not porno if it’s for their boyfriend. you can be sexy for your man in TONS of other ways.
    Thank you. Bears repeating.

  • Babs

    @Fercat: #17

    Remember Anthony Weiner? How was he treated when his dirty laundry got aired?
    Exactly. There’s a double standard.

  • guest

    Narcissistic b*tches need to keep their clothes on. Taking nude photos to admire themselves every time they turn on their phones.
    They got what they deserved.

  • analu

    @nicole: They were hacked. I don’t get the hate these women have to face now. This is question of privacy in our digital times… is it because I’m European and another definition of privacy because of that? Celebs have the same rights. And now someone broke the law. Simple as that. Why shame the victims? Really… I don’t get it!

  • kie

    Why are y’all idiots blaming these women ? That man hacked into their private phones , which is a crime!! This wasn’t a leak or someone who they shared these pictures with leaking them to the tabloids. Is that hard for y’all to comprehend ? Also, there was an issue of complaints about the security of the cloud and apple brushed it off and then this happened that’s why they are releasing a statement on it . I swear some off y’all don’t have functioning lives outside of celebities

  • Cate

    @leila: Seriously. You know if this had happened lots of non-famous women Apple would not give a damn.

  • Ri

    Naked pics of Calum Hood from the band 5 Seconds of Summer were leaked last week but no one was questioning privacy. Now that a women JLaw has had pictures leaked everyone is making a big deal of her privacy being violated… There is obviously a double standard. I know people will say that Jennifer didn’t send the pictures to anyone, but I doubt any person has nude pics of themselves without the intention of sending those pictures to someone they are intimate with.

  • Jacob


    Can people comprehend it was over 100 celebrity women who were hacked, that is a big deal and everyone has the right to question privacy in the digital times when over 100 celebs are hacked by the same guy/group. I understand Jennifer is the biggest celebrity but please remember its over 100 them and not just her.

  • Ri

    @Jacob: did all 100 women have naked pics of themselves on their phone? do all women have naked pic of themselves? i don’t but maybe i should… i feel left out.

  • French

    I blame Gwyneth Paltrow for this…. and of course Steve Jobs too for inventing the iphone.
    Joke apart, i really hope all those young, famous and hopefully rich women will sue Apple TOGETHER, at least in order to investigate their responsability – they must take some somewhere because IMO, they trusted the company to keep their data private, so Apple is just like a bank and icloud is supposed to be secured, even against “modern” robbery- especially if the leaks could have desastrous consequences on your life&career: someone must pay you back for the prejudice

  • French

    To sum up: MAKE THEM(APPLE) PAY SISTERS- A LOT!!!(They are reaaallly rich right now: look at the NASDAQ..)

  • nono

    I think it’s disgusting I mean they’re humans they aren’t ours even if we can saw them in the cinema or in our tv.and it’s revolting to see the people reaction who accused and insults celebrities who are here victims and others who are exited.
    and I think it all come from our world I mean now a days we have sex everywhere it’s so easy now to see sexual think that why people have this reaction, I mean the Biggest movie attended in 2015 is a big sexual and erotic movie and everybody think it’s normal I mean every 6 minutes they’re is a rape in the world or a woman is beaten and in this movie the bad man become a seducer , a poor guy . I don’t say it’s gonna be bad but it’s shows how the world moving . Now young girl tweaking or wear really short shorts , skirts , dress and tops trying to look like their favorites celebrities who aren’t a very good examples.
    I am not here to blame celebrities but to express My opinion it’s a free world… In a way.

  • plunky
  • sky

    I get why J-Law is pissed, the photo’s were not exactly flattering, hers were kind of disgusting.

  • reality

    Personally I don’t blame the celebrities but it does make me wonder, would the public + celebs make a big deal if the pictures had been of them fully clothed? I find the obsession with female nudity to be more disturbing. A naked body is just a naked body and people should stop being so shocked. Yes it was an invasion of privacy, but nudity shouldn’t be taken so seriously, especially adult nudity. I actually find the reactions to nudity much more disturbing than the event itself. If these celebs are so disturbed of being seen naked, than why take the risk of immortalizing it in pictures, it doesn’t make sense.
    In a weird way they are lying to themselves and the public by keeping what they perceive is a “good girl image” as if a naked body is something to be ashamed of. Take and actress like Rooney Mara (just an example) she’s nude in some films, yet no pictures of her have been hacked, you know why because she probably has no need to take naked pictures of herself since she is comfortable with who she is. Now take someone like Kate Upton who just last week was all like ” I’ll never do nudity” because she obviously feels like “nudity” is not a good thing, yet obviously spends lots of time doing exactly that. If anything I think they are pissed that their hypocrisy has been exposed.
    BTW I am against the invasion of all peoples privacy, celebrity or not, but I noticed that this issue isn’t even about the invasion of privacy; the fans of high profile actress like Jennifer Lawrence seem to be the most pissed off, as if this is something personal to them and it’s quite frightening how involved fans get involved with celebrities lives. They think that someone put a gun to Jennifer Lawrence head and made her take her clothes off, but in reality this is something she did herself and that’s her problem. The fans are angry because they had this image of her in their heads and this hacking “scandal” broke that image. Meanwhile she had a lot to do with creating that image too, wanting to be a “perfect” “good girl” and according to popular belief good girls don’t take their clothes off,,,whatever.
    I also find it weird how so many have jumped on this defending bandwagon like they are going to get a metal or something yet these are the same people who I’ve never seen supporting vulnerable real life women and girls who have actual problems. But oh no a celebrity has been wronged, let’s call a meeting of the internet police to save the reputation of these celebs. I’m not saying celebrities don’t have problems, I’m sure they do but let’s not make this something it’s not and focus on real life problems not some stupid pictures of someones tatas and butts.

  • Sam

    @?: These actresses all have low IQs and big egos.

  • emily

    some of the comments on here are hilarious – there is so much bitterness towards some of these girls.

    why shouldn’t they be able to take pictures of themselves? they probably work out & are proud of their bodies. actresses work on sets far away from their partners & so why shouldn’t they be able to send photos to them as a way of communication. & isn’t it nice that they have partners that may appreciate their bodies?

    i personally don’t take these photos but i do not condemn the people that do. the haters on here obviously have self esteem issues. calling it “pornography” is ridiculous – these pictures were taken in private not to be sold or stared at by members of the public.

  • GotG

    I wouldn’t blame the celebs if they kept their phones updated and secure, this sounds more like the carrier was at fault.

  • ohyeah

    It would also help if there wasn’t such a perverse view of the naked female body. The female body is beautiful and not just meant for sex and men’s enjoyment so it shouldn’t be sexualized.
    There should be a women’s naked march, women of all ages, to take away the shame associated with the female form.
    The public’s creepy ownership of the female naked body is to blame. There shouldn’t be shame associated with female nudity. Just because a girl is naked doesn’t mean she’s a slut, it is often quite the opposite. There is something wrong with a society who thinks a naked woman is automatically slutty, whorish and easy. This is not true and that kind of thinking is damaging to everyone.

  • GotG

    sure, but they have naked calenders for that sort of thing, like firemen or ladies at the bridge club.

  • Josh CLG

    OMG the nude photos are taking over the internet XD :

  • Jules
  • Dave

    Ok, this is simple, I even tell my neices, their friends, and pretty much every woman I know this, the internet is a free world with very little boudaries, cell phones, kindles, ipad, etc, they are all easily corruptable, if you don’t want your crap flappin in the wind, don’t do it. If you do, secure it to a device that isn’t a minor level hackers dream. Also, and this goes for not just the women but men as well, Welcome to the Internet. I don’t agree with what happened but it takes 2 people to make this wrong or right, the hacker is only as guilty as the photo itself.