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Brad Pitt Covers 'British GQ,' Talks Marriage, Happiness, & His Pal George Clooney!

Brad Pitt Covers 'British GQ,' Talks Marriage, Happiness, & His Pal George Clooney!

Brad Pitt gets his close up with all his sexy scruff on the cover of British GQ‘s November 2014 issue, on newsstands October 2.

Here’s what the 50-year-old Fury actor had to share with the mag:

On his marriage to Angelina Jolie: “I wouldn’t say [marriage is] just a title. There’s more to it than that.”

On George Clooney calling him “unreachable”: “Well, you know, George is extremely accessible. He’s one of our best representatives. He’s funny as shit. He’s a joy to be around. I guess maybe I’m more of a miserable bastard. [laughs]. I’m a bit of a loner you know? I’m more quiet by nature. And coming from, you know, hillbilly country, I’m probably more reserved.”

On happiness: “I’ve always believed happiness is overrated, you know? It’s those difficult times that inform the next wonderful time, and it’s a series of trade-offs, of events, of wins and losses.”

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  • GQ Preview

    Meet GQ’s November cover star, Brad Pitt
    Like all superstars, Brad Pitt has taken his hits: from the press, from the studios and, while making his latest film, Fury, even fellow actors took a swing. And now, as GQ’s latest cover star, he’s breaking cover. In our exclusive and candid interview, the actor talks family life past and present, the perils of living in a tank for four months and the power of the word ‘no’.
    Here, see an exclusive preview of Brad Pitt’s cover shoot along with some choice quotes from our interview – and be sure to pick up the issue to read it in full this coming Thursday.
    On marriage
    “I wouldn’t say [marriage is] just a title. There’s more to it than that.”
    On what he thinks his friend George Clooney meant when he recently called Pitt “unreachable”
    “Well, you know, George is extremely accessible. He’s one of our best representatives. He’s funny as ****. He’s a joy to be around. I guess maybe I’m more of a miserable *******. [laughs]. I’m a bit of a loner you know? I’m more quiet by nature. And coming from, you know, hillbilly country, I’m probably more reserved.”
    On choosing work
    “I’m actually very snobbish about directors. I have to say no all the time. ‘No’ is the most powerful word in our business. You’ve got to protect yourself… To leave home, it’s got to be worth leaving. It’s got to be worth it.”
    On Shia LaBeouf and his commitment to acting
    “Oh, I love this boy. He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever seen. He’s full-on commitment, man. He’s living it like no one else, let me tell you. I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of great actors. He’s one of the best I’ve seen.”
    On how Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf almost came to blows on set (for Fury) with fellow actor Scott Eastwood, when he spat tobacco on the tank they were all in
    “We were driving down the road, I’m in the turret, Shia is at the other turret, and Scott is on the back, spitting juice. And I’m starting to get pissed off, I’m starting to get hot, because this is our home, he’s disrespecting our home, you know? So I said, in the scene with the cameras rolling, ‘You’re going to clean that **** up.’ Shia clocks it, and you have to understand, we’ve been through severe boot camp already, we’ve been through a lot in this tank. Shia saw it and felt the same – he’s disrespecting our home. So Shia had the same reaction I did and started having some words… then I had to get in after the cameras were rolling and explain it to Scotty, you know… The funny thing is, when we got home at the end of the day and read the script, it said Scotty’s character is ‘chewing tobacco and spitting it on the back of the tank’. He was just doing as instructed in the script! So we were the ***** in the end…”
    On purposefully slowing down his acting career
    “I’ve been slowing down for a while now. And slowly transitioning to other things. And, truthfully, I do want to spend more time with my kids before they’re grown up and gone.”
    On considering a TV role
    “They’re doing great stuff on television. And we [Plan B] have a few television ideas ourselves. So yes, I’d love to do one.”
    On not being on Twitter
    “Listen, I see a benefit in it. You could, you know, combat the misconceptions of the misquotes immediately. And if I’d have had that in my younger days, I’d have used it… because I felt quite used, and completely misunderstood, and misread, and not given the benefit of the doubt. You know, I felt that a lot in my first years. I would have brought some logic to the table, and brought it immediately. But now, at this point, I don’t want to bother with it.”
    On whether he’s happy
    “I’ve always believed happiness is overrated, you know? It’s those difficult times that inform the next wonderful time, and it’s a series of trade-offs, of events, of wins and losses.”
    GQ’s November issue goes on sale in print and as a digital edition that you can download for your iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire or Android device this Thursday (2 October).

  • awwwww


  • beautiful

    Brad is a very deep person, quite a philosopher.

  • groundcontrol

    Oh wow! just WOW! He is beautiful.

  • Elle

    Boeing cover, boring interview, boring man. Angelina’s elle interview and cover were better. His wedding issue didn’t sell well and I doubt gq will do better.

  • groundcontrol

    Brad is too self deprecating. Has anyone ever heard anyone say anything except that Brad is a joy to be around? No. Never.
    He is sweetly protective of both Shia and Scott. And funny at the same time.

  • Elle

    @beautiful: you must’ve been paid to say that. Lol

  • CK

    Brad is still the hottest man alive.

  • Interesting

    @groundcontrol: of course they’re his fellow actors and he obvs feels like he is in some sort of super cool club and George prob really does think he’s the leader of said club.
    How sad that he is not as protective of his children or wife. His children’s happiness is overrated and when Angelina said “my children are my happiness.” Brad thinks happiness with his children is Hahhahahhaah. How humiliating for his wife and kids.

  • oh boy

    If Brad shaved his beard, he could look 30 years old, but Brad loves beard. damn he looks great.

  • Royalty


  • Unhappy

    On happiness: “I’ve always believed happiness is overrated, you know? I’m more of a miserable bastard. I wouldn’t say [marriage is] just a title. There’s more to it than that.”
    Poor Brad. He is unhappily married.

  • Lily

    Brad ages wonderfully and beautifully.

  • Rose from Temecula

    So good looking, just the perfect match to beautiful Dame Angie.

  • Interesting

    He sounds like a fool and makes no sense when he’s trying to be ~deep~. The marijaua and booze killed too many brain cells in this one. I feel embarrassed for Angelina to be married to him. What a humiliation to her and the kids.

  • Interesting

    @Rose from Temecula: he looks like billy Ray cyrus in this photo.

  • a fan

    Brad will always be hot.

  • reeven

    Love u Brad!

  • Sugar

    Brad looks so hot in this pic. He is really aging well.

  • Brad Loves His Angie


    Brad has said the same thing in previous interviews.

    Angelina told People that marriage made her more contented.

    You might want to wait FF resident to carp and snark until the whole interview is out next Thursday LOL.

    Oh but you can’t wait can you LOL

  • rrrrrr

    He doesn’t look very intelligent, does he? LOL

  • just saying

    There are two pics on GQ site. The other one is even hotter. I hope there are more pics in the magazine.

  • not interesting

    his endless lies

  • Lol

    Brad’s interview makes trolls really mad. Love it. Lol.

  • flop fury

    work hard,brad you are a loser

  • Cute Video

    Awe, such a cute video of Brad winning a golden globe and thanking “the love of all my life, my angel….”

  • kathy

    Brad looks hotter than Channing Tatum who is only 34.

  • Interesting

    @Brad Loves His Angie: this interview is from before the wedding………. don’t bother waiting too long for the complimenting Jolie + children quotes …….no this one is all about humiliating and insulting his family. Lolololol
    The truth is he actually thinks he sounds deep , he doesn’t realise he makes no sense and it’s humiliating for his family to have people think happiness with them is overrated according to their husband and daddy. Bwhahahahah what a complete and utter tool.

  • Interesting

    @kathy: he looks exactly like billy Ray Cyrus , dude. You might actually have a chance with Billy ray if you’re at the right place at the right time. Lolololololol just pretend he’s Brad Pitt.

  • Jean Black

    @Cute Video:

    brad was very immature. so Gwyneth dumped brad.

  • lucy

    What Brad says about happiness is so true, no one is happy all day, every day, you’d be in the looney bin with the FF’ers if you felt that way, it’s not normal. It’s the hard times, the difficulties we, as humans, go through, that makes up appreciate the “happy” times. I believe this is especially true once you’re a parent, one minute you’re bursting with happiness just watching them play or have fun, a little while later you could be worried sick because one has a slight fever, or they’ve gone off to school and you’re not right there to insure their safety. I understand what Brad is saying, and no one could be happier with the man they married or their children, than I am, but I totally get that happiness is overrated, or what I’m interpreting him to mean by that statement.

  • Lol

    Brad will always say the same about happiness. If trolls are unhappy about it, they gonna be unhappy for the rest of trolls’ lives. Lol.

  • Interesting

    @Lol: happiness with Ange + kids is overrated. – Brad Pitt
    As many times as he says this is the amount of times I’ll point out how humiliating it is for his wife and children.


    Love him. Angelina too. But I love him more.

  • lulu

    At 50 , Brad still look good ! No one can compete with him at this department .

  • groundcontrol

    Wisdom reveals itself over time. Brad pays attention to life and his wisdom proves it.
    We must be getting old – we get it. ;)

  • Interesting

    @groundcontrol: you prob are old but that’s not why you “get it” you get it because you’re a die hard Brad Pitt /Brangelina fan who will make a million excuses for why Brad likes for the world to know that happiness with his family is overrated. It’s rude, mean, and humiliating especially after the way Angelina carefully crafted an image for Brad through her interviews as a thoughtful caring wonderful father. He couldn’t care less. Lolololololol

  • trt

    You sound like the bitter betty who was never in the running to be his girlfriend so the kvetching is an endless litany at the man.
    Shake off that delusion that you could have been a contender. Get help.
    In other news. Brad looks good. A little bit of Russell Crowey but this was when RC looked better in his heyday. Brad still has that pull and will have it till he’s in his eighties.
    Trolls are sadly trying to misread his words. Reading comprehension, my azz. They are really trying to twist the words so as not to mention the love of his life, his wife. Still hurting…as if they were the ones Brad divorced.

  • SMDH

    I’m not understanding this Interesting poster, they have made around 20 post since excerpts of this interview. Who does that regarding someone they don’t care for? That’s is some stalkering ish that’s going on. Who waits with baited breath for an interview with BP and then comes up with the most delusional comments. Man these people need help. My question is do she or he have a man or woman in their life because goodness they need to take that frustration up with them then going of on an tangent about someone they don’t know personally.

  • Angie’s Wisdom

    Angie’s comment to People in the wedding issue when asked about whether marriage feels different and she said “not different just very content”.

    Such a wise woman!!!!! 10+ years and counting in a successful loving coupledom and family.

    Brad looks hot here and the other pic on GQ UK is even hotter. Angie is one lucky woman.

  • geez

    Do we have to explain to trolls every time Brad makes this comment? Because this isn’t the first time Brad makes this comment. Trolls have short term memory or they are just dumb.

  • jeanie

    @lucy: #31

    Well said, girl. You nailed it.

  • Jen the Hag


    I think that INTERESTING POSTER = the troll bap
    She can’t help herself she hated Brad Pitt ..lmaoooo!!!

    that loser poster been going on and on about Brad Pitt being a bad father as if she live with the JP’s when in fact she got that from FF posters and reading tabloid magazine.!!

  • lucy

    The trolls just get more stupid by the minute. Twisting every word Brad or Angie says to fit their agenda, whatever insanity that might be. The fact that Brad loves his wife and children is devastating them. Well trolls, get used to it, Brad and Angie are in it for the long haul, they’re a team, they have each other’s backs, that’s what being in a successful relationship or marriage is all about. And, it has absolutely nothing to do with age.(That for the imbecile that doesn’t “get” anything. lol)

  • interesting bap

    pls accept my apologies for being such a fool. Cant help myself.
    No meds work, no friends left, no family so i am just miserable.
    I have never meant anything I say about Brad , just so angry that my own life is so messed up. so sorry.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Does that surprise you? Same poster with multiple monikers.

  • zenith

    Brad is so beautiful, and his hair, he has gorgeous hair too. He is perfection. and I agree with Brad on happiness only trolls can’t get it. then again, trolls never get anything related Brad and Angie.

  • Bradley

    Brad clarified the concepts of lies and cheating.
    Also, he made important contributions to the fight of POOR JEN VS. SATAN ANGIE.

  • Interesting

    @SMDH: first of all. It’s bed time where I’m at and I’m in bed posting before I fall asleep…. It’s what I do before sleep. Lobloll who said I didn’t care for them? I am a fan Of Angelina and i do get perturbed when Brad makes these rude comments about his family especially when Angelina is never anything but complimenting to Brad. I am embarrassed for her that she is married to someone that says happiness with her and her beloved children is overrated. Even if that’s true why spread it out to the world? It’s just rude and he seems very ungrateful for the family she gave him. His interview always come off as try hard -like he wants to come off as deep but he’s really an idiot. That person was right Angelina Elle interview was deeper witout her even trying to sound deep
    And she didn’t insult him once.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Let the trolls rant. This is not the 1st time. We’ve been dealing with this shiz for how many years now. Should we be surprised? Let the trolls rant and scream their @sses off. The more they hate on Brad & Angie that means the more they are angry at Brad & Angie for still being together and happy. Let them scream. I love it when they talk shiz. This means they are better and jealous of how happy the JP are.