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Brad Pitt Missed George Clooney's Wedding Because of Work

Brad Pitt Missed George Clooney's Wedding Because of Work

Brad Pitt reportedly had to miss his good friend George Clooney‘s wedding this weekend due to the filming schedule for his upcoming movie By the Sea.

The 50-year-old actor and his wife Angelina Jolie were invited to the event, but they were in Malta for their professional obligations, according to Yahoo.

While he couldn’t attend the wedding, Brad did have great things to say about his buddy in the new issue of British GQ.

“Well, you know, George is extremely accessible. He’s one of our best representatives. He’s funny as sh-t. He’s a joy to be around,” Brad said.

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  • wow

    They had to find out why Brad and Angie didn’t attend George’s wedding. The power of Jolie Pitt.

  • Happiness comesinsmallpackages

    My 4 babies are gone. I better finish picking up the toys they missed hidden under couches and cars in my bed. We all slept in the king size bed, what fun it was. I got kicked a few times and did wear them out playing

  • Happiness comesinsmallpackages

    I don’t want to see looney Clooney yuk

  • Dawne

    So the wedding is more about why the JP’s didn’t attend than the nuptials themselves? The media will do ANYTHING to be able to insert Brad and Angie into anything ensuring there is more interest. No one seemed to care that Porgie wasn’t at the JP wedding………..cause he’s not that important………… there ya go, trolls, the JP’s ride again.

  • Happiness comesinsmallpackages

    I can’t believe these fans are jealous and got angry when I said I had four grandbabies at They don’t know I had 4 kids in 4 years. I meant business!

  • Happiness comesinsmallpackages

    Time to go sweep up crumbs. They wore me out this weekend. <3<3<3<3.

  • Dame the ring

    the king of hollywood and pitty fury flop

  • teri

    Love the Jolie Pitt family. Couldn’t care less about clooney wedding.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    I don’t know why the media think they are the best of friends. George even said they are not. None of the Ocean stars went except Matt.That’s because he has no filming schedule conflict.

  • michaela

    They have good sense and enough class not to attend, not to overshadow his big day. Notice they other A listers also stayed away. They know the paps. Let the bride and groom have their own day unfettered by famous friends. You can be sure they will celebrate with them later.

  • 2005 all over again


  • Broker Record Ring

    @Dame the ring:

    Thank you. Hey, Cake has a distributor yet…hehehehehehehehe!!!

  • deadend old manny

    No statement confirming fat tick was invited- ha!! FAT tick old manny planted all those stories over & over for months for nothing- karma, baby!

  • Broken Record Ring

    Thank you. Hey, Cake has a distributor yet…hehehehehehehehe!!!

  • jmho

    you know if Brad really intended to attend George’s wedding, he could make an arrangement on his schedule so that he could go, apparently Brad didn’t care George that much.

  • Brad is an Ubangi Brain

    bradley got married before georgey boy did so they are BOTH straight. nanananananananaaaaaaa

  • Passing Through

    # 226 Media Wh@re MANiston @ 09/29/2014 at 12:40 pm
    Cake found a distributor yet? LMAO!!!!
    Ok, smarty pants, just so you know there are currently 3 bidders – Hostess, Little Debbie and Tasty Kakes. Buddy Valastro passed. He said he doesn’t use artificial fillers.

  • Lurker

    Jared is basing this post on a B.S. Yahoo story that can only confirm that they’re in Malta working. There’s no confirmation that there was an invite. No source is mentioned. No “rep” statement of fact. Only the author guesstimating that Brad would have been invited.

    There was no invite. George is building his and his wife’s stature, import and legacy on his and Amal’s combined fabulousness. Cary a Grant & Jackie O, revisited.

  • Wonderbust

    @Broken Record Ring:
    Kate Winslet’s movie which also bombed with reviews is being picked up by Focus Features. A great distributor and the same one that distributed Dallas Buyers Club. Its being released in March but at least it received a competent disturber.

  • tweet

    looks like GQ UK magazine is out already in UK.

    Alec Price ‏@AlecFPrice now

    Going to enjoy digging into this tonight @BritishGQ #BradPitt #FuryMovie

  • Wonderbust

    Ain’t it funny how the trolls and fatfcks been going on about how Clooney is classy and wouldn’t sell his pictures to people and only classy Vogue. If Lainey is correct the pics are going to People and Hello because Vogue couldn’t afford them. Now what will the jealous trolls say. Is George still private. is People magazine still a dlister mag?

  • Calliope

    Brad and Angelina are both involved in making the movie, not just as actors. If they shut down the production to take two days off to go to a wedding, they are making a decision that affects other people’s lives. People on the movie crew stop work, maybe lose pay, and it costs the production many thousands of dollars of their budget. I am sure that George and Amal understood that.

  • Oh please

    Please! They didn’t get invited. Why act like everyone wants to be around them. George even said they weren’t good friend. End of story. No good guy or bad guy.

  • Anon2

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie….the coolest, wisest, and loveliest. And they are funny too whether they realize it, Brad can throw subtle shade, I like it.

    So did ‘Cake’ expire yet? Ha. I read somewhere that really Jen Aniston is worth close to 200 million, folks. That’s right, 200mil. So get ready for her net worth numbers to magically flip soon. How does she do it? All those successful projects and all….heck, Dollar General doesn’t even stock the Dumbwater much anymore.

  • Happiness comesinsmallpackages

    @Anon2: Cake is will be thrown out

  • Lurker

    Angelina’s reign as #1 wedding dress of the year (so far) comes to an end tomorrow when People releases the Amal wedding dress pics. It’s actually very smart what she did: she debuted on the world stage with a variety of fabulous designer looks, has everyone lavishing praise on her style and has everyone totally primed for the “piece de resistance.”

    Angelina and her crayon smock is going down.

  • Troll in Agony

    FAT tick old manny humiliates herself AGAIN and troll is in SO MUCH PAIN. Best part, much more pain to come!

  • Dame the ring

    the loons are jealous ¡¡¡

    fury flop

  • Dame the ring

    @Troll in Agony:

    bla bla bla

    pitty loser

  • groundcontrol

    This thread is insulting and just plain stupid. Why are people enabling this kind of nonsense?
    And I’m sure it’s just a made up answer. What is the source of this non-story anyway. Please.

  • Dame the ring

    I can’t wait to see the pics of the wedding of the year

  • just saying

    Angie didn’t attend “Tunisia Awards” either which was the same day of George wedding. I think they were filming BTS.

  • idil7

    guys I have theory do u think at the beginning Clooney couldn’t sale his wedding picture to people magazine after the JP because people magazine bought the exclusive with a lot money, & told GEorge that no one is interest to buy his wedding picture as they put a lot money into the JP picture, so GEorge decide to go public with this whole make it interest in a way saying I’m still famous as the JP people will like to see my wedding picture as well, What u think guys? We know that clooney have big ego

  • Fullof$shit

    Those a$$holes never even got invited. Such LIARS, those two! Not to mention LOSERS. George and Amal = Fabulous, classy and beyond gorgeous.

  • Anon2

    Why didn’t Sandy Bullock go to George’s wedding? Julia Roberts? Didn’t Justin and Jen get together with Clooney in Cabo? good buds, remember …someone’s PR firm made sure it got in the tabloids…cough, Huvane. Did we miss the pictures of Justin and Jennifer? Did they have work commitments? selling leftover cake or something?
    In that article, Pitt was asked about Clooney…he answered. I never really see Brad name-drop people, or Angie either. The do try to help the younger stars by giving them a hand up. Now, Clooney used to always bring Pitt up …very noticeable and it wasn’t a helping hand because Clooney admitted fans flocked to Pitt. Oh well. (We won’t discuss how many name-drop Pitt and Jolie.) I bet it is beautiful in Malta. Didn’t Prince William just go there?

  • Wonderbust

    so i yea my generation really doesn’t care much about this wedding. Buzzfeed is really popular and Clooney and Amal weren’t a trending post. on buzz feed you can see how many views a story had. instagram another big social media with my generation if you type in georgeclooney
    68,000 hits. Type in Angelinajolie y get 394,000.
    maybe its a bigger deal for the older folks but the 25 and under crowd could care less, sorry.


    there wasn’t any invite the same as when their illegal wedding bomb but hired other sites to write article that it was a hit, they are very serious about their image but everyone sees through their manipulation and lies now that why nobody cares about them anymore

  • lol

    oh God Please stop this !

    Brad and GC are not Bff

    no one cares about GC’s wedding

  • fyi

    Amazing new clip of Fury. I can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Wonderbust

    how could i forget ring a ding WRONG spammed the board when tick went to a Clooney party. How come she wasn’t invited. tackys best bud Jon K and Emily Blunt were there. its not like either of them have any work obligation. lol at this thread getting more hits and comments than George and Amal’s. Jolie-Pitts own these trolls

  • illegal wedding BOMBED

    Clooney said he is just a showbiz friends with pitt and anymore. he also said he hasn’t seen him for years and I think the last time they were seen together was 2012 in London. there is nothing wrong if they weren’t invited so I don’t see why they should lie about it. pitt has lost all his friends in hollyweird after his affair with isolated mama dearest and hollyweird town pump

  • ladyb

    Oh please, if he wanted to be there, he would have been there for his supposedly good friend. AJ didn’t even have to go. ALL he does is hop on a private jet and be there for 2-3 hrs top. Lets stop with the BS.. I’m sure George Clooney is not buying this. Like he said, the guy has become unreachable and isolated I might add. I guess they have to say this to the press and to the fans that kiss their a-s-s

  • Nikki

    George is an old fart. It wasn’t his first wedding anyway.
    His wife is an fugly Arab woman whose family hates israel.

  • Wonderbust

    @illegal wedding BOMBED:
    i must have missed when Brad made a statement. I do however remember Clooney making a statement about Brad’s wedding. Brad Pitts best friend David Fincher was at his wedding and Brad Grey the person you all claim hates Brad nominated him for the ice challenge and called him a friend. Eric Roth just gave an interview saying brad and Angie are his great friends. Sorry that Brad doesn’t whoree himself out like some. Why was TICK not invited to Gwyneth Paltrow’s birthday party, i thought they were friends. Fake friends. Hollywood has a lot of those.

  • Wonderbust

    hmm this has been up for six hours
    yet only 21 comments. Jolie-Pitts own you. So pressed over a wedding. So powerful that its all anyone cares about

  • Wonderbust

    go take your crazy to Clooney’s page


    illegal wedding BOMBED = BRANGELINA WERE NOT




  • chunky pipe

    Congrats to george and alladin!…George fitna make a basketball team of lil clooneys…good for george…

  • Sorry

    trolls no one cared George Clooney’s wedding no matter how hard he tried famewhoring it.

  • Anon2


    Exactly. I’m surprised Clooney picked Venice for his wedding site. But, it does bring back warm memories of the Jolie-Pitt family. Lots of pictures on JJ. So, Clooney is following what Brad and Angie did and selling his wedding pictures to ‘People’ and ‘Hello’? Interesting….hope he’s giving it to charity. Brad and Angie will be proud of Clooney. :)
    It is too bad Jen and Justin couldn’t make George’s wedding….remember how they said she was seeing a shrink lest she had to see Angie and Brad (shaking with fear)…..nothing to worry about! haha