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Victoria's Secret Supermodel Sara Sampaio Tells People to Stop Body Shaming Her

Victoria's Secret Supermodel Sara Sampaio Tells People to Stop Body Shaming Her

Sara Sampaio makes a anti-body-shaming statement while proudly showing off her bikini body on Instagram!

“I’m proud of my body and I’m not gonna let any of you bully me just because I’m skinny! Every body is different, and every metabolism is different! I eat a lot, so next time u decide to tell me to eat a burger remember I probably eat more burgers than you, I’ve always been skinnier, and probably will always be, I workout, I’m healthy and I’m happy!” the 23-year-old Victoria’s Secret supermodel captioned the pic.

She added, “The amount of hate I see thrown at me and to other model friends that I know are naturally skinny it’s ridiculous! U don’t see us shaming unshape bodies so please don’t come and shame ours! Be happy with ur body and stop shaming others! Weather they are skinny, fat, fit, with big boobs, small boobs etc! Don’t share hate! Be happy ☺️😊❤️😎.”

Sara also recently shared that she would love to have Candice Swanepoel‘s body, but said it was impossible because of her bone structure. Watch the video below!

Sara Sampaio – Instagram Video
Just Jared on Facebook
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  • lurker

    I agree with her

  • forrest gump

    suuuuuuuuuuuure, people just won’t listen.

  • Rita

    This girl Is such an inspiration, much more than a pretty face. She’s a great rule model for woman, especially young girls. Also, Sara Is so young and already Is so successful in modeling without needing a famous sister or a famous boyfriend.

  • Lamark

    “..every metabolism is different (and only models’ are fast and low efficiency somehow) …eat more burgers than you..”. Oh, this is how you have to make people a fool and deceive them! In person, I sh#t off her and her body, but this is already a strong exaggeration. I hate being taken for stupid.

  • Joana Oliveira

    Sara is right and you’re the one exaggerating. My best friend eats like a gorilla (and I’m not exaggerating at all), she actually wants to gain weight but she just can’t. I know It’s frustrating but It’s true. There really are girls out there who are naturally skinny and no matter what they eat they just don’t gain weight. Unfortunatelly It’s not my case…

  • Joana Oliveira

    Btw, just googled Sara Sampaio and she’s such a beauty

  • octopusmagnificens

    Just envy.

  • Anya

    I think the problem is not the skinny models. There are such girls and they do the job, because they have the desired constitutions. The problem is the fact that it’s mainly those girls who are sought to present the clothes, being by the fashion industry the desired size that every girl should try to aspire to, the problem is the constant photo shop in the magazines, which are making already beautiful girls into even more perfected versions that even they themselves are unable to reach (otherwise they wouldn’t be photo shopped).

    I’m not skinny myself but I hate when someone is trying to lift up a spirit to chubby girls by saying at least you are “real women” who has some meat on her bones. Why to praise someone, someone else must be shamed.

  • Me

    I am skinny and eat plenty! I am sick and tired to be bully as well. So shut up and f*^%# off! Thank you

  • jane

    poor baby

  • linda

    Subtext: u all suffer being constantly on a diet, i eat what i want and im still skinnier than u and i am a vs model.. but i pretend im not proud to be skinny at all so girls who struggle to lose weight don’t start hating on me.

  • Betty Bucket

    Is she one of those botox enhanced brasilians? I don’t care about her size, but those lips are fake fake fake.

  • Mimosa

    If she eats more burgers than I do, she’s definitely not healthy, no matter how much she works out or how thin she is.

  • Revengefan0101

    Blame the fashion designers. The sample sizes are size 0 and size 2. How can that be a normal weight for women this tall? It should be size 4 and size 6 instead.

  • Eduarda Fernandes

    Sara is a NATURAL beauty. She’s portuguese from PORTUGAL (europe) not Brasilian and her AMAZING lips are completly natural. She has the exact same full beautiful lips on her baby and children photos. You know there are girls with natural full lips, don’t you? Sara is a beautiful exolic beauty. Full lips, light eyes, dark hair. Get your facts straights before saying shit about people you know nothing about

  • Listen to

    She is very skinny but if that’s her natural state then people need to back off. But same goes with the over weight, don’t be so quick to call them fat, or tell them to eat less, you have no idea What that person is dealing with.

  • Jo

    So proud of our portuguese girl Sara

  • xyz

    She is a total hypocrite and in total denial. She used to have more meat on her. Anorexic beetch, end of story. And her lips are fake indeed. Just google her.

  • happy666

    Since when sooo many models are naturally skinny? Her bones are big

  • sweetie

    except she was sleeping with someones husband and ruined their marriage. yeah… great role model.

  • Eduarda Fernandes

    what? are you crazy? you should seriously go to a doctor. Sara Is a lovely person, and you’re clearly not

  • Vy Nguyen

    Of course she’s happy. She has the body and face society has been manipulated to desire. She is naturally skinny but there is noticeable weight loss in the last few months. But she does look toned.

    I watched this VS casting video, and they were commenting how it used to be just the main girls that were toned and had the body that they were looking for. But now more and more girls are showing up with that desired toned body they want to walk their runway.

    It’s nice, but I like to see variety, I like to see women with nice curves also. It gets boring to see outfit after outfit worn by these girls with the same body.

    I despise VS in general. They’re such a huge influence on setting this standard we’re suppose to follow, yet year after year they continual to cast the same body type even though there is a high request for more variety.

  • Maria

    One of the issues that bother me with these stick figure women, is not that they exist, but that this is what is forced down our throats as the ideal. We come in all shapes and sizes. Another thing is, why show clothes and lingerie to us modeled by sticks, because the rest of us will never look like that wearing the same clothes?? I want to see how it fits on a REAL ideal woman, of normal size and shape. It’s not this girls’ fault she is skinny and given big money to prance her skinny body around. But these companies need to stop acting like this is all we want to see.

  • Maria

    I also just googled images of her, and she is full of baloney, quite frankly. Her body is different from one picture to another, her boobs are different as well. When you lose weight like she clearly has, you lose your boobs as well. Some of the images are much more natural, and she looks MUCH better that way. She looks anorexic in the photo above.

  • Sprite

    I remember Jughead eating burgers and shakes like it was going out of fashion, now look at him.

  • FormerLamark

    Maybe you should eat even more “plenty”, then you would not be this much nervous and it would not be needed to wash your mouth out, you “healthy, skinny, eating plenty pussymussycat”.
    It does not matter if you gobble a lot, then later regurgitate it…
    Just watch older pictures about this “natural skinny model eating more burgers than anybody” and you’ll see her “absolute not skinny” when yet she really used to gobble burgers…