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George Clooney Holds His Sword Tight for 'Hail, Caesar!' Filming

George Clooney Holds His Sword Tight for 'Hail, Caesar!' Filming

George Clooney wears quite the period costume while walking around the set of his new movie Hail, Caesar! at Union Station on Thursday (December 4) in Los Angeles.

That same day, the 53-year-old actor’s co-star Josh Brolin was spotted shooting a different scene.

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Hail, Caesar! follows a Hollywood fixer in the 1950s who works to keep the studio’s stars in line. The movie also stars Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Scarlett Johansson.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Josh Brolin on set…

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george clooney sword hail caesar filming 01
george clooney sword hail caesar filming 02
george clooney sword hail caesar filming 03
george clooney sword hail caesar filming 04
george clooney sword hail caesar filming 05
george clooney sword hail caesar filming 06
george clooney sword hail caesar filming 07
george clooney sword hail caesar filming 08
george clooney sword hail caesar filming 09
george clooney sword hail caesar filming 10
george clooney sword hail caesar filming 11
george clooney sword hail caesar filming 12
george clooney sword hail caesar filming 13
george clooney sword hail caesar filming 14

Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, FameFlyNet Pictures
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  • mountainbdywhs

    He just doesn’t look right in that costume.

  • Lorenzo Alley

    George has the sex appeal of the one of the 3 Stooges.

  • TeamBella76

    Let’s be honest he’s charming but he’s a mediocre actor and this proves it.

  • sassafras

    Marriage to a drag queen killed George Clooney’s Mojo.
    Looks haggard & sad.
    Brolin loves playing the part. Looks like mobster Al Capone.

  • Sprite

    living the life, seasing every moment

  • FormerLamark

    Mamma mia! He looks like a real circus clown now. A redneck peasent from Kentucky as a Roman?

  • DailyNightly

    Wonder if he brings the costume home for a bit of roleplay with Amal?

  • Hollywood Glam

    so over this now new “douche bag” go away Georgie

  • Whipped Honey

    Visualize how ugly Amal Alamuddin looks like naked: big boned tall & skeletal, no anus, man’s body/ Twink’s legs, Adam’s Apple, Horse face, massive feet & hands….
    Who would want foreplay with a freak tranny?
    Not even drunk fetishists.

  • DailyNightly

    Oh, I don’t know. He could just attach her to the front of the chariot and take her for a few laps around the bedroom.

  • pink flamingo nightmare

    Disturbed George Clooney. A byproduct of a corrupt system, which fuels him with his demons.
    Lost perception long ago & drinks for escapism to relieve his anxieties.
    Married an ugly tranny-clone his PR team found, who he hardly likes.
    Because George does as his told. They tell him his judgement is skewed.
    They control him & cleverly manipulate him to think it’s always his decision.

    Strangely enough, he knows all this…

  • Anonima

    Awww… Playing dress-ups time. George’s serious work. :O
    Pretending to be someone else. His perception is so skewed, he can’t tell who he is anymore.
    Tough to act when you’re not a natural; just a needy, attention-seeking entertainer.
    And he’s all excited because he always wanted to be Julius Caesar (even role within the role). An imposter pretending he’s Italian. But an emperor too, no less.

    George Clooney lost his appeal. People no longer like him.
    If they go see this film, he’s not the drawcard.

  • Next…!

    Zero respect for George Clooney! He betrayed the whole Western World by marrying an Islamic, pro-PLO Arab. One who wears tortured animals like python skin jackets costing $9000 just to show off & draw attention away from her plain manly appearance. Pythons are skinned alive & left to die.
    An ugly wife who defends Islamic terrorists & enemies of USA.
    All for controversial publicity that backfired.

  • checkmate

    I think one of the biggest contributing factors to why he lost his appeal as a celebrity this year was his sham marriage. If a man marries someone unattractive who looks more masculine than he does, it’s a sure sign that there is something wrong. They don’t seem matched nor in love.
    He just became an insincere parody.

  • N/A

    Amal Alamuddin has a very emasculating effect on George Clooney. It’s not just the height and big bones, nor the fact that she has a formal tertiary education & he doesn’t (millions do). It’s the manly facial features like she’s full of testosterone.
    The balance is wrong.

  • Just Concerned

    when she does not care for innocent people being tortured because of her wicked clients and instead happily defends/ supports her wicked clients what will she care for animals who cannot speak. She is Inhuman rights lawyer -’AA’ is such a disgrace to humanity.

  • En Vogue

    “Moral” to the story about fake PR marriage?
    His usual spiel he gives them all: mutually beneficial arrangement. He’s an obsessive control freak. And he doesn’t trust any of the hired famehos as far as he can throw them.
    Regarding the latest lame one, in Feb this year, her terms for a publicity arrangement were marriage contract. Her conniving mother set rules about her “reputation.” When in fact, she had many affairs. They’re just ultra cunning.
    He caved in reluctantly, as his handlers thought it was a good time for a showbiz marriage.
    Business deals for photos sales were struck in sheer desperation. He paid for nothing. All covered in advertizing revenue,
    The fake engagement was announced 2.5 months after the decision to proceed with this circus media fiasco sham marriage.
    In the league of Tom Cruise’s showbiz fake marriages.
    He refers to AA as “2nd rate looks in a Michelle Obama classification” (ie, plain, putting it politely).
    Oh, but First Lady is sort of feminine. This one also gets the ” she male” epithets.
    She spends a fortune to adorn herself, but like other unfortunately looking types, she’ll always be transgender/ manly looking. As someone I read wrote, all the money in the world couldn’t make Paris Hilton, Christina Onassis, & Tori Spelling beautiful.
    The “wife” he hired is his embarrassment.
    He just wanted image rehabilitation after hoookers & wrestlers. Ended up with an ugly laywer fameho.
    So, the moral of the story is he’s still not a happy man because he’s living a public lie.

  • Just Concerned

    OMG….I have no words. AA and her cunning family. ‘AA’ is also an embarrassment to the title Human Rights Lawyer and a disgrace to humanity. Yeah, I have seen her pictures recently flashing around on the internet hugging some guys and she looked ‘Cheap and Wild’, not a good character. ‘GC’ is in deep sh*t. ‘He’ was better off single. I really hope he finds a way to get out of this mess soon.

  • Anonima

    It’s PR agents who can propel moderately talented, ambitious performers to stardom by promoting and crafting a certain image using media as the platform to acquire celebrity status.
    Do you think future generations won’t scoff at the ridicule of current artists’ antics? Other qualities will be admired. Real talent maybe. Not illusions. With awareness, people become more judgmental.
    PR strategies can be dynamic but they won’t be as effective to manipulate in the distant future.
    The phenomena of junk culture celebrities will be criticized as excessive “lifestyle” fabrications. As more scandals are revealed, credibility will be lost & will undermine what is whitewashed now.

    A lot of celebrities fell victim to abuse in their quest for fame and fortune. MJ was a child victim who became an aggressor. Possibly Cliff Richard & allegedly others.

    Talent was secondary, but needed to an extent to excel. The rest was PR manipulation.
    It will change with public awareness. What doesn’t sell anymore is reinvented.

    Christian Bale’s comment about GC being the ‘moviestar’ & him just “doing his job” has sarcastic modesty undertones. IOW, CB is the actor performing his craft, and GC is a media sensation. More notably known for “real life celebrity” Kardashian style.

    Your idealistic utopia of millions of deprived receiving an education hints towards unattainable equality as the world is at present. Economic & social changes on a global scale take time.

    GC has übermensch delusions. Of course he’s aware of his shortcomings. After all, he struggled for 15 years before getting his big break. Narcissistic types have no room for anyone and they treat others as stepping stones. This is just touching the surface. He’s a complicated man. Like Just Concerned wrote, he conceals his weaknesses.

    On the matter of the glorified hoookers “models,” they have flaws of character. Entertainers like EC, SK, Sara Larson, + others are promoted as “models” loosely & ambiguously, and sold as falsified illusions. Some have education too, but forfeit it for easy fast cash selling themselves to “rich, fat uncles.”
    AA is no different. She has an education. So do millions of others, but she had minimal junior counsel accomplishments & her priorities are those of a typical gold-digger. She chases the money… Fat retainers & she’ll defend criminals, rumor had it in 2012 she pursued Eric Schmidt of Google but he preferred a 56 year old Vietnamese cellist & a 47 year old American exec. AA is in the league of the other bimbos but with a Tootsie goofiness.

  • Anonima

    He learns the hard way. And at what cost?! Sometimes he’s his own worst enemy because of his character flaws. That dichotomy of “real” George he hides from the world, and the fake persona he presents.

  • FormerLamark

    Let the prophet speak of you about the future generations! I hope they will scoff, but now the situation is different. In my home country, during the past ten years, it moved in the wrong direction very much. After the commercial channels came in, American “culture” also poured in with them and made a terrible ‘havoc’. Big Brother and similar “peep shows”, Voice, X-factor, Top Model and other horrors (and the local counterparts) flooded the media and people. Never before so many people did not want “to sing” without voice, to be a “star”, “model”, to live a luxury, shining life with no work than now. Never before so many “models”, “playmates”, “hostesses” are and never before so many “massage parlours” there are with prostitutes than now. Separate laws had to be because of them, because it was not before…Never before so many old sugar daddy want to “support” young student girls and never before so many young woman seek for “supporters”. And these unworthy “stars” rule the media, they are everywhere, earn a lot of money with nothing and the people glorify them and GC, MJ and so on. You can’t watch opera, classical drama on TV, because now it is “no need” for it, only the Big Brother. And we are NO in the end of it, really we still go into it. Far is the light at the end of the tunnel.

    I don’t know that Sara, and I don’t know anything about MRS. Clowney’s past, but it is true, she (and the rest of them) must be ugly and idiot and dishonest, because a clever woman does not want to marry or date a George Clooney-like infamous figure. Only a fame and money wh#re…And a law degree does not change this. In fact, a lot of corrupt and dishonest lawyers are. Every Jack gets his Jill.

    GC conceals his weaknesses very well, because he has done it for 20 years and pople are still on his side. Honestly, I do not even know whether I hate or feel sorry for this man?

    Unfortunately, this unattainable equality about education and the other is true and growing strongly, Islam spread rapidly and nobody can predict when it will end. Will ever? UN study “Because I am a girl” is about this and this is why Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head and neck. Today, 6000 female genital mutilations still happen every day and takes place every four minutes a child bride will be somewhere in the world. Unstoppable currently. Dark future. In the “civilized world” women don’t want to work and study and fight but be kept, in the third world women can’t, are not allowed.


    nice your pic…what charlie brown says to linus?

  • Just Concerned

    :) pictures speak a lot. They are talking about ‘GC’ fake marriage and what a mess ‘He’ has been dragged/ trapped into and charlie brown say’s ‘Yeah..its very concerning’.

  • Just Concerned

    Merry Christmas.

  • Just Concerned

    Merry Christmas :)

  • Anonima

    From Ides of March to Hail Caesar …skirting around similar “theme”
    George Clooney ~ a dark soul with no integrity.