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Sia Responds to Pedophilia Cries Over 'Elastic Heart' Video

Sia Responds to Pedophilia Cries Over 'Elastic Heart' Video

Sia is responding to critics who are calling her “Elastic Heart” video pedophilia as it features a grown man dancing with a young child.

The video stars Shia LaBeouf completely shirtless with just flesh-colored underwear while he dances with Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler, who is wearing a similar flesh-colored leotard.

“I anticipated some ‘pedophelia!!!’ Cries for this video. All I can say is Maddie and Shia are two of the only actors I felt could play these two warring ‘sia‘ self states,” the singer tweeted. “I apologize to those who feel triggered by #ElasticHeart My intention was to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody. 🙏.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sia’s video for “Elastic Heart”?

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  • Guest

    If you see something sexual in this video you need to stop watching porn.

  • YupVideoFever

    Then why didn’t they play the same exact emotions being dressed more than that? Just curious. Anyway, I didn’t feel comfortable watching it. Also, I respect Sia’s talent.

  • alorwa

    I don’t watch porn. And I find it very uncomfortable to watch.

  • Tracey Echelon Cunningham

    This was beautiful. I loved it!

  • forrest gump

    , WARN KIDS!!

  • YupVideoFever

    Analogy: if, for example, you show a child prostitute to a nun, who never watches porn, she would feel uncomfortable and, more likely, sad too.

    There are certain limits for ways to send a message.

    And I really do not like Maggie to be used as Sia’s spirit incarnation again looking the same: wig, make up, tight bodysuit. First time it was art. Second – weird.

  • Маргарита Бабовникова

    Do you even feel comfortable on the beach?

  • Sandie Hanset-Bond

    If you felt uncomfortable watching this then you should but not for the reason you think. You should be uncomfortable that your mind is sexualizing this little girl when there is nothing sexual about this performance at all. It’s an emotional depiction of the meaning of the song interpreted through dance. I honestly wonder if you and others like you would feel the same if their costumes had been black rather then a flesh color.

  • happy666

    Ewwww why making a song about this? We all know about this topic

  • Ace Stephens

    Or start – if somehow the absence of sexual imagery in your immediate awareness is causing you to see something sexual everywhere it isn’t. Because then maybe a direct example of something sexual would make it clear to someone how incredibly far from “something sexual” this video is.

  • wthwthq

    That video is so emotional, and Maggie and Shia’s performance touched me deeply. Never knew Shia was that good.
    And Jeez, people see sexual context everywhere. The actual background for this song is about the mental illness of Sia’s father and how it affected Sia.

  • wthwthq

    reminded me Last of us game a bit)

  • Jim Wintergreen

    Of course, no one is denying that Shia probably hit on her. Sloppily.

  • Lee

    Sis is a degenerate and prob a pedo. She doesnt mind using a minor to sell her songs, she did it bef, it worked now again. I dont blame this young girl mommy says ok so nothing wrong, right? No wonder these kids eventually turn to drugs, no responsibility on any adult’s part.

  • alorwa

    First why she should be a little girl with grown up man? Second why it’s flush colored? Isn’t image all about imitation for memories and ideas we already have in mind? Why a little girl in a cage with grown up man emotionally depicting a lyrics talking about someone surviving a a bad love story?

  • Ms_A_UK

    A beautiful and moving performance. Any sexual connotations are purely in the eye (and mind) of the disturbed and immoral viewer.

  • Monica Cassidy

    *sigh* I don’t think some people are happy unless they are complaining about something. you saw something Naughty!!?? …. really?… really?..I have no words..But…….. Really????
    I for one loved this video, there is allot of emotion that at some point in our lives we have all felt, and went through.
    Maggie is so wonderful. She is full of talent, and life, and Shia surprised me!! *gasp* I saw a side of his talent I didn’t know he had.
    Great job to them both, and thank you Sia I have loved this song way before the video came out.

  • Sandie Hanset-Bond

    OK So what you are saying is you have no idea what this song is about. This is NOT a song about love. The writer herself has already said it’s about the conflict within herself between 2 sides of her own personality. That being said even most people that have seen this have interpreted it as conflict between a father and his daughter and them trying to reconcile. So are you saying that a man dancing with a female child in any way is a form of pedophelia? Do you think Shia is a pedophile because he danced with this little girl? Do you think pedophile anytime you see a grown man interacting with a female child or having physical contact with her? Again i think you need to look to yourself as to why you instantly saw this as a sexual/romantic interaction between a man and a child rather then , as most people have seen it , as a father and child. As for the flesh colored clothing .. who cares what color it is? They are properly clothed for dancers. It’s not any less then you see people wearing at the beach. Personally I always assume it was flesh toned as to not draw attention away from the actual artistry of their dancing and the emotions they are trying to convey. If you have seen Sia’s previous video also featuring Maddie she is wearing the same flesh colored leotard.

  • Sandie Hanset-Bond

    Little girls in ballerina classes all over the world wear those exact same tight leotards every day. Why when used in this video is it suddenly discomforting?

  • Sandie Hanset-Bond

    Clearly you don’t know what the song is about if you are thinking what you are hinting at. Rather then assume why not take the 2 or 3 minutes to google and read about it before passing such a nasty and grossly incorrect judgement?

  • Doryphore

    It’s skin colored. From certain angles, it looks as if the child is naked. That’s why it’s uncomfortable. The first video—the child was alone. The second, she’s paired with a half naked, flesh-colored brief wearing grown man who’s touching her.

  • stupid8911 .

    At first, the teaser did cause me to raise my eyebrow, but watching the video in its entirety, this appeared to be a story about a Papa Monkey/Creature and a Baby Monkey/Creature…the performances were pure and I give Shia props for this, he dug deep and made strong choices. This wasn’t a story of a “half-naked man chasing a little girl”, not in the least…

  • Sandie Hanset-Bond

    And yet you know she’s not naked and you know he is not naked. I think If it was a grown woman and a young boy people would not even blink. And he’s not touching her in any sexual manner whatsoever. So again I say people that are discomforted by this really need to do some self reflection.

  • Sandie Hanset-Bond

    It’s a pretty standard sort of costume for a lyrical dance performance. I think dancers tend to be more comfortable in their bodies then most people because for them their body is the instrument they use to convey their art and emotion. They want people to focus on the dance itself rather then flashy costumes so they wear something simple and non-distracting.

  • Jim Wintergreen

    Is English your first language? I’m thinking it’s probably not.

  • Alias Darker

    Funny, she’s not denying pedophilia .