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Justin Theroux's Mom Would Be Bummed if He Eloped

Justin Theroux's Mom Would Be Bummed if He Eloped

Justin Theroux shows off his muscles while stepping out for a gym workout on Tuesday (January 27) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Over the weekend, the 43-year-old actor supported his fiancee Jennifer Aniston at the 2015 SAG Awards, where she was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

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Jennifer recently chatted about rumors that she and Justin were planning on eloping.

“Sometimes, it means just go ahead and just do it,” Jennifer shared to E! News. “That might bum a lot of people out if we did that, especially his mom.”

20+ pictures inside of Justin Theroux hitting a gym workout…

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justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 01
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 02
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 03
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 04
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 05
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 06
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 07
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 08
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 09
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 10
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 11
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 12
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 13
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 14
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 15
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 16
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 17
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 18
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 19
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 20
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 21
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 22
justin theroux eloping with jennifer aniston 23

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  • Michelle

    The saddest couple who ever lived.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Why marry the tramp when you are already getting it for free?

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    God gave me an impression not to go on that direction right now. God is telling me upon meditation, there is nobody in this place that suits for me. I just trust God that He will direct me and take control over my life. I surrender my will to God in a way that He will take me as His possession. I have to do His will, keeping His (big 10) commandments out of love for Him. For me doing His will are the happiest moments of my life. I am content with that because in heaven we are going to be like angels, there is no more marriage there.

    Does it makes sense to you right now what is an ideal relationship in God’s eyes here on planet earth? A till death do they part marriage between a male and a female saints is bed undefiled, if you are asking me Jen A in a Christian perspective. It is for you to discover what is best for you, you may asked God for an answer or you may use your common sense or reason.

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    “The same feathers flock together.”

    Jen A I’ll pray for you on one thing that I won’t tell you that for me is best for you till the end of this world when Jesus Christ comes.

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  • Joy B Angie

    I hope all of this is just a text of the song.
    The last words especially.
    * * * * *
    DRF, are you OK ?

  • norah mackenzie

    is it a flop then ?

  • Cheyenne

    It took 4 days for this movie to break $1 million. It’s a certified bomb.

  • Cheyenne

    That’s mean. I don’t like the woman but she’s not a tramp and I wouldn’t stoop so low as to call her one.

  • If I regard iniquity in my hea

    Usually we will know the movie’s net during the closing from theaters may it be played domestic for less than 3 months plus the revenues of the film from international release. This will be distributed in China too due to its Asian producers. Aside from the fact that they will also get revenues from DVD sales or video download online after theatrical release. The target of the film will be to hit 16 million mark to get even with their production budget and distribution expenses. Above 16 million is a rough estimate of a profit. At this time it is too early to tell.

  • norah mackenzie

    thanks for telling me – some of her ‘fans’ are saying that it is not can u imagine

  • Cheyenne

    LOL I can definitely imagine. If it made $500 they would be calling it a hit.

  • norah mackenzie

    more like $10

  • norah mackenzie

    when you are engaged for more than 3 years i think it is funny that all of a sudden u talk about your future mil being unhappy abt u eloping. seriously? why bring the mil into the conversation. u mean that these 2 ‘adults’ cannot decide for themselves if they want to marry or not? if u dont want to marry thats upto u but why bring an outsider into the conversation.

  • Cheyenne

    He’s a big boy, why bring mommy into it? Or is this preparation for the Big Breakup so that Aniston can blame Mommy when Justin dumps her?

  • norah mackenzie

    well i think its hilarious that justin still ends up looking rather pathetic then if the big break up happens -dont think though – its a win win for both of them esp since he is in new york anyway etc- first he looked rather silly esp at the sag awards wearing such a short suit and orangey etc now his fiancee is really throwing shade on him – i wd be embarassed enough with her remarks – maybe she is just thinking thoughts again and his eyeballs – the guy got steamrolled again

  • norah mackenzie

    but once again the pattern is there – she blames every one but why make such a odd remark esp publically – the woman had no business saying that – and it is not exactly the first time she has made some puzzling remarks

  • Marty

    so still alice is a bomb too

  • Joy B Angie

    Wow, Ethery, you have a new moniker.
    And a new Avatar.
    Very interesting.
    I don’t think we can find here people “idolizing” Jen.
    She works incredibly hard these days.
    I hope she has enough time to sleep and to meditate.
    As I told I didn’t send you any email.
    I don’t have your email.
    I guess I must clarify it because it’s a mistake
    which can bring some misunderstanding.
    You are a hug Christian as I can see.
    Good for you, Ethery, and pray for Jen.

  • Joy B Angie

    Cheyenne, why not to say WOW about his muscles ?
    Why do you find any reason to criticize ?

  • Claire

    if your movie made $11 you are a winner.
    And a Hollywood Star.

  • Claire

    Why bring mommy into it ?
    Because it sounds funny.

  • Susan

    Justin 41 yrs old.
    Jennifer 45 yrs, 11 mths.
    Both are long past the age of consent, but if they marry without Justin’s mother, she would be upset, why would she be upset, he lived with Heidi for 14 years.
    Two million on an Oscar whisperer, appearing on every talk show, showing her flapjacks, dead boyfriend, Brad and Angie, and the movie did not even make a million over three days.
    The low budget movie cost 8 million to make, promotion cost over five million, Jennifer’s hairdresser cost a million, even with VOD, this movie is not going to make a profit.
    Guess who don’t have any new projects lined up? Jennifer, four straight bombs and another one coming in April.

  • norah mackenzie

    yes thks

  • norah mackenzie

    the difference between still alice and cake is julianne moore who is a better actress who has been nominated for every award and won every award so far and who will hopefully win the oscar – cake is a dud both commerically and critically at least still alice is being praised for the subject matter and the performances

  • norah mackenzie

    remind me again what makes jennifer aniston an alist actress? she has had flop after flop for the past few films. agreed with susan btw. with all that promotion and cleavage showing everywhere surely the cake wd have lasted longer at least but nothing- and the trailer with owen wilson is horrible – the wig the make up and she isnt even the main lead either

  • Joy B Angie

    Jen is not 45 yrs, 11 mths.
    She is just 45 years , 10 months, 30 days.
    People write poems about her.

  • Claire

    I like her cleavage – whats wrong with it ?

  • Claire

    Jen looks 32.

  • norah mackenzie

    nothing wrong with it – but just saying that it screams ‘ look at me look at me’ another way of attracting attention when your work sd be the main thing not your body. granted that she has a nice body but it gets boring when that is what everyone talks abt not your film but your appearance again

  • Gala

    OHHHH …hot ,super hot…

  • Gala


  • Gala

    like in the land .. and others …

  • Gala

    The more rude girl or man said .Amen

  • Gala

    madre mia …

  • norah mackenzie

    curious is that u keep replying to me – who is the troll now?