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'Fifty Shades of Grey' Producer Dana Brunetti Opens Up About Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan Salary Rumors

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Producer Dana Brunetti Opens Up About Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan Salary Rumors

There has been a lot of speculation lately about Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan‘s salary requests for the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, and now producer Dana Brunetti is throwing his two cents in – figuratively, of course.

The 41-year-old famed producer opened up about the starring duo wanting big raises.

“Look, when I was starting out and had to cut my teeth and build my résumé to get in, I had to basically work for free on a lot of things. I still take reductions in my fees for the opportunities to do certain things,” Dana told THR. “So I’m not going to cry for anybody who wants to be in this business just because a thing they were involved in did very well and they didn’t get paid [a lot]. That’s not the deal that you made. If it was, I’d have more than a couple Ferraris because all the money my films have made is f”ing insane. You’ve got to start somewhere.”

As for whether Sam Taylor-Johnson will be back as director, Dana said, “No idea. We literally have no idea what we’re going to do. I have not even met with the studio or anybody yet about the second film.”

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  • TeamBella76

    The problem with these two are that their replaceable unlike Jennifer Lawrence who got a 10 million dollar paycheck for the second movie she was vital to that movie and she was actually good and put a lot of physical work towards that role.

  • Liz

    This guy runs his mouth A LOT. It’s super unprofessional. This is a legal issue and he really has no business talking about it.

  • susan

    Whether these rumors are true or not, the 2 main characters in this film will more than likely receive large pay raises. The movie was a success at the box office, big time! Yea, I know there’s a lot of people going on about who should have and shouldn’t be playing Ana and Christian. We all have our opinions and are entitled but why on earth would they change something/someone who’s brought in so much $$$ for them? They won’t risk it. Hollywood is money hungry and FSD and FSF will be even bigger hits than FSOG at the theater.

  • Cruizin1960

    Actually, taking the success of the 1st movie into consideration, they are NOT replaceable. Especially Dakota. If you bothered to read any of the reviews, most were favorable for her. Now that the audience has a visual of what these characters look like, changing them would be risky. My guess is that it was always in their contract to be able to renegotiate after the first film. If it wasn’t, they need to get new agents. As for this idiots comments, I have not heard anything about them complaining about what they made for the first film. Their salaries were low, but they did receive more with box office consideration. This guy needs to shut up.

  • Tonya

    They are not replaceable.

  • Angus12

    The movie was a “financial success” because it was an anomaly not because it was a good movie. I went just out of curiousity. It was terrible, the acting was horrendous and there was zero chemistry between the two, I not going to call them actors because they most certainly are not actors, persons hired to bring this POS movie to the screen. The last thing it was was sexy. It was deviant behavour, a story about a pervert stalking an inocent. If this is what good enterainment is all about, HW needs to give its head a shake.

  • DS

    I agree with you, The only reason the first movie made a lot of money is a lot of people were curious how it would turn out with these two actors.Because the following week end it took a nose dive and only made a little over 20,million.

  • lshelton22

    Like this little pipsqueak calls the shots anyway. I predict Jamie and Dakota will get the raises that they way.

  • fromanotherplanet

    Why are you so bothered???

  • Anya

    Thank you. That’s what I thought. They weren’t complaining about money for the first film. They just wanted more for the second one. Which is totally understandable and common practice for franchises. And god, I didn’t even like the movie, really :D

  • rubytones

    You really know nothing about movie making or the industry to have posted this. Dana Brunetti, for all the guy is a big mouth, is not a blow hard. He’s a well seasoned and, generally, astute major player. He knows what works, how to turnaround what isn’t working, how to work the costs v benefits analysis, and when to bail on diminishing returns. Out of everyone involved in that POS HE made it happen and made it what it was – the hype, the re messaging of a fan pleaser “love story”, waging war with the ratings authorities, the push for pre-sales because the poor quality meant a hit n run opening profit was vital, calling in favours and making promises for media and celeb placed promotion, and protecting it from screener/critic review and the bad word hitting until advanced tickets were paid for etc, etc, etc.

    He also knows the much publicised profit is a myth – the thus far hidden/undisclosed A&P budget line ate many many more millions than that $500 profit figure presents. AND he and the studio know they can’t pull it off again because all the metrics (critic & audience satisfaction) show the movie was, as a piece of entertainment, unsuccessful crap. And that’s before factoring in franchise sequels naturally experience drop-off generally.

    I dislike he pulled it off this time but almost grudgingly admire the effort, manipulation, and gall it took to do so. But only an idiot thinks that exploitative lightening can strike twice, far less three times. The only relevance JD & DJ have in this game playing out is that they are locked into contracts (limiting their other work potentially for years to come) and have an ever narrowing (just fan girl vocal) fanbase still too deluded to see beyond JD’s abs and the hype Brunetti was the main creator of in the first place.

    You were sold a pup, and are obviously still buying, but most aren’t! Brunetti knows that. JD was awful and DJ not much better and their own PR teams are now in desperate overdrive to try and parlay something out of them compromising careers that barely even existed pre FSoG anyway. Wail all you like about their mythical “star power” indispensability, it’s not real. Brunetti also knows that and can cut them quick and hard. That’s the business and he has the whip hand game.

    Your JD & DJ know it all too, hence their current rampant self-promo. Add to the mix the demands and ego of ELJ, and STJ wanting out and don’t expect FSD soon and if, big if, it happens JD & DJ will work for what they can get under contracts Brunetti controls. And the movie will bomb big.

  • rubytones

    He does call the shots. He’s an arrogant that, sure, but he knows he’s earned his worth and place at the industry table. And his rep goes before him. He won’t pull punches because some fangirls bleat JD is hot. The latest flavour of the month actors are ten a penny, players like Brunetti are not. Call him “pipsqueak” if you like, I can’t stand the bloke, but be realistic and give him his full title – POWERFUL pipsqueak. The fact he just launched a very obvious warning shot across JD’s & DJ’s bows might have escaped you naive fan girl notice but it won’t have escaped theirs.

  • lotfi00

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  • dee

    is this guy doing the acting, shut up, get rid of him, I think that, Jamie and Dakota did a fantastic job so did sam Johnson, she made it a great love story not all porn, and you know what they earned it too bad. I think they had great chemistry too bad its not real.

  • Vero

    If you understand Christians character at all, you would say that Jamie nailed it… Dakota did an amazing job, she brought Ana to life, she was great.. Jaime was as well amazing… the book is about a troubled man… who is fighting his unknown feelings… how are people missing that vital part… They deserve a raise… we all know we are going to go see the other 2 films when they come out…

  • rubytones

    He will only go if he wants to and then, most likely, the franchise would be shelved lost in the he’ll of studio turnaround. Actors may get the media copy, but few oil or run the movie machine. Certainly not newbies like JD & DJ. Brunetti may not be on the poster but, he IS, in studio/industry terms for the most part, this movie and any sequels.

    And it’s even more ironic you think the ‘actors’ are the power brokers and all IT in this movie especially. You read the reviews and saw the audience ratings, right? If an actor is to have even a tiny bit of the sway you ascribe it helps if they can actually act to audience satisfaction. This was clearly not the case here! Except for a minority like yourself but that’s not a minority that’ll provide much bargaining power over $s in the circumstances.

    Even STJ wants out.

    Oh, and that you ended with you wish for JD & DJ ship to be real pretty much marks out where your lack of a clue is coming from.

  • Krl l

    Exactly they are replaceable, nobody cares about those two, the movie was a huge success because people were curious…They were awful in the film, had no chemistry with one another, and they always act like they regret to be part of this film…they are both bad actors, they are not “academy awards winners” like Jennifer lawrence, if they find another people i’m sure the fans will still watch the film

  • Beckers05

    When you work at a job any job you would like to get a raise. They did their job and now are asking for a raise. I don’t understand what the big deal is? Hopefully this guy can shut his mouth and do his job.

  • Lina

    And do YOU care so much? You didn’t like the movie. In fact, you don’t like anything related to this movie. So why do you care?
    Oh, and if people liked it, it doesn’t mean that they are “silly fangirls”. They just liked the movie. They saw things in it that you didn’t. And that is – differences of opinion. All I see, is that it’s “trendy” to trash this movie and everything related to it. Low ratings? You know, when I see high rating for The Avengers (or any movie packed with special effects) I just do not believe in these ratings. I believe in things I see myself.

  • ama

    From the beginning it was inevitable both Jamie and Dakota would receive pay raises. They displayed so much physically and emotionally for this film, I can’t image why they wouldn’t deserve a bigger compensation. As for this Dana character, STFU! He is so damn annoying, just like a Kardashian!

  • rubytones

    Not necessarily disagreeing as such with much you posted but what relevance does any of that have to the points I was making?

    I’m not an Avengers fan either but that franchise continues to build success (and further installments with greater flexibility given/earned on costs, cast, the whole shebang) based upon audience ratings/satisfaction and that little to no manipulated hyping is needed to make the next and the one after etc a self and fan generated sensation. FSoG required way too much media work and hype to get out of the gate but, had the movie worked (been good), that’s when sequels and all involved could’ve gained more negotiating traction and freedoms from the studio. By every way the industry uses to project future potentials, FSoG appears a spent force or, certainly, one which will still be rigidly controlled, including the demands being made by actors who failed to engage the first audience sufficiently to present a good enough case for an immediate green lit sequel.

    FSoG succeeded on $ take but in a unique & and only one time doable way. The actors didn’t sell the movie (hype, curiosity, AND Brunetti knowing his job did) but, worst for them, their poor performances failed to make a pitch for and future sell the next one. In almost any other circumstance $500m would be a near instant fanfare announcement of a green lit in “Pre Production (NOW, heck yesterday)”; you can’t kid yourself that the fact that announcement hasn’t been made is a good sign for the remaining fans of this. And, btw, a lot of remaining fans who express hope of sticking in for sequels fall into the “I want FSD but with different leads” camp which further diminishes JD & DJ’s pull.

    Now Brunetti has made clear he’s got no give for JD & DJ and conspicuously threw the “contracts” implication out there it’s clear he’s putting them publicly on notice – “don’t push it, you don’t have the power behind you”. This is as close to a “I made you, I can break you” as you’ll see.

    Potential sequels in other franchises, that based on all the important projections indicators, have looked in much better shape that FSoG is now have been rebooted/recast/re – everythinged OR been mothballed completely. And many of those had much bigger names/players in lead roles who were canned.

    Just don’t be seduced into thinking JD & DJ are in the strong position here. They’re not.

  • lshelton22

    LOL. Okay, little Dana. Whatever you say.

  • rubytones


  • Casual Observer

    You make some good points. However, no matter how you slice and dice this movie there is no way a sequel will not make a profit (and a large one at that) when it took in $550 mil worldwide on a $40 mil operating budget. Even if you give the actors $10 mil a piece for the sequels there will still be a huge profit for the studio. Look, not making a sequel means that Hollywood is leaving money on the table so a sequel is likely.

    I do have concerns about the actors though. Dakota did a great job in this film by most critics opinion. The problem is Dornan’s seeming lack of commitment in putting out a great product along with his obvious disdain for the franchise. If I were Dakota, I would be seriously concerned about coming back for more with Dornan. I hate to say that because I am one who thinks that Dakota and Dornan look great together on screen. The problem for me is that Dornan seems too uptight in this role. Hell, I don’t think I saw even one instance of french kissing in the whole movie! How does that happen when you have intensely intimate scenes like these?? There was also no climax to speak of. How unbelievable is that? He also was rather a prude about his nudity on screen. Why, when he has done nudity in his modeling? Dakota was far braver in her role IMO, but the movie is supposed to be geared toward women so Dornan’s insistence on protecting his modesty just doesn’t fit with this part. I don’t know what the answer is here. It is just a hot mess.

  • rubytones

    Oh sorry, got it. I just think of him as Brunetti – if I’m being polite about it that is. I made clear, I can’t stick him… but that doesn’t mean I don’t have reasoning enough to make my points about his being the driver on this valid. You just don’t want to see it. Too caught up in the hype he sold you, I guess.

  • rubytones

    On balance, I think sequel is still likely but not anywhere likely to have the earning potential you reckon – UNLESS, complete overhaul (cast especially). An all new and improved may be the only circumstances where the millions of potential viewers lost to sequels (in current form) due to the awfulness of FSoG may return to a different FSD to see if it’s reboot better. Then the promo can repeat the “curious” box office lightening strike a second time. Otherwise, same everything, only the diehards, and maybe some wavering on wishing a recast but still willing on second chance.

    I agree, largely, re your JD/DJ comments and would also add STJ (ANother director) v ELJ dynamic in as another problematic issue.

    Still, it all being written off by the studio and consigned to turnaround wouldn’t yet surprise me. JLaw’s $10m isn’t a benchmark, it was an atypical in very different circumstances. DJ & JD have no where near the pluses going for them to shoot for that moon.

  • susan

    Wow, touched a nerve did I? So silly. It’s just a movie. You don’t like it, don’t watch it. That simple. :)

  • rubytones

    No nerve touched, weird and perhaps silly that would be your only take away from my response. Watching or not watching never factored in to my view. Why would it? You stated a belief in Dornan and Johnson as being the reason FSoG made $, that they were in a strong position for a large pay rise, and that they are vital to sequels which you opine will be even more successful financially. I disagree on all your points and outlined why. Simple. Perhaps you might have, if you were inclined to reply at all, simply addressed my points rather than trying to inaccurately analyse me or my motivation by remote distance. It’s funny you did though.

  • susan

    First, no, I did not analyse you. I did touch a nerve with you. To insult one by name calling someone an idiot, please. Come on now. We’re both adults. I never claimed to know anything about film making. Just stated my opinion. Which, by the way, this is a discussion area. Hence, is why I responded. Whether it was what you wanted to hear or not, sorry, but I’m not here to entertain. I don’t know this Brunetti person and it’s not my job to. Have I seen the movie, no. Have I read the book’s? Yes. The book’s and movie were obviously never meant to be award winning or not going to star some top notch actors. It’s a raunchy novel. You can go on all you want about Brunetti and what he did and did not do for this POS (as you stated) film that Brunetti was a part of. I will be more than happy to read what you have to say. Once again, yes, I think the next film will be the same success, if not more. People will be curious. It’s in our nature. My JD and DJ? Had to giggle at that. I have a JS. :) No hate here. I respect peoples opions. I don’t always agree but hey, shit happens. I agree to disagree. Ultimately, no one knows what the future holds for FSD and FSF. We will see.

  • rubytones

    I never called you an “idiot”. In context, my idiot reference was a direct follow on from his pulling it off the first time. For “only an idiot” read “he did it once but he’d be idiotic to think/go for it twice.

    Again, no nerve was hit. That implies I would have reason to feel sore, I don’t. I just have a differing opinion which as you stated is the fuel for discussion. I am happy to discuss further or agree to disagree but with no touched nerves and no misplaced claims re the “idiot”. Perhaps that’s where the wrong tone developed.

  • susan

    Now that, I agree with. Have a good day! :)

  • eternalozzie

    The 2 actors signed a contract … most contracts include salary increases for sequels … they signed it so they should honor it … that simple … to all the people slamming Dana Brunetti he is one of the most respected producers in the business.

    The studio should be cautious as fads like this book/movie fade quickly.

  • Casual Observer

    Actually, there are greater problems with the sequels than the pay raises. One of the problems lies with the fact that the male lead hates the franchise as is shown by virtually everything that comes out of his mouth about it. Further, He is apparently too prudish to do the amount of nudity required to appeal to the women fan base of these books (which is baffling considering the amount of nudity he’s done in his modeling career). These issues alone make for a real bummer experience for movie goers the second time around. Do you honestly think his acting will be any better on the sequel with the attitude he has, and who (other than die hard Dornan fans) will really want to go and see the movie when you know the lead hates what he is doing? Dakota seriously needs to try and get out of acting alongside this guy on any sequel because he will reflect poorly on her acting. She did a great job on the first FSoG and really shined as Ana. I know Dornan’s fans will be all over me for saying what I feel is the truth, but there it is.

    Unfortunately for all concerned, the studio only cares about the money and will no doubt choose to make a bad second movie rather than leave any money on the table. Perhaps they will see the light and just let FSoG be relegated to the dustbin of history. :)

  • BeJebus

    lol “you’ve got to start somewhere”. dana started on his knees in kevin spacey’s honey wagon and now he’s the master of the low blow. stfu douchebag.

  • BeJebus

    hi dana’s assistant!

  • BeJebus

    how much does brunetti pay you to shill for him?

  • catherinemostly

    It really is ridiculous for a producer of this movie to be saying this… This crap is probably being brought out by the studio in order to stir up fans. Of course their hyped-up fans will raise a stink about paying these two more – and it would be normal for a studio to do so on a blockbuster sequel like this. This WASN’T a ‘beginner’s’ movie for an actor to cut their teeth on. Everyone KNEW it was going to be a blockbuster from the beginning. The question is… Will fans return for sequels? That is what this current rumor bs is probably about.

    Writing is a profession with rules that are in place for a reason. When those rules erode – things like Twilight & 50 Shades of Grey happen. Fiction done right doesn’t hurt anybody – but, Twilight wasn’t done right; and 50 Shades is only ONE bad consequence of many that came out of it. 50 Shades is no more about BDSM than Twilight was about Vampires. It is virtual proof of how warped the obsessions of so many OLDER Twilight fans were so many years ago. What happened with The Twilight Saga is VERY RARE professionally-negligent publishing – NOT ‘Free Speech’ There are real amateur literary reasons why Twilight messed with so many people’s heads – and we are the ones who get called ‘crazy’ for it. (Unless we manage to write a XXX blockbuster based on all this negligence that makes a handful of people piles of money.) SEARCH explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot for all the details on how a romantic sparkling vamp accidentally inspired Christian Grey.

  • Nancy C

    This is ridiculous! Does the producer care whatsoever about the fans who made the movie such a big success? The main characters ARE what draws fans to the theatre. We do not care about the opinions of the producer. Ana (Dakota) and Christian (Jamie) ARE why we pay all of the profits they are making. These 2 have put their careers on hold for the making of the sequels. GIVE them a raise! Even those who went to the theatre without reading the books WANT to see what comes next as the ending is of the film is sad. All we want is the next movie and do not want to wait until 2018! The 2 sequels should have been organized so they could be released in a year after the previous. Fans do not want to wait! I hope the producers wake up and realize the profit they made from this movie was because of US. This is not about them. Get over it and get your crap together!! Sorry, it jusr pisses me off.

  • Nancy C


  • Nancy C

    This is ridiculous! Do the producers care about the fans? We are what gave them their profit. Even those who went to the movie without having read the trilogy want to see the next sequel because of Ana (Dakota) and Christian (Jamie). They ARE the movie. Give them a raise and move on with it. We do not want to wait until 2018 for the next sequel. And certainly do not want to keep reading about all of the indecisiveness and whining. Their only focus should be where the money comes from. The sequels should have been organized, scheduled and underway so the releases of the sequels are back to back. Get over it and stop with the bickering! Sorry, it just pisses me off.

  • Nancy C

    Sorry about the duplicate comment. New computer. :/ Bummed about Taylor-Johnson. Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing.

  • Triumph

    Its financial success status is bogus criminal accounting, of the established kind media import junk like this is known for.

  • Unconcerned

    And you know all of this because…..??? Relax.

  • Unconcerned

    I agree that both played their part to perfection but I hope they have more chemistry with each other in the next film. Hopefully the rumors regarding Jaime’s wife doesn’t prevent him from playing his role better.

  • Jesus is coming…RUN!!!

    no worries