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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Admits to 'Minor' Alcohol Relapse, Apologizes to Fans

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Admits to 'Minor' Alcohol Relapse, Apologizes to Fans

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has released a statement after being photographed taking swigs from a vodka bottle in London earlier this month.

The 37-year-old actor, who has been to rehab three times for issues with substance abuse, sent his fans a message on fiancée Mara Lane‘s Instagram account.

Mara and I are thankful for your support and kindness during this time. I apologize for having a minor relapse and hope that people don’t think too badly of me. I stopped drinking immediately and it is no reflection on Damascus Cover as I was not meant to attend Cannes this year and I apologize to fans and colleagues,” he wrote. “I am on the mend and thank well wishers and sorry for my disheveled appearance as I was on my way home from a friends and had not changed I feel I made a mistake and feel quite embarrassed but this was just a blip in my recovery otherwise I’m living a healthy life. Love and blessings. #Rebel #Angel”

Fans were concerned about Jonathan after he did not attend the 2015 Cannes Film Festival to promote Damascus Cover.

See photos of Jonathan Rhys Meyers throughout the years below…

Just Jared on Facebook
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 01
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 02
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 03
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 04
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 05
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 06
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 07
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 08
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 09
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 10
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 11
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 12
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 13
jonathan rhys meyers apology after breaking sobriety 14

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  • GFW 🐬

    Wonder why he felt a need to do this?

  • aj13

    I think somebody who has been out of the spotlight for too long did this. I am grateful JJ didn’t post those pics of him from the 15th.

  • Gaby Nallip

    i saw the pics. he appeared to be completely drunk. It seems he’s in denial…

  • Micca Theobald

    we are all humans and make mistakes, Im just so happy for him and Mara Lane let him be

  • niagirl

    Love him. He needs help. Dependency is no joke.

  • aj13

    I don’t think it is him that is in denial, I think that girl (rumored fiancee) wrote that, and posted it with that sappy pic of her so she could get some attention.

  • aj13

    A link to a page promoting her? This is not about her!

  • LadyFuschia

    That and a past “friend” trolled her on IG, and evoke ie did a story saying where are you, and boom. Lotsa pics and lotsa info. What celeb issues a statement via a GF about something serious like alcoholism, under a pic of said GF with the single tear like the American Indian commercial from the 70s? I’m so sad that one of the most talented and enthralling actors around is kept down by one seeking approval from the faceless and nameless masses of social media. Why? Maybe that’s a goal – if he gets better, he gets independent, and wise, and then gets going. Best to brush it off as minor, a blip.

  • LadyFuschia

    I question that too. Why would someone insanely private for the past 20 years take to social media, via a gf, to address a very personal, very private, very difficult and serious issue. The social media masses were not looking for an apology. No one demanded anything of him – only wished him well. Very curious indeed.

  • Esoteric11

    He is such a good actor. I can only wish him the absolute best. He is 100% real and never phony. JRM- we care !!!

  • mouth

    He does not need to apologize to his fans, he needs to forgive himself and keep moving forward. It’s a lifelong battle. John, don’t worry about, you’re fine.

  • ElaineRMontgomery

    ✔ $73.. per-hr @mi17//



  • Jon M’Shulla

    Poor guy. Always was interesting but, just can’t deal. Self destruction seems imminent.

  • Whispers

    LA Times has tried to contact Jonathan’s management for checking the authenticity of these posts of the GF. Even they don’t fall for her lies. Believe that. She put these out to save her face, her benefit. To take attention away from her having this happen to Jonathan! Yes she was at his flat,going to his meeting, so why did she let Jonathan walk out to drink vodka in the streets?! Why lie and say he was coming from a friend’s home, when he wasn’t!? He was pictured leaving his flat straight to the liquor store! Why post old photos? Just get a grip. This woman he’s with, is delusional, unstable and enable his drinking!

    I think Jonathan will be ok. He has to take care of himself now, healing takes time. This disease affects everyone. Jonathan is a good man, he will get better. He has all my support.

  • Whispers

    Exactly! She let this happen to Jonathan!
    Right now Jonathan needs our support. Forget this toxic GF who affected his life in a horrible way!

    Jonathan wake up! Where is and what is your management doing!? Grow some balls and dump this leech of a GF already. Enough is enough! Stop letting her control and use you! Let her go. You tried, it’s not working, and you know this! Why sacrifice your health and happiness because she’s been a friend of the family for years, AND? So what! Is your family dating her or are you?!
    Plenty of other worthy women out there for your family to love too!

    Look at me typing away like Jonathan would read this.

    Good luck Jonathan, you’ll need it.

  • aj13

    She is too busy having “movie therapy” to help him stay sober. We know the pic of them is an old one, so why should the others be new? Johnny talked to Xeitgeist last February. She again promises to share good news in the future, but has never fulfilled any of her promises. (IE) Video of Johnny recording Open Mouth, videos of Barritstown poetry and music, news, photos from DC shooting, and all the “great roles” she is going to get. If anybody believes Johnny has such poor vocabulary and punctuation to have written such a mess of a post, they are not a fan.

  • LadyFuschia

    I don’t think that someone who has been through rehab a reported 3-6 times for extended periods would minimize what happened as a minor relapse or a blip. I have a whole bunch of questions about why the “apology” was released, who drafted it, and who came up with the contents. Not that I’ll ever get an answer, but, I did it curious that someone is private about his life, vices, relationships for over 20 years, and suddenly, decides it appropriate to issue “apologies” over social media. No one was asking for an apology. Sometimes I think the “apology” was just an excuse to make known to the world that a relationship is still going, in light of speculation that is what caused him to drink. Now that it has been implied that he is still in this relationship, I find it to be even more sad, because the relationship must not be enough to keep him from the drink. In spite of what people want to believe, he’s not better than ever in this relationship, and he won’t get better if his addiction is treated as a minor blip and minimized. wonder how that statement under her pic made him feel – likely emasculated. Sad. Too bad I seem to be in the minority here. But then I am a realist, even when the truth is not roses and unicorns.

  • aj13

    You are definitely not in the minority. Many of us feel the same way you do, even some who supported her in the past have finally seen the truth. I still doubt he knows what she does on her IG page.

  • LadyFuschia

    For the love of all things sacred, I hope you are right, and I hope he knows nothing. Otherwise, he’s made such a departure from who he used to be (and not in a good way) that I think he would need help for more than just alcohol. I think her being attached to him might cloud his judgment and he forgets to employ discretion.

    Don’t know why that is, but it’s not good.

    And I still can’t figure out why more people haven’t asked themselves, and her – if he was out on a bender, or leaving the house to go to the offy to get some bottles and drinking in the streets – where were *you*?

    She hasn’t been away from his hip for 10 minutes (aside from when she was “lazing” by the pool) – all of a sudden she’s no where to be found and he has a *major relapse*

    - something does not add up here

  • LadyFuschia

    As long as he has someone maybe enabling him he will not be OK. I looked up enabling just to make sure I wasn’t speaking out of school, using a term incorrectly. From ALCOHOL REHAB .com

    In the context of alcoholism, an enabling relationship is one that makes it easier for the person with the addiction to continue in their destructive lifestyle.

    The enabler wants to protect the alcoholic from the pain of this descent, so they spend much of their energy trying to offset the potential damage. (Instagram “apology” and pouty selfie) (blip, minor, living a healthy lifestyle, back on track)

    The reverse side of this dilemma is that any alcoholic who is protected from the ramifications of their drinking problem will be less motivated to seek rehabilitation.

    Only by stepping back from this toxic relationship can the enabler hope to recover their sense of self, and truly help the alcoholic they care about.

  • LadyFuschia

    “For Meyers, who has reportedly gone to rehab six times, to walk down the street guzzling vodka from a bottle and call it a “minor relapse” or “just a blip” in his recovery shows how not-in-control of the situation he really is.” Pajama .com

    That single tear picture tho.

  • aj13

    Please don’t mention that horrible single tear pic, it is so obviously staged and fake.

  • LadyFuschia

    It makes me laugh every time I see it. Not because it’s comedy, because it is desperate

  • LadyFuschia

    OMG just saw this on Dlisted: calling out the juvenile hashtags

    “Maybe it’s because I’m second-hand hammered from looking at those pics of JRM rolling hard on the juice, but “#Rebel #Angel” totally sounds like the name of a party2-pack from Ed Hardy that comes with a bottle of vodka and a bottle of edible rhinestones.”

  • LadyFuschia

    “But that friend of his isn’t off the hook, either. Who lets a friend leave their house that drunk? The open fly alone should have been enough to warrant a couch crashing.”

    People are starting to question the statements that don’t make sense

  • aj13

    The #Rebel #Angel is a dead giveaway that it was written by a “girl”.
    People Actually Believe It Was Johnny!

  • Whispers

    That’s right and Mara did a lot of the enabling. She claimed she was at his flat all those weeks, having meetings, while he was drinking himself to death and Mara did absolutely nothing about it, until he got caught. She put his life in danger.

    Now this “apology” appears after weeks of slience, only likeing IG pics and favoring tweets here and there. Then BAM! Her blame in this tragedy magically went away. And here’s the kicker guys, her “fans” fell for it! That and today she favoring more tweets to sweeten her blow.

    Take a bow, Mara! Well done fooling everyone! ( Well almost everyone, I didn’t forget how reckless and irresponsible you been with Jonny’s life!)

  • Mommy Dearest

    Yep, surrounded by enablers and ex junkies. She’s nothing more than a parasite sucking the life out of whomever she clings to. Marcia Clincher is a good name for this bish

  • Mommy Dearest

    He needs PR, actual PR to deal with situations such as this

  • Mommy Dearest

    Yes, and allowing that wretch of a GF posting that apology on her Instagram proves he’s insane

  • Mommy Dearest

    She’s running his Twitter too. Why would he fave baby cribs and nap time ?!!! He’s being made out to look like a fool

  • Mommy Dearest

    If his brother loves her so much why can’t he date the clinger?!! It’s almost like Johnny was forced to take her on. Yeah we know she’s hopeless and helpless but why Johnny?!!!

  • Mommy Dearest

    There was a run on sentence at the end. He obviously needs PR to help him

  • Mommy Dearest

    If the usual idiots would stop following her Instagram and indulging her perhaps she’d take a hike?!! But the usual morons compliment her and some even beg to see pics of Johnny! How pathetic are these people’s lives?!!

  • Mommy Dearest

    I think we need to unmask her for what she really is!!! She makes promises to fans and then when made to come through she ignores them or posts another pic of Jonathan. Some fans ask serious questions and then she blocks them!

  • Whispers

    This isn’t new. She can’t handle tough questions, especially if it’s unflavorly. I said over and over, she is using Jonathan. Nobody knew who she was until he came into her life. Jonathan is living a in bubble. He needs to get over it, stop lagging behind her because she’s a friend of the family, face the truth that she is abusing his money and fame to advance herself. If it isn’t obvious now to her “followers”, then they are abusers and users themselves. His family has to know by now, how wrong and manipulative she is. Or are they blind? I mean the fundraiser for the indie movie was screaming extortion.

  • Mommy Dearest

    Yes, she did try to extort money by promising a new pic of Johnny. Who cares Mara! We only have to wait a few days and you’ll post another pic for attention

  • Mommy Dearest

    You’re right about ” her fans” or sorry, his stalkers.

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