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'19 Kids & Counting' Spinoff May Be In the Works

'19 Kids & Counting' Spinoff May Be In the Works

It looks like 19 Kids and Counting could be coming back on the air after all – but with a twist.

Instead of focusing on Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, along with their children, the show would focus on newlyweds Jill and Derrick Dillard and Jessa and Ben Seewald. Both couples are young and starting families. Focus would be totally shifted from Josh and his family.

“The show had begun to focus more and more on the next generation of Duggars, anyway – mainly Jill and Jessa and their marriages and babies,” a source told People. “That’s when the show got its highest ratings.”

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  • MimiB

    Not interested in this sicko family.

  • Jen

    why anyone would want to continue watching this show is beyond me

  • texassa

    The parents are equally if not more to blame in their cover-up of Josh’s molestation of his sisters and their decision to continue raising their children in their damaging, sex-obsessed purity cult which blames victims for their own abuse and excuses their abusers. Jim Bob and Michelle also repeatedly lied in their statements to authorities when they were under investigation, claiming that they put Josh into counseling when they in fact did not.

  • MollyBD

    The more I read about this family, the more I realize how messed up they are. They can no longer hide behind their religion.

  • fromanotherplanet

    Money first, the number rule of capitalist America.

  • Nicola

    The number of supporters they still have is absolutely disgusting.

  • Welly

    Sick of this family troubles. It’s everywhere. All this family cares is having babies and having more then the other. They aren’t every good parents.

  • Welly

    Meaning Michelle and Jim bob.

  • louflo

    The family cares more about money than about family values. How can the family and the disgusting network continue to exploit the children. Why would anyone watch the program while knowing that they all participated in protecting a pedophile. What a disgusting family , worse than the kartrashians. At least the scummy kartrashians do not hide behind religion. The duggar parents are just as dispicable as mama pimp jenner,. Shame on the duggar parents. Pray to that god of yours that he gives you the strength to walk away from the cameras and money and allow your family to heal in private. Greed has obviously clouded your judgement.
    Boycott TLC and any products advertised on the network.

  • LK

    Um no! I think TLC grossly overestimates the public’s ability to stomach people profiting from child molestation, the coverup of that crime, and the revictimization of girls as they process the public outrage, the betrayal, and inevitable shame.

  • CarenLStanfill

    ➢➢➢➢ $83 /hour @mi4//



  • Nancy Brewer-Lentz

    I said there was going to be a spin off. He wanted those 2 girls to marry so quick. Jill’s 3 months and he took her 8,000 miles to get the courtship started and with Jess, Ben lived in another area and they did not see each other very much, so jim bob moved Ben to their house so Jess could see him everyday. I am not judging them but I have my opinions and jim bob covered it up until someone spoke out, not Josh..The police report said he actually touch the genitals so what are we to believe. Jim Bob arranged Josh marriage. He went to Anna father and asked if Josh could court her and you know the rest. Michelle actually said on one of the recent shows that a wife is to be ready at any and all times to satisfy her husband. I was shocked to hear it from her. Two of the molested daughter got on tv for 1 hr to defend Josh and also the parents. I would like to know where is Josh??? He is the one that should be talking..Jim Bob controls every move that family makes..Now Jim Bob is having Josh move back home. I guess to the is into real estate so he probably has a house for Josh so he can control the 27 yr old. I feel so sorry for the oldest girl..SHe is begging to go to college and be a music teacher but he says no..But there may be hope, Joseph has begged to and finally Jim bob said yes he can go to college. The families total intent is to breed children like rabbits. I have watched for years but as I see how Jim bob arranged the 3 marriages and said he did and I see the girls get pregnant right away, it really turned me off..I will never watch the spin off..

  • Nancy Brewer-Lentz

    I will never watch a spin off and will boycott TLC sponsor’s..