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Duggar Family Not Worried About Losing '19 Kids & Counting' Amid Josh's Molestation Scandal

Duggar Family Not Worried About Losing '19 Kids & Counting' Amid Josh's Molestation Scandal

19 Kids and Counting mom and dad Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are reportedly not worried about losing their television show amid their son Josh‘s sexual molestation accusations.

The show was pulled off the air last week after it was discovered that the eldest Duggar child had molested five underage girls, including his sisters.

“They know that they did the best they could, but it doesn’t mean they’re not filled with regret,” a source told People about the family, adding that they are “devastated.”

“Right now they’re just focused on their faith – and each other,” the source added when asked if they’re worried about losing their show.

TLC has yet to make an official decision about the future of 19 Kids and Counting, but did pull the show from the air.

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  • gradybridges

    They never worried about their daughters well being and safety so I doubt they will worry about their show.

  • whatsup

    The parents let down their daughters big time. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • deusexmacina

    But they should worry about their souls burning in hell.

  • Welly

    Sick of hearing this. Michelle and him bob don’t know how to be parents to their kids. The show should go off just like the kandashians.

  • CarenLStanfill

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  • guest233

    The Duggars ‘let’ their daughter’s down? How? These parents after learning about their son immediately took charge of the situation handling it the best that they could. What are they to do..cast their son away from them..disown him? Curse him? Is there NO repentance? I am amazed over the many cruel things written about this family since this scandle broke. All of us will someday die. And will stand before the judgement seat of Christ and will have to give an account of ourselves. Lets hope God will show His mercy to you and won’t remember how merciless you are to one who ‘blew it’ as a kid.

  • Sammee

    They immediately took charge after they found out? No, they didn’t. Read the police report. Michelle admitted that they didn’t tell anyone about Josh’s actions until a year after they found out about it, during which time he did it again. She admits that the “treatment” that they placed Josh in was not run by professional counselors. And with the exception of the three months he was sent away from “treatment,” they basically forced their daughters to live with the person who molested them. What were they supposed to do you ask? How about getting their son professional counseling as soon as they found out what happened? How about separating their daughters from the person who molested them to make sure it didn’t happen again? I honestly don’t understand how people can defend the Duggars’ actions, and in Jesus’ name no less. It’s disgusting, disturbing, and one of the many reasons why so many people are developing a growing distrust of Christians. And as a Christian myself, it pains me to see that.

  • Jaulistine Plum

    With all the cameras rolling…and how much these children were monitored it’s a lie if they say they never knew. I’m sorry but they knew.

  • dessertgirl

    Jim Bob and Michelle let all their children down and by extension their grandchildren as well. They should have gotten professional help for Josh who was only following his father’s example by pawing and crawling all over their mother in an inappropriate way. The girls should have gotten counseling as well and then family counseling so that everyone understood behavior and WHY!

  • PetsRforLife

    You are a Pathetic Bible Twister and obviously have NOT ONE CLUE about the lifelong damage sexual abuse causes! Your total lack of ANY compassion,caring, not to mention knowledge of this case is certainly obvious by your IGNORANT STATEMEMT:
    “BLEW IT AS A KID ” Please go crawl back up Jim Bob’s behind and STFU!!!!!

  • PetsRforLife

    So well stated!!!

  • K_Parr

    It was in 2002!!! The cameras were not there then so how can you state “they knew”!!! Geesh…. read all the details before spitting out stupidity!

  • greylox

    **These girls never had a chance. They are into this cult so deep they’ll never get out, just like their breeder mother.

  • Vicky

    I remember when my older brother tried to force himself on me. I was 10 at the time, and he was going on 14. He almost succeeded but I managed to push him off of me before he penetrated me. I was sobbing so badly I could hardly breathe. I told my mother and she scolded my brother asking him why he did such a thing to his sister. He said the older boys on the playground where he hung out at, put him up to it. Instead of my brother being punished and reprimanded, I was the one to feel guilty and humiliated. My mother told me to keep my mouth shut because my dad be so angry, he would hurt my brother and we wouldn’t want that she said. I never told my dad, and my brother never came near me after that so that was a good thing. But I was disappointed in my mother because she turned her anger at me instead of my brother. Yes, he was a kid, but so was I and I felt like the one who did something wrong or deserved it in some way. That hurt more then anything. I still think back to that and it brings back resentment and pain. That was a long long time ago, but I just wanted others to know that it’s something you never forget. I’m not trying to lynch Josh. He was a teenager just like my brother was, although Josh went on to molest again, whereas my brother didn’t. I hope Josh is over whatever stage or phase he was in. Perhaps it’s much more complicated then that. I don’t know, but he’s married and has children. It seems that he is doing ok. As for his sisters, I can imagine that there not over their experience and probably never will be, because it hurts all the more when it’s from a family member – a brother who is close to you and you love and are suppose to trust.

  • Vicky

    I apologize for the typos. There should be they’re.

  • liza

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  • balletlady

    My heart goes out to you for the hurt & pain you feel. Yes, you can never forget what happened to you. Some aer able to forgive, but forget, that never happens.
    Even at this stage of the game you MAY find some help with counseling. My dear, you were sexually assaulted…to share this with a licensed professional counselor from a rape or sex assault therapist might help you deal with it.
    The assault was NOT your fault, you were NOT a willing participant. Like many families who don’t want this horrific time shared…you were left to swing in the wind alone to carry a burden of guilt that YOU should not be made to carry. Your mother was wrong to tell you to keep it buried within your soul. Your brother should have faced the consequences of what he did to you.
    PLEASE honey….seek professional help…it’s there for you even at THIS time of your life.

  • Vicky

    Thank you for your thoughtful concern. It is particularly touching because you don’t know me. It is very much appreciated. My mother and I discussed this not too long ago. She is now elderly and doesn’t remember much if anything about it anymore. I had to jog her memory a bit, but she soon remembered and told my that she was afraid my dad would really hurt my brother if she told him about what happened. My brother had never talked about it to me and we rarely ever see each other. He is not the easiest person to get a long with. That also hurts because he is the only sibling that I have. I don’t feel as though counseling at this stage of my life would do much good. I know we were just kids then. Perhaps that’s not much of an excuse, but I don’t really think about it much anymore. Josh’s sisters made me remember the hurt and pain. I think what was really hurtful to me though was that my mother just brushed it all aside and my brother got off real easy. Not that I wanted him to be punished or harmed, but he never really told me that he was sorry and acted like it had never happened. All I wanted from him was for him to tell me how sorry he was and that as a sister, I meant more then that to him. I’m past that now. This is not the only experience like this I have ever had though. Maybe that’s why I’m so strong – tarnished and a bit distrustful of people sometimes, but stronger for having survived. In those days, people got away with abusing and molesting children. It was more common and hushed up. Thank god times have changed.

  • balletlady

    I really do care about you! Sending you love & prayers xoxxoxo
    Of course, you don’t forget…you can forgive if you have it within yourself to do so. Yes, children do molest other’s a fact. It might be an illness or POWER over another they felt…we will never know unless the perpetrator can state it for themselves.
    I fully understand why you might think counsel is a no go….but still consider it. As I said numerous times before this WILL come back to haunt them as it does you. Jim Bob & Michelle seem to think that the daughters “forgiving” Josh was enough…YOU & I now it’s not. It never will be…every now & then you will have flashbacks.
    The daughters are the victims but they are STILL left to swing in the wind while Josh went on with his life. Only NOW that everything has come OUT…does Josh face the consequences. Had it not come out…Josh would continue to believe that God forgave him & that was all there was to it.
    As far as your brother goes…I am sure that he does remember & regrets what he did. He may feel guilty & uncomfortable facing you. I am not saying this is true, but being ashamed might be the reason he keeps to himself.
    Yes, more than likely your Dad would have “torn him apart” but you will never know that for sure.
    Understand honey, as you say. it was a DIFFERENT time, abuse was swept under rug & buried.
    I had a high school friend who was sexually abused & raped by her step father since age 9 & then became pregnant at 16 .she left high near the middle of 11th grade to return for our final senior years. We got to renew our friendship & only THEN did she tell my why she had to el\leave school so quiclky for the 11th grade year.
    She told me that her OWN mother refused to believe her that her step father was raping her…telling her she was lying & her boyfriend must have “done it” (she had no boyfriend). Her mother then kicked out her of the home. She had a little boy she gave up for adoption. She never talked to my friend her own daughter again.
    The step father was arrested & placed in prison after sexually assaulting two neighborhood girls. Her mother STILL visited him in prison & NEVER spoke to my girlfriend again.
    I am HERE for you honey…if I can help in any way…let me know, okay?
    I really do care about you! Sending you love & prayers xoxxoxo

  • Jaulistine Plum

    Ummm…’s stated he was molesting even the younger ones whom were in the show and while the show was airing…he even admitted it…so please do your research before you type stupidity…