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Elizabeth Olsen Denies Tom Hiddleston Dating Rumors

Elizabeth Olsen Denies Tom Hiddleston Dating Rumors

Elizabeth Olsen is speaking out to deny rumors that she and her I Saw The Light co-star Tom Hiddleston are dating.

Rumors started swirling over the summer about the possible couple and then they were spotted out for dinner together in London back in July.

“I mean, we definitely are friends and we’ve known each other for about four years. And we happened to be at a restaurant at a wrong time having dinner. We all go out to dinner,” Lizzie told Refinery29.

When asked how she reacts to seeing the rumors in the press, she said, “Well, apparently, I’m dating Chris Evans, and apparently, I’ve dated Jeremy Renner, so I guess that… I don’t react to it.”

Lizzie was then asked if she is dating Tom and she responded, “No. I mean people can think what they want to think.”

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  • Lady Macbeth

    I think they’ve been getting down since filming, but it’s nothing serious. With their movie getting panned, there’s no reason to make it more than it is — a couple of friends messing around when they get a chance.

  • Inner

    There were the rumors about them since January. They had something for sure.

  • Sassypants


  • Neighbour

    It’s for their movie. All that dining out was just PR. All this is PR. They’re not dating; at least I don’t think so.

  • em

    really. !!!?

    So, to stop some of the silly fan girl fantasy lies before they start. Elizabeth Olsen did not arrive at the High-Rise premiere with Tom. She actually arrived hand in hand with Marc Abraham – the director of ISTL. High-Rise is the hot ticket and many celebrities are there. Sorry THEO shippers

  • WhatTheWhat

    And you believe everything a celeb says their private life? Her answer was actually pretty vague. They don’t have to be in a serious, committed relationship to be having sex, y’know.

    Her holding hands with a man old enough to be her dad is her being an Olsen girl. They like older mens.

  • WhatTheWhat

    Yeah, those rumors didn’t come out of nowhere. And she was in London twice visiting him since filming wrapped. They’re probably friends with benefits.

  • Nicola

    Calm down. No one’s claiming they’re eloping next weekend. They’re just saying they probably had or have a casual fling like many co-stars before them. As for her response, most celebrities deny or evade questions about their personal lives so it’s not surprising she didn’t say, “Yes! Tom and I have been dating for the past six months. We’re very happy together.”

  • Pauashell

    Sad that it came to a break up engagement during the ISTL I will never forget. FWB crack me up!!

  • em

    I will clarify !
    If they r dating .
    No reason They must be rejected.!!!

    For fans !!!? For private life !!!? No !!!

    They do not need to do that.

    I want to tell you guys.

    Comments on the Internet. There is no meaning in their lives.

    Denial is just two people not love each other. !!!

  • lala

    Yeah they are totally dating.

  • em

    FWB !!!

    Stop cramming nasty relationship !

    I know you got this from tumblr.

    This is slander !!!

  • Grobanworldnews Internationalf

    LOL. How can people not see that all the stuff with her and Jeremy Renner, Chris Evans, and Tom was all just PR? It’s a coincidence that she was linked to three men with whom she had three opening movies? Yeah, right.

  • Ause Ekel

    I don’t know if this was PR for sure because Olsen actually broke a one year engagement after she shot the film. I don’t think she would do that for PR reasons. Maybe they would use their romance to attract attention to the film but since their film flopped among critics, they gave up the showmance. They might be dating to be honest but are hiding from the audience.

    Or, if this was really PR, the bad reviews made them give it up, it would be pointless.

    Or she’s telling the truth and they never dated at first place.

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  • Eeww

    It’s ridiculous how desperate ‘fangirls’ are with their celebrity crushes.

    They either completely trash the females their ‘crush’ is supposedly involved with or they unrealistically ‘ship’ them despite denials from
    both celebrities.
    Fangirls want to project their feelings onto their crushes which is not
    only childish but delusional as well.

  • xyz

    Noone cares

  • Grobanworldnews Internationalf

    You know what these two are doing? They are blaming US for “misunderstanding” the situation between them. No, do not blame the public for this stupid PR stunt–blame yourselves for setting up a lame showmance in a desperate attempt at Oscar nominations. You both look like you are totally obsessed with fame and are willing to hoodwink the public to get it. My opinion of these two has gone down A LOT.

  • WhatTheWhat

    The only reason we’re even talking about these two is because one of their PR people (hers likely) planted the rumor about her and Tom last Spring to get people speculating about them. It didn’t get widespread coverage since neither of them are major celebrities. The purpose of the staged pap photos was to support the rumor and generate more widespread publicity for them, which it did. Now that the movie has been premiered to poor reviews, there won’t be any major Oscar campaign for either of them to justify keeping the rumor going. This is why you are hearing them both deny it now, rather than in July. Whether or not they have been sleeping together isn’t the point. As long as sites like this are talking about their “rumored relationship” then the pap walk achieved it’s desired result. What you believe about their actual relationship doesn’t matter. For the past six months, they wanted you to believe they might be dating; now it isn’t necessary so they’re both denying that anything was going on.

  • Lainie Salinero

    Tumblr babies don’t count. There were no rumors until May. Get your bs together.

  • Pauashell

    Speak the truth Grobanworldnews Internationalf many thanks for sharing.

  • alex

    this girl she’s crazy…….she says this things closed to tom pompom and pretend that we believe in her words?lizziebitchy please PULL SOMEBODY LEG IN ANOTHER BLOG,THANK YOU!

  • GrobanWorld News

    Uh, trust me, they were never sleeping together. At the end of their “date night, ” Tom was photographed getting into his awaiting Jaguar all by himself. The cab had dropped off Liz somewhere else beforehand. Her people and Luke Windsor are probably responsible for the rumor being planted in US Weekly. Her people also planted the rumors about her and Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans. You know, I never had a problem with Susannah Fielding because she dated Tom for real. I detested the thing with Olsen because it’s just more fake Hollywood garbage. I thought Tom was above this sort of thing.

  • BubzLife Starlight

    Any one who even think that had a FWB relationship is stupid. You’re probably an easily influenced person. NO ONE suspected anything until the media mysteriously said something. Now everyone is like “OH THEY MOST DEF. DID SOMETHING DURING FILIMING”. LOL how?He’s more cozy with Mia and Jessica and no one is saying anything. Lord, when will you fan girls get out of your fantasies.

  • BubzLife Starlight

    Actually I do. I rather hear it from their mouths then the press. Do you believe everything you see in the press? Because I’m sure no one suspected or even conceived the thought of these 2 before that “mysterious” source claimed they were. Lol you must be dull.