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Amber Heard Withdraws Her Request for Temporary Spousal Support

Amber Heard Withdraws Her Request for Temporary Spousal Support

Amber Heard has withdrawn her request for temporary spousal support in light of accusations that her domestic violence claims are for monetary reasons.

A lawyer for the 30-year-old actress filed a declaration saying she’s withdrawing her request, which would have been handled during Friday’s (June 17) restraining order hearing.

According to TMZ, Amber only filed for it because she thought it was standard in a divorce case but does not want it twisted in the media any further.

In the documents, Amber says it is being “used against me to distract and divert the public away from the very serious real issue of domestic violence.”

This does not mean that Amber does not want any support though. The documents say she reserves the right to go after spousal support in their divorce once the restraining order is handled.

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  • j b

    Good to see she realized that nobody believes her about Johnny abusing her and that a public trial would ruin her career.

  • Koos

    a right way to start a war………….

  • atpo

    Too late Amber.You are not changing the public opinion now

  • marsshmallow

    She knows she’s not gonna get a single cent.

  • Arx

    Why does public opinion matter? This is her life but she’s more concerned about what we think…

  • meaghan

    “This does not mean that Amber does not want any support though.” well well well, look at JJ offering this PURE SPECULATION in a transparent attempt to rile those on both sides of this case. they’ve obviously noticed depp/heard stories generate more clicks and comments (read: ad money) for them than anything else and are trying to incite enough anger for people to feel compelled to comment/drive up their page hits. tacky and tasteless. (I hate that I’m even contributing to this gross exploitation of a very serious and personal problem by pointing it out but it needs to be said.)

  • Just Saying

    Did her lawyers finally realised it made her look like the golddigger she is? I wonder how long will it take for them to realise she can’t pay them with the imaginary 10000 she “makes” monthly…

  • atpo

    If Amber’s team wasn’t leaking stories to the media everyday people would have taken it more seriously.It’s totally her choice that this has turned into a circus

  • marsshmallow

    Funny how amber’s team the only one exploiting this drama while Johnny has been keeping quiet all this time

  • Little Paper Stars

    Back peddle, back peddle, back peddle

  • rg1984

    it didn’t sound right from the first place, if he was abusive why would she wants his money or any anything to do with him?

  • FerCat

    If public opinion turns on her vehemently, no studio will hire her.
    Example Lindsey Lohan.

  • Just Saying

    She’s an actress, if no one likes her, no one will hire her. People are already saying they won’t be seeing Aquaman because she’s the lead female. I’m surprised she hasn’t being fired from the movie.

  • iren

    i hope they’ll cast someone else instead.. she was a bad choice from the beginning.

  • Just Saying

    I know, she’s a terrible actress. I heard that Olivia Wilde was in the running for the part, she would have been so much better.

  • Pat Kerr

    So now she is saying she thought it was standard – she had lawyers from the start so I call BS.

  • Sabrina

    If I had been abused I would also take the perpetrator’s money. Why not? The fucker honestly should hand over some money as compensation for the damages.

  • VanityInsecurity

    when you only care about the public’s views then it seems only right that we view you as doing this only for publicity.

  • Jesus is coming…RUN!!!

    they’re both idiots

  • Dorothyfromoz

    She can’t undo time. The fact is she first appealed to his business manager to get spousal support. After Depp’s team denied her request she then filed the RO. Now she is trying to back pedal because The public see’s her for what she is, a gold digger who probably manipulated the whole situation to make it look like Depp abused her when in fact the opposite is probably true.

  • GamerGirlSlayer

    Her career already ruin thanks to her smearing Johnny Depp

  • Silly People

    No spouse of a year should get spousal support at all. They have no kids. She’s able to work. Get off your lazy a** and work, pay your own bills.

  • MollyBD

    All I get from this is that her lawyers aren’t very smart. If they are releasing all these stories to get a feel for how the public perceives Amber, they are doing her more harm than good.

  • Ariana-Kaelita

    So she now knows she has been proven a liar? LOL!

  • Mona

    The drunk has abused her… wtf can he say? lol

    I’m glad she did this because the money thing bugged me from the beginning, but I always believed she was abused.

  • Mona

    Nope, some news outlets just dig for dirt, whatever they can find. She may have cut a deal with People magazine – but so have many other abuse victims such as Erin Everly and Stephanie Seymore who were abused by Axl Rose…

  • AlexanderSupertramp

    Take a deep breath. ALL of Johnny’s ex-wives and girlfriends have said he was never abusive to them or drugs. Even COUNTLESS other celebrities have commented how she sounds manipulative. She is obviously a gold digger. Why would he start being abusive in his 50′s? Those characteristics start at a young age.

  • AlexanderSupertramp

    Take a deep breath. ALL of Johnny’s ex-wives and girlfriends have said he was never abusive to them or drugs. Even COUNTLESS other celebrities have commented how she sounds manipulative. She is obviously a gold digger. Why would he start being abusive in his 50′s? Those characteristics start at a young age.

  • Wendy

    I think the thing with it was that she didn’t say anything about abuse until he didn’t give her money. So would she just have never come out with it? Seems fishy.

  • Dolly

    Not all of his exes have defended him, just two of them. Vanessa said that he was “never physically abusive” (note that she didn’t say anything about verbal abuse or alcohol/drug problems, both of which Amber has alleged) and his ex-wife from the eighties also said he wasn’t abusive. But that marriage was a long time ago. They were kids. Notice that Winona (who had a bunch of prescription meds on her when she got busted for shoplifting) and Kate (who checked into rehab at one point) have stayed quiet.

    Can I also just point out that he has two kids under the age of 18. There is a vested interest there in maintaining that he is not abusive. He can lose custody/visitation rights and possibly be charged with child endangerment if they were ever on the premises when/if he was abusive. Vanessa could possibly be charged with child endangerment as well.

  • Dolly

    That’s what he was counting on: that he’s such a big star and so well-connected that no one would say anything.

  • MyName


  • MyName

    Sherilyn Fenn also defended him. The ‘wives’ make the headlines.

    Their children aren’t small and VP has her own money. There was never even a hint of him ever involved in domestic violence throughout the years.

  • MyName

    She paraded outside of the courthouse with a bruise. The only time that bruise was ever seen.
    She sold pictures to a tabloid.
    There was no digging needed for those.

  • MyName

    JD’s influence helped. She’s burned that bridge.

  • MyName

    He declined her request for a private settlement. If he was guilty then he would have wanted to handle it privately.

  • Dolly

    The age of the kids if they are under 18 and the money doesn’t matter. It is still child endangerment. Sherilyn Fenn dated him in the mid to late eighties after he got divorced for the first time. Again, pre-Winona, pre-Kate. Something happened to him drug-wise in the nineties. And he basically admitted in that Rolling Stone cover story a couple of years back that he had been drinking too much and had to quit. Looks like that didn’t last.

    Winona said in an interview that her first boyfriend used to smash things. Plus he trashed that hotel room when he was with Kate. Yeah, he has had violent tendencies.

  • Dolly

    She left him and he refused to give her money. There was an argument between them at some point, her friend called the cops, and she filed for a restraining order. Abusers don’t like to lose control of their victim. Did she ask for too much in spousal support? Yeah maybe. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any abuse.

  • Dolly

    Have you ever heard of Dermablend? You can cover up tattoos and birthmarks with it. Good grief, she could cover up a bruise.

  • MyName

    Yet she didn’t stop in the courthouse bathroom to cover it up. She wanted to be photographed with it. She probably even called the paparazzi to be there. The usually didn’t follow her without him.

  • MyName

    They probably argued, most couples do. Arguments, even heated ones, does not mean abuse. Her friends are ,motivated by money.

    AH asked for the divorce to be handled privately. When he declined, she then went public. If he was guilty then he would have wanted to handle it privately. It isn’t just that she asked for a ridiculous amount of money. It’s that she asked for money not to publicly talk about their split. If it wasn’t about money then she would have wanted it to be made public.

    If he was supposedly abusing her before they married then she wouldn’t have married him. She was an adult, had her own career, had her own money, had her own friends & family, had zero children, and they weren’t a couple for very long. She didn’t then have to marry an alleged abuser.
    She is lying.

  • MyName

    No, the age of the children would matter. Teens don’t need as much care so visitation with them ids often handled differently.

    So, alcohol abuse doesn’t equate domestic violence. One can drink and be an abuser, one could not drink and be an abuser, one could drink and not be an abuser, or one could not drink and not be an abuser.
    It’s the same for others things such as one may drink but not smoke, one may not eat meat but eat dairy, one may not consume either, etc.

    Hitting things isn’t the same as hitting people. Some often take their frustrations out on inanimate objects. They get it out and don’t hit people.
    WR and KM have had their own issues. He though isn’t a talker when it comes to private matters.

  • Dolly

    That’s the stupidest logic and the worst victim-blaming ever. There are a lot of people who marry someone who is abusive thinking it will get better, or it only happened once and he apologized, or if substance abuse is a factor that they will get the person help and things will change. It is textbook.

    As far as her friends go, I doubt that people are going to risk jail time by committing perjury for Amber Heard. Everyone is going to be under oath. The story is that Johnny is the one who will plead the fifth if Amber’s attorney calls him as an adverse witness. Again, abusers don’t like it when they are not in control. Setting boundaries often makes them worse.

  • MyName

    After reading some of your comments, I take it as a compliment if you have an issue with my logic. There’s no victim blaming, that is just silly. At this point she is an alleged victim and hasn’t proven her case. It’s insulting that she used such a serious issue to try and profit.
    It isn’t textbook for someone who was an adult, had her own career, had her own money, had her own friends & family, had zero children, and they weren’t a couple for very long.

    They’re only saying what they heard her say. That isn’t exactly perjury. By that logic, why then would JD’s supporter’s risk perjury? Why would the police officers risk a perjury charge? They wouldn’t.

    It’s innocent until/unless proven guilty. He’s no more an abuser than she is an 80 year old man from Brazil. We can though post what one of those would do.
    What an abuser and victim would do has nothing to do with this case.

  • Robert Lunney

    I’m all for supporting abuse victims & understand the stigma of coming out of an abusive relationship…but everything about this situation smells wrong.

    We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, but from the information that has been released to the public, everything points to Heard being a manipulative gold-digger & out to ruin Depp’s reputation.

    She has a lot to prove to the public. Hopefully she can prove the truth of her claims. The public is already tearing her apart.

  • Robert Lunney

    It’s a difficult situation where we just don’t know where the truth lies.

    I’m all for her defending herself & getting out of an alleged abusive relationship, but now the burden of proof rests with her to back up these claims.

    Both of their friends have rallied around each of them & accuses the other spouse of lying or improper conduct in the marriage.

    It’s sad, but she needs to be able to prove without a shadow of a doubt in a court of law that malicious physical &/or psychological harm was done to her. Depp seems certain that she doesn’t have a case to win & unfortunately, the public just DOESN’T believe her story from the witnesses & police interviews that have produced no real evidence of her claims.

    Even the photos of the alleged bruises Depp caused have been confusing.

    Hopefully, the guilty party will ‘ve found out & justice will be delivered.