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Brad Pitt Sports an Arm Bandage While Shopping with Maddox

Brad Pitt Sports an Arm Bandage While Shopping with Maddox

Brad Pitt gets his key from the valet after shopping at Neiman Marcus on Thursday (July 28) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 52-year-old actor, who was joined by his 14-year-old son Maddox (not pictured), sported a bandage wrapped around his left bicep.

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There have been reports swirling that Brad and his wife Angelina Jolie are planning on adopting another child, but their rep has told Gossip Cop that the rumors are “not true.”

15+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt shopping with his son…

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brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 01
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 02
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 03
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 04
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 05
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 06
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 07
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 08
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 09
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 10
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 11
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 12
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 13
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 14
brad pitt sports an arm bandage while shopping with maddox 15

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  • lurker

    looking good Mr pitt

  • lurker

    So proud of Hillary i will be doing all i can to get her elected,as a Muslim and an immigrant if Trump wins am fucked

  • lurker

    I will be voting, and i hope everybody who loves this great Country never votes for this bigot

  • Beedyq

    That KT tape gets lower and lower on his arm. Glad to see that Brad and Mad are out and about.

  • Beedyq

    I will certainly be voting for HRC, and I will vote early.

  • toastie postie

    Looks different this time – the tape.

  • Beedyq

    keylin ‏@_kaaaaylin 1m1 minute ago

    i just seen Angelina Jolie in front of me

  • Beedyq

    Myrill Manalo‏@myrillmanalo 1m1 minute ago

    Angelina Jolie here in LAX doe

  • Beedyq

    Angie is back, the Hong Kong tweet was true.

  • wika

    Wonder if we’ll get pics – pap pics.. nice that they took turns. He left NYC for 4 days and then when he went back Angelina went Cambodia for 4 days..

  • toastie postie

    With Degree Debunked, Melania Trump Website Is Taken Down

  • Beedyq

    I don’t know how she does it, Brad’s flights were 5 hours each way, Angie’s flights were at least 16+ hours if her ultimate destination was Cambodia. I do love how they coordinate their travel.

  • Beedyq

    LOL Liar liar pants on fire.

  • toastie postie

    Like her hubby.

  • toastie postie

    Love this guy She wouldn’t stay throwed – they try to put thrown in but it sounded like throwed?

  • toastie postie

    Bernie’s Brats are as bad as Dumpster – one of the losers of tonight according to the Washington Post – Each night they have a winners and losers – and all sourpuss Bernie just sat there like an old Grumpy of the 7 Dwarfs

    “* The “Bernie or Bust” crowd: Sanders’s supporters repeatedly disrupted Hillary Clinton’s speech, forcing her backers to drown them out with “Hillary!” chants. Here’s the thing: Bernie Sanders, as he has acknowledged, lost. Fair and square. Clinton got more delegates. She got more votes. She won. This is the nature of campaigns. Someone wins, someone loses. Get over it.”

  • Bwest

    Brad is a handsome reference worldwide ! Mad is a young man as large as their parents. Still hot and father present in the lives of their children. A loving and caring husband to his wife Angie. Please, JJ! O unnecessary comment on new adoptions .

  • toastie postie
  • ali7


    Melania Trump takes down her website, acknowledging that it contained inaccuracies

  • busted

    Brad is really an attractive man. I like that he is spending one on one time with his kids. I can’t believe that Maddox’s birthday is next week. Just thinking of those years with just he and Angie. But then too the vast majority of his life is with both of his parents. Just so great to see how much he has grown.

  • Felinelilly

    LOL at Republicans being angry about Bradley Cooper being a Democrat after he played a Republican soldier in a movie. I’m shocked. You mean… Mel Gibson isn’t really Braveheart? Chloë Moretz isn’t really a superhero? Al Pacino isn’t really a mobster? Brad isn’t really ageing backwards? Angelina isn’t really Maleficent?! WHATTTT?! Screw them all! They’re dead to me!

    Good grief. LOL Dumber than dumb. No wonder they’re gobbling up every lie Trump spits out.

  • neer

    Sue Campbell ‏@SuePCampbell Jul 26

    [#]Malala[/#] is inspired by [#]AngelinaJolie[/#] and learns from@world@leaders, she tells @vsawkar

  • ali7

    This is great the Dame inspired the bravest young woman I ever know

  • bap

    Thank you Malala!

  • Claire

    Lol. They’re dumb ! And Brad isn’t really Achille ? Nooooo … lmao

  • bap

    The film narrated by Morgan Freeman about Hillary displayed how caring and strong she really is.

  • Felinelilly

    LOL Whyyyy?!!!

  • busted

    I was going to post about that last night too. The site was not working well. I really don’t get how people’s minds work. Did they really think he was Republican because he played a person in a movie. I really think they are pissed that there are no big named celebrities that are visibly backing The Dumpster.

  • Guest

    this man starts looking good over 50.

  • busted

    Seems we don’t have pics of Angie at LAX.

    Still on a high from the DNC..just remembering all the great speeches and moments. It really was a fantastic Convention.

  • neer

    KDCartel ‏@KDCARTEL
    8m8 minutes ago

    I watch tomb raider just to look at Angelina Jolie’s lips

    Alexandra ‏@alexandralinne
    11m11 minutes ago

    My fave is angelina jolie

    In reply to Keith™
    Lovely Leitrim @LovelyLeitrimIE
    28m28 minutes ago
    Oh is that the one directed by Angelina Jolie? It’s on my to watch list.

    mackenzie ‏@heavymetalorgy
    39m39 minutes ago

    angelina jolie is the only woman who is perfect for the role of tomb raider goodbye

    Alysa Hunnam ‏@AllyStormborn
    43m43 minutes ago @upkgeniusonair
    Angelina Jolie is someone to truly look up to and admire. She is truly amazing! #UPKMakeupnotMadeup

    Kay Arellano ‏@kaycarellano
    1h1 hour ago Los Angeles, CA
    Kay Arellano Retweeted
    Myrill Manalo

    first night in LA & Angelina Jolie passes us starstruck af

    REDG3 ‏@T20G3
    1h1 hour ago

    Angelina Jolie’s secret to traveling in comfortable style is also affordable:

    Cosmic Water Bottle @EatTheMoon
    1h1 hour ago

    If your contour doesn’t give you Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones in Maleficent, is it really a contour???

    Viv. ‏@lildulce_gal
    4h4 hours ago

    Angelina Jolie is such a badass in SALT I love it

    girlinterrupted @xolaurencexo
    4h4 hours ago Reims, France

    Goddess #AngelinaJolie #MyQueen

    FaythE ‏@faytheileen
    5h5 hours ago

    Forever wishing I born with Angelina Jolie lips

    heartthrob ‏@MIKEDAGODZ
    5h5 hours ago

    I’m gonna need Angelina Jolie to make another movie, like today

    sky☼ ‏@montanasty
    7h7 hours ago

    I wish to acquire the aesthetic of @AngelinaJolie in “By The Sea” She’s so elegant!!

  • Felinelilly

    LOL “Dumpster”, nice. The name couldn’t fit a more deserving guy. Didn’t they have Scott Baio on for him last week? Who else, Caitlyn Jenner is a staunch Republican. I’m sure Donald is thrilled about her, too. I guess the rest of the celebrities are sane and have minds of their own to see what a disaster Drumpf is.

  • Susan

    I liked that the DNC was inclusive, covered all religions, BLM and police officers.
    And to Bernie and his or Bust people, Class is showing grace when you lose.

  • neer

    Paige ‏@QueenDeppHead 5m5 minutes ago

    Just watching #GirlInterrupted Epic film… #WinonaRyder #angelinajolie

    Furiosa ‏@nnmz95 4m4 minutes ago

    I love love love Angelina Jolie in Maleficent. She’s perfect

    DelaCruz David ‏@IAmDaviddd 1m1 minute ago

    Watching Maleficent then I suddenly remembered and miss this beauty @NickaSayaman Angelina Jolie

    Scorpiyow ‏@IresHole 7m7 minutes ago

    May napanuod akong speech ni Angelina Jolie na ang moving sobra pero di ko maalala kung saan niya sa sinabi yun :’( ( I saw an extremely moving Angelina Jolie speech but couldn’t remember when did she say it)

    Teyahxx ‏@AlthieaMaria 2m2 minutes ago

    Ang ganda talaga ni Angelina Jolie (Translation: Angelina Jolie is so beautiful)

    Arjean ✨ ‏@arjeantinaaa 4m4 minutes ago

    That jawline of Angelina Jolie tho

    Ken Robin A. Canada ‏@kenrobin26 5m5 minutes ago Manila City, National Capital Region

    Angelina Jolie is …Watching watching movies lang ako tae imbis na gumawa ng assignments (Translation: Instead of doing my assignments I am watching Angelina Jolie movies)

    Caitlin ‏@caitlinprobz 14m14 minutes ago Murfreesboro, TN

    Had a dream that Angelina Jolie made me smell avocados and cheese for her at the grocery

    In reply to The Clumpany
    Gerry Loughery
    29m29 minutes ago
    I’m having an affair with Angelina Jolie. Obviously I’m not, but at least I’m good looking enough to be linked with her

    Caroline Galbraith @heart2heartmatc
    20m20 minutes ago

    Look at angelina jolie how much she does to help others

    Denise ✨ ‏@denisemeds
    23m23 minutes ago

    NW: Maleficent Watched it so many times but still entertained me Angelina Jolie fan forever

  • neer

    These are the most outrageous pieces of jewellery worn by celebrities
    Vogue India | July 29, 2016

    And the most iconic jewels seen on screen

    Across cut, colour and clarity, we bring you the most iconic and outrageous jewels in reel and real life. From the biggest diamonds owned, to the ones sported on screen, here is our list of the most stunning pieces of jewellery ever made.

    1 Angelina Jolie

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  • Lady Valeria


  • Go Figure!

    The very same party Caitlyn Jenner is endorsing has no use for transgenders. If she were not so news worthy, would she have even been included in the program? I didn’t watch, but were there any other gays (forgive me if not the correct terminology, but having a senior moment and can’t recall correct phrases) endorsing The Donald? Using that cause Obama did. Hilary was on fire last night. She looked terrific. She is going to make a great president. Bernie will go back to Vermont and everyone will forget who he is.

  • Go Figure!

    What? Oh say it isn’t so. LOL! What took her so long?

  • Dawne

    I feel badly that DWS did all this work and then never got to reap the rewards……………she clearly was an over eager HC supporter but she should have remained unbiased; regardless of how much Bernie was becoming a PIA with is pack of brats.

  • Dawne

    And MIchael Douglas was really a President……….and Annette Benning a FLOTUS.

  • Erianthe

    OMG!!! That’s shocking! I am absolutely stunned. Inaccuracies!!! How’s does that make America great again??? What’s next? Plagiarism? Oh wait…

  • Erianthe

    Angie’s got game in the jewelry department, I must say. Especially that one ring on her left hand:).

  • Dawne
  • Erianthe

    I’m going to have to disagree with you about Brad. After looking at recent photos, I really do believe he’s aging backwards.

  • Felinelilly

    LOL touché, absolutely.

  • Felinelilly

    Dang. I must have slept through their tenure.

  • Dawne

    I think what Donald Dearest overlooked due to his savage ignorance of all things outside of his own personal greed………….While he is busy being the Outsider………the White Knight riding in to save America………….he let go of the right wing platform of God, Country and Combat……leaving the Rights political identity by the side of the road for the Dems to pluck up and become the Party For All……. Their platform now comprises the agendas of both major parties running against the Ego Party of the Unqualified.

  • busted

    I think everyone noticed that. The Democrats had so many themes that are usually associated with the Republicans. And you know the Republican Base is not happy about it. Dumpster is losing them the things that made them what they were.

  • Dawne

    Its the lying resume…………she does not have a Degree…………….so………..Pretty but disingenuous and plagiarizing………….I think BC should come out and attach the shite out of her trustworthiness….like her husband is doing to his wife.

  • Dawne

    They commented all night but my point is because he rejected the Establishment they truly were not represented and he never noticed……………….the boy is not bright……………..just a greedy, vain, insecure bully.