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Britney Spears & 'Slumber Party' Video Hunk Sam Asghari Share Cute Christmas Message - Watch Here!

Britney Spears & 'Slumber Party' Video Hunk Sam Asghari Share Cute Christmas Message - Watch Here!

Things between Britney Spears and her hunky “Slumber Party” music video star Sam Asghari seem to be getting intimate!

The hot fitness model took to his Instagram story and Snapchat on Christmas (December 25) to share a super cute video of the two of them together in bed, with the baby deer voice changer filter.

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“Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight,” Britney, 35, says in the adorable clip – Check it out below!

Last week, Britney and Sam were spotted grabbing dinner together at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ in Los Angeles.

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  • Julianne Potter

    People get on Taylor Swift for not keeping a man but this one right here can’t keep a man even when they’re paid enough to date her and keep her company. It’s not mentioned enough because no one wants to “poke at her fragile state of mind”

  • Wo Ra

    Since 2008 Taylor had 8 boyfriends and Britney had 3 one of them she was engaged to lol child please, Taylor is the most unstable little girl when it comes to relationships, who you foolin’?

  • Julianne Potter

    This is what you don’t understand about my point Britard. I said even though they get paid to be her boyfriend, she still can’t keep them around. Not even money can make them stay in it for the long haul. Taylor may have a lot of boyfriends but she’s way younger so I expect it. She’s very juvenile in her relationships yet she keeps picking older guys. John Mayer. Tom Hiddleston. Calvin Harris. Jake Gyllenhaal. A couple were in her age group but she’s a girl who wants the maturity of an older man but she hasn’t matured yet. She wants to settle down with guys who if they’re not married by now with kids like Leonardo DiCaprio then don’t expect a different outcome after 6 months. A lot of these guys just want a temporary good time. As for Britney, She is 35 years old. Or 36. She can’t keep a man. She’s going to be 40 and her dad will still find guys to be her companion. She lacks social skills. That’s where she and Taylor differ. Taylor picks the wrong guys in this time of her life. Britney can’t even date without an application being sent to her father to be approved. Kevin was the last guy she dated on her own terms which of course ended up in a disastrous marriage

  • Wo Ra

    Child your post stinks with misogyny, you probably support Trump like Taylor so your misogyny is justified. You better get the f*ck outta here talkin outta your ass acting like you know what’s up, “they pay them money to stay” boy show me the receipts. Even tabloids don’t stoop this low like you just did with your misogyny. Your girl is unstable, she dates for publicity, the public knows about her relationships before her family does because her team sends it to tabloids to boost her popularity. It’s a known fact she a snake since she got exposed now go deal with it you freak

  • Julianne Potter

    Your insecurities are really shining through. What does Trump have to do with our conversation about Britney Spears? And it’s ironic you assume I voted for Trump because I compared Taylor to Britney and don’t realize that Britney Spears voted for Trump and she openly vouched for him. So either way you look ridiculous for assuming who I voted for on the political spectrum based on pop singers and who they date and by not realizing the person you’re defending voted for him πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ Next time you want to get your point across don’t be so maniacally ghetto

  • Avery Lane

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