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Colin Firth Would Not Work With Woody Allen Again

Colin Firth Would Not Work With Woody Allen Again

Colin Firth is speaking out against Woody Allen.

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The Academy Award-winning actor confirmed his decision in a statement to The Guardian on Thursday (January 19).

“I wouldn’t work with him again,” he said.

Colin appeared in Woody‘s Magic In The Moonlight back in 2013, one year before Dylan Farrow published an open letter regarding her father’s alleged molestation.

She recently spoke out about the allegations in a new interview.

“I am credible and I am telling the truth,” she said.

Woody has continuously denied the accusation.

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  • Maria M.

    Yeah, six year old brainwashed by her mother is very credible. There are institutions whose job is to determine who is telling the truth in such cases and they dismissed Mia Farrow’s accusations. Woody Allen was cleared by Social Services but he needs to be cleared by celebrities and public too? Only in a country that has Salem in it’s history. Shame on you, Colin!

  • James Kellogg

    Colin Firth is obviously a stupid sheep – pathetic. I am against child molestation and sexual harassment, but I am also tremendously against condemning someone with no proof. There is no credible evidence that Woody Allen molested his adopted daughter. Nobody else has ever accused Allen of any sexual crime and historically, sexual predators strike repeatedly. Furthermore, doctors that examined Allen’s daughter, said there was no evidence against him and they thought that she might have been coached by her mother, Mia Farrow. Allen and Farrow were at the time of the original accusation, involved in an acrimonious breakup and custody dispute.
    Frankly, I think that Farrow and her daughter, appear to be people with psychological problems.

  • quartzoup

    Imagine dating someone. Being introduced to their 12 year old daughter. And marrying that 12 year old daughter, a few years later. Woody did that. He did that very thing. He met a 12 year old, and married her a couple years later. Are you fucking dumb?

  • Phil the Donahue

    That’s funny, I read the police reports and the cops said they believed the child. What child is going to make up all that creepy crap? Besides, Woody Allen married his daughter. Come on, his daughter, he married a kid in the house what more do you need? Obviously you must molest and feel the need to not be judged or your parents abused you.

  • Phil the Donahue

    You were abused as a child or you are abusing someone now. Only abusers stand up for other abusers.

  • Maria M.

    I don’t think she made it up, she was manipulated and coached by Farrow. She probably believes it happened. It is easy to implant a false memory into a child’s mind. I feel sorry for that girl. Her mother is a monster. I would never purposefully inflict psychological damage on my child just to destroy my cheating ex. But some women would and I know a few of them. The hatred for being left for another woman, a younger woman is so all consuming that they can’t put a child’s well-being first. And it’s even worse in this case. He left her for her own daughter. I would probably shoot him but I would never use a child as a weapon. Moses Farrow was 15 at the time, not a toddler and he said that Mia physically abused him and coached his sister. Soon-Yi is not Allen’s daughter, she is Andre Previn’s daughter. Your troll comments that people who disagree with you are molesters are sad.

  • ShellBell

    It was credible enough it could have been taken to court and the only reason it didn’t IIRC was because Mia didn’t want to put Dylan through all that. First of all as you say, the fact he married a girl he was paternal with was a big enough red light but the fact that never once has Dylan changed her story also adds weight to it. I am sick of hearing ppl say there was no evidence so it didn’t happen. Maybe they should go and read up on some cases of kids being abused in their home and they will see more often than not there isn’t any evidence as the abuser is smart that way.

  • Maria M.

    I know a guy who married his friend’s daughter. He knew her since she was born and she hanged with his kids but he is very rich and left his wife one day and started dating girls in their 20s. Midlife crisis. That girl was 24 when they married and he was in his early 50s. This man is womanizer and he is certainly not attracted to children. Just because you knew someone as a child does not make you a pedophile if you date them or marry them as adults. Her father was betrayed and he wouldn’t speak to him or her for a few years but later he accepted it. You need to use your brain a little. Things are rarely black and white. Seducing his girlfriend’s daughter was despicable but not a proof that he is a child molester. People don’t become pedophiles over night. Where are other children he molested? There has to be more, it’s a serial behavior.

  • rosaryblue

    I am so happy that Colin Firth has stood up! Anyone who does not believe Dylan Farrow only needs to think about the fact that Woody married his step daughter and had naked pics of her. The writing is on the wall. I believe Dylan. Sad how some women are believed and some are not. Colin shows how brave and open minded he is.

  • quartzoup

    Stfu about your friend who married another friend’s daughter you moron, Woody married his GIRLFRIEND’S daughter. That’s some hillbilly backwards shit and you can’t refute that, so go on defending an old pervert, if that’s your kink.

  • Joy

    That’s bullshit. Dylan’s words ring true and she is extremely adamant and upset about it. You men RELY on there being little chance of physical evidence when you molest kids.

  • Joy

    He’s a brand new bot. Signed on just to decry Dylan. An asshole, basically.

  • Joy

    All of that is extremely gross and I wouldn’t be proudly telling it if I were you.
    And yes, your friend marrying someone he knew since she was BORN is indeed perverse.

  • Joy

    How much are you getting paid?

  • Esther

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  • Sara

    Everyone has known for years, decades, who Woody Allen is and what he has done. He is just speaking out now to jump on the bandwagon. He just worked with him 5 years ago, clearly he had no problems working with a disgusting pedophile.