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Princess Diana Fatal Crash-Themed Ride Opens at Amusement Park

Princess Diana Fatal Crash-Themed Ride Opens at Amusement Park

Princess Diana‘s tragic death is becoming a theme park ride.

The car crash that killed the beloved royal will be recreated as a 3D experience at National Enquirer Live, an immersive museum that launched on Friday (May 24) in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

The museum, based on the publication, will offer feature replicas of Michael Jackson infamously dangling his baby from a hotel balcony and the scene of OJ Simpson‘s ex-wife’s murder.

“There’s no blood. There’s none of that. You see the car crash through computer animation. It’s projected, and you see the buildings and everything in a 3-D presentation. And it shows the pathway as she left the Ritz hotel, and the paparazzi chasing her, and the bang-flash that we think blinded the driver — and how it happened. It’s definitely not in poor taste. It’s just showing the route of what happened. For people who’ve never been to Paris, it’s just showing the topography, and the distance, and the tunnel, and that kind of stuff….it’s done very professionally,” insisted investor Robin Turner to the Daily Beast.

After the ride, visitors will be polled on whether they believe a number of conspiracy theories, including claims Diana was pregnant at the time of her death and was murdered on the orders of Buckingham Palace.

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  • Kee FRIEND Leichtle

    Maybe this is just me but this seems really inappropriate and disrespectful. Why would they turn a tragic event into an amusement ride? The only way I can see this being acceptable is if it’s for more educational purposes than anything else rather than for pure entertainment.

  • Nikki

    If you have to say ‘It’s not in poor taste’ then it probably is. I’ve never been to Paris but I don’t need to know the topography, distances, tunnels etc to understand a tragic event happened there. This whole crash themed ride is beyond ridiculous.

  • eternalfratboy

    This world is sick… making money of a dead woman…. Ewwww!!!!

  • USWeeklyHatesComments

    Trashy thy name is National Enquirer.

  • Maria M.

    “Nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public.”

    ― P.T. Barnum

  • mahbelle

    This is sick.

  • Hunterovlns

    This is beyond disgusting. And the fact that there are people that will support this and pay money is even more disgusting. Just because some lowlife puts out a product the public doesn’t have to buy it. If people of good conscious say NO this mess will be closed. But it won’t because the public has lost all of its sense of right and wrong. And there are things that are wrong. this is one of them.

  • Sameerah Naseef

    This is a fucking sick idea! What the hell are they thinking!!! This one of the saddest events to ever happen!!! Like way back in the day, Disney the biggest entertainment industry was developing a ride in at the time future park “California Adventure”. The ride that was about passengers being celebrities chased by paparazzis. But, after the death of Lady Diana they changed it to something else, as they felt that it will not respectfull and insensitive for what just happened to Princess Diana. After all, she was a mother, a daughter and friend among many other things. Even if it has been almost 22 years since her tragic death, it will never not in trillion years be justified to be used in any way like this. May this ride and the two others mentioned above burn to the ground on the first day of opening.

  • cuzjcacjo

    It’s the National Enquirer, it’s what they are know for – those sensationalized stories. and it’s VIRTUAL, not an actual ride.

  • Mary Ann

    why the hell would anyone do something like this. Its stomach churning.

  • Sam80

    Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. What’s next, a 911 theme park with rides shaped like airliners that “crash” into buildings? What a sick world where money comes before everything. Including morals and ethics. And of course, it’s in America. That’s the least surprising thing about this deeply offensive mess. And I’m American.

  • atlqueen112

    Wow… Just wow…

  • nicpace

    disgusting!! what are these americans thinking??!

  • inn

    “It’s definitely not in poor taste.” — Are you f-ing kidding me?! Even the idea alone is absolutely DISGUSTING. Have some respect for human life!

  • Kris

    WTF ?!?! Is wrong with those people.???

  • Riley

    It’s the National Enquirer…does anyone expect anything else from them? They knew it was gonna get this kind of reaction and that was what they were banking on because it’s gonna have people who had no idea about it, wanting to go on it now.

  • sondra

    How tacky can you get!

  • cutitout


  • Sprite

    Well, I’d rather prefer looking at the Pompeii exhibit again.

  • abcdefg98988

    Tabloids has brought from Hollywood to Dollywood!

  • RobbyDobby90046

    “While we’re at it let’s make a ride that follows John Wayne Gacy through each of his stalkings, sexual assaults and killings of all 33 teen age boys he murdered. I mean, it’s not in bad taste, it’s just showing what happened to people who weren’t there when it happened. Just like the Princess Dianna ride,” said NO ONE EVER!

    This is just sick. Who ever inside the National Enquirer Rag green lit and built this ride, to make money, is a sociopath and sub human. But then again, they were part of a conspiracy to elect Trump so I guess no one should be surprised…