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'Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong Impersonates Marjorie Taylor Greene to Discuss Her Thoughts on Conspiracy Theories - Watch!

Saturday Night Live is poking some fun at Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

During the Cold Open on Saturday (January 30), Cecily Strong impersonated Marjorie to discuss her stance on QAnon conspiracy theories, which she often promotes.

In a mock talk show hosted by Kate McKinnon, Cecily as Marjorie takes her seat and offers Kate a gun.

They then talk about all the theories Marjorie believes, including the California wildfires were created by Jewish space lasers.

Cecily as Marjorie also claimed that both the Parkland school shooting and 9/11 were hoaxes.

“The teachers were actors and the children were dolls,” Cecily as Marjorie said about Parkland, before wondering “Did anyone actually see it happen?” about 9/11.

“Those are real things you believe and tell other people about?” Kate jokingly asked. “You represent the U.S. People can Google you and it’ll say, ‘She’s a real member of the U.S. government.’”

'SNL's Cecily Strong Nails Impersonation of Giuliani's Star 'Witness' Melissa Carrone - Watch!

Saturday Night Live is back and is taking on the alleged election fraud!

On Saturday (December 5), SNL started off their show with the recent Michigan hearings with Kate McKinnon once again playing Trump‘s attorney Rudy Giuliani.

In the sketch, Giuliani brings out witnesses who are “highly intelligent, barely intoxicated individuals.”

Cecily Strong then hits the stage as Melissa Carone, who has gone viral in the past few days for her messy and confusing testimony.

“I personally saw hundreds if not thousands of dead people vote,” Cecily as Melissa said. “I’m not lying. I signed an After David.”

“We have to listen to our hearts and our minds,” she said later. “And even though it’s a fraudulent erection, it can still get you pregnant.”

Watch the cold open below!

Apple TV+ Announces Star-Studded Cast for Upcoming Musical Comedy Series Led By Cecily Strong!

Apple TV+ has announced a new musical comedy series is in the works and a star-studded cast is attached!

SNL creator Lorne Michaels is executive producing the series, which was created by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio.

Emmy nominee Cecily Strong will lead the cast as Melissa in the new series, which doesn’t have a title yet. The new comedy series follows a couple on a backpacking trip designed to reinvigorate their relationship when they discover a magical town in which everyone acts as if they’re in a musical from the 1940s. They then discover that they can’t leave until they find “true love.”

Click inside to see the full cast and a list of their character descriptions… More Here! »

Daniel Craig & The Weeknd Team Up in Funny New 'SNL' Promo (Video)

Check out this hilarious new Saturday Night Live promo clip, featuring Daniel Craig and The Weeknd!

The 52-year-old James Bond actor is hosting on Saturday (March 7), while The Weeknd, 30, will perform.

“Hi, I’m Daniel Craig and I’m hosting SNL with The Weeknd,” Daniel says.

“No, do it the Bond way,” cast member Cecily Strong tells him.

“The name’s Craig, Daniel Craig,” Daniel says.

Cecily then prompts The Weeknd to introduce himself the same way.

Watch below to see his response!

ICYMI, find out why the release date for No Time to Die, the newest James Bond movie, has been pushed back.

Daniel Craig Is Ready to Host SNL the Bond Way

Kate McKinnon's Elsa Comes Out as Gay in SNL's 'Frozen 2' Deleted Scenes Sketch!

Frozen 2 comes out on DVD and digital download next week – and Saturday Night Live is sharing some “deleted scenes” from the movie.

In the first scene, Elsa (played by Kate McKinnon) frolics through the forest while questioning her sexuality.

“Hello is anyone there? Anna? Kristoff? Olaf? I’m gay,” Kate says.

She then finds her sister Anna (played by Cecily Strong).

Kate then jokes about Anna being in a committed relationship at the age of 18 while she’s just “been playing with snow for two movies.”

“Elsa. It’s ok. You see,” Cecily says before breaking into song. “We all know, we all know. We’ve all known since you were a tween. When you dressed as Brienne of Tarth on three separate Halloweens. I don’t care, what Disney says. The Twitter storm rages on.”

“The lack of any romantic interest doesn’t bother me anyway,” Kate chimed in.

'SNL' 2020 Democratic Debate - See All The Celebrity Cameos!

Saturday Night Live parodied the latest Democratic debate – and there were so many stars involved in the hilarious skit!

The sketch aired during Saturday’s episode (November 23) of SNL, which was hosted by Will Ferrell.

Maya Rudolph played Kamala Harris, Rachel Dratch played Amy Klobuchar and Fred Armisen played Michael Bloomberg, while Woody Harrelson and Larry David played Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, respectively.

Kate McKinnon played Elizabeth Warren, Colin Jost played Pete Buttigieg, Chris Redd was Cory Booker, Bowen Yang was Andrew Yang, Cecily Strong was Tulsi Gabbard and Melissa Villasenor was moderator Rachel Maddow. Will Ferrell played Tom Steyer.

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Watch all of the stars poke fun at the 2020 Presidential hopefuls inside…

2020 Democratic Debate – SNL

Aidy Bryant Can't Stop Laughing After Wardrobe Assistant Accidentally Appears on Live Show During 'SNL' - Watch!

Aidy Bryant is hilariously breaking character.

The Saturday Night Live star was featured in a sketch called “Inside the Beltway” on Saturday (September 28).

The fake political talk show segment, which also featured Woody Harrelson, Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong), included “previously televised” portions, which meant that Aidy had to do a quick-change at the table.

Hilariously, the wardrobe assistant prematurely came out to do the final outfit swap – and Aidy couldn’t stop laughing after the assistant’s accidental cameo!

Watch it happen at the 4:30 mark onward…

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