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A 'Gossip Girl' Reboot Is Being Discussed at The CW!

It has been over six years since Gossip Girl ended, but there’s a chance that the show could return to The CW!

During the network’s panel at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, The CW president Mark Pedowitz responded to questions about a possible reboot or revival.

“There’s a discussion, but I don’t know if we’re there yet,” he said (via TVLine). “I don’t know what it would be. A lot is up to Warner Bros. and [executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage], ’cause you don’t want to do anything without them.”

Gossip Girl was never a big ratings hit while on-air, but it left a huge impact on pop culture and has remained successful on streaming services like Netflix. The show made huge stars out of cast members Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester, and more.

Blake Lively's Subtle 'Gossip Girl' Reference Has Fans So Excited

Blake Lively posted a nod to her former hit show Gossip Girl on her Instagram account, and the fans who understood the reference freaked!

The 30-year-old actress posted a photo similar to the shot in the very first episode of the show where Serena returns to New York City. She also added the caption, “spotted,” which references the famous Gossip Girl phrase used throughout the series!

Fans had varying reactions in the comments, including, “OMG THE CAPTION,” “Caption made me tear up!,” “Serena,” and more.

Check out the photo below…

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Jennifer Lawrence Wanted to Play Serena on 'Gossip Girl'!

Gossip Girl creator Josh Schwartz is revealing that he almost had a very different actress portraying the character Serena on the hit show: Jennifer Lawrence!

Josh revealed in a Vulture interview that Jennifer originally auditioned for the iconic Serena van der Woodsen role, which ultimately went to Blake Lively.

“We did not realize this at the time, but Jennifer Lawrence really wanted to play Serena and auditioned. This story came to us secondhand, but we were told she definitely auditioned and was bummed to not get it,” he explained.

“We can’t remember if we saw it or not. It was ten years ago, and she would’ve been how old, 15?”

It’s safe to say Jennifer is handling the rejection just fine these days. Could you imagine her playing Serena on the show?

Ed Westwick Still Doesn't Know Who 'Gossip Girl' Is!

Ed Westwick played Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl through the CW series’ hit run, but he just admitted something big.

The 30-year-old actor still doesn’t know who Gossip Girl ended up being, which was the key mystery on the whole show.

“I still am not sure who GG was lol,” Ed wrote in an email to a Vanity Fair writer when asked about his favorite plot lines.

If you don’t know, Dan Humphrey, played by Penn Badgley, ended up being Gossip Girl.

“I wasn’t born into this world, maybe I could write myself into it,” Dan said during the infamous reveal. “I might have been a joke, but at least these people were talking about me.”

Could 'Gossip Girl' Be Rebooted One Day? Stars Weigh In & Share Their Thoughts!

Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and more of the show’s original stars are sharing their thoughts on the possibility of a Gossip Girl reunion or a reboot.

When asked the question, Blake responded positively, telling Vanity Fair, “Of course. I’m open to anything that’s good, that’s interesting, and that sort of feels necessary. . . . I imagine we all would [consider it]. I can’t speak for everyone else, but we all owe so much to this show, and I think that it would be silly not to acknowledge that.”

Leighton was a bit more skeptical, saying, “Yeah, I don’t really hear [talk of] that . . . I guess I hear that in fits and starts here and there, but it’s hard to say. If everyone was into it and if the timing was right, you know?. I don’t want to say, ‘No, never . . .’”

Kelly Rutherford, who played Blake‘s mom on the show, added, “I would be completely on board. And I think they should do it soon.”

Finally, Wallace Shawn, who played Blair’s step father, chimed in, “Oh, I would jump at it.”

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE a Gossip Girl reboot???

Blake Lively Tells Off Reporter for Asking About Fashion at Variety's Power of Women Event (Video)

Blake Lively is a powerful woman and there was more she wanted to speak about at Variety’s Power of Women event than fashion.

The 29-year-old actress told off a reporter on the red carpet after she was asked about her go-to “power outfit” at the event on Friday morning (April 21) in New York City.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

“Would you ask a man that?” Blake told the reporter, according to USA Today digital editor Maeve McDermott.

“Come on you want to talk about an outfit today? Come on what about building women up? Outfits? Would you ask a man that?” Blake said (via NY Daily News). “You wouldn’t ask a man what a power outfit was. I’m sorry.”

“But see, this is the moment where we become more aware, and that we change, and that we build women up. So, you can ask me another question,” Blake said in a short video clip from the moment.

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