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Pierce Brosnan Reunites With 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Child Stars After 25 Years!

It’s a Mrs. Doubtfire family reunion!

Pierce Brosnan reunited with three of the child stars 25 years after filming the classic Robin Williams comedy: Matthew Lawrence, Mara Wilson and Lisa Jakub.

If you don’t remember, Lisa played Lydia, the oldest of the Hillard children. She shared a video, in which Pierce holds a camera up to his phone showing them at the 1993 premiere of their movie and then revealing them all now.

“Here you go: At the premiere of Mrs. Doubtfire and here we are, we pull back slowly, tada!” he said.

“Love you, love you all so much. So good to be a part of your lives. I want to get into the picture as well.” Watch the sweet moment below!

Mara Wilson Puts an End to the Matilda vs. Eleven Debate

Mara Wilson is weighing in after a tweet went viral causing a debate about whether Matilda or Stranger Things‘ Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) would win in a fight.

Both of the beloved characters have telekinetic powers, though they are in very different stories.

“Matilda and Eleven would choose not to fight, and would instead become friends,” Mara tweeted. She added, “Pinning this because even though I have weighed in on this before, I have been asked about this at least five times this week!”

Mara also said she “supports” a tweet that said, “I disagree with the notion they’d be opposed at all for any reason. Both of them would win. The patriarchy would lose, and we would welcome our new Queens @MaraWilson & @milliebbrown.”

Mara later added, “I think they probably would choose not to fight at all… I like to think that Matilda would be something of a mentor to Eleven, though if you look at the actual timeline Eleven is much older than Matilda.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK would happen if these two characters met?

Matilda's Mara Wilson Comes Out as Bisexual

Mara Wilson, the child star best known for her roles in Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire, has come out as bisexual and queer.

The 28-year-old actress posted a photo of herself at a gay club ten years ago on Sunday morning after the Orlando shooting.

Mara says that even though she identified as “straight” at the time, she felt “so welcomed there” and has “never had a better experience at a club” than she did then.

When a fan commented on the sexuality label Mara gave herself, the actress replied, “I said I *used* to identify as mostly straight. I’ve embraced the Bi/Queer label lately.”

Mara also added that on the Kinsey Scale, she would label herself a 2, which is “predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual.”

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