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Stephen Sondheim Slams Lady Gaga's Oscars 2015 'Sound of Music' Performance

Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim, known for Into the Woods, Sweeney Todd, and more, is slamming Lady Gaga‘s performance at the 2015 Oscars.

The 28-year-old entertainer sang a medley from The Sound of Music, and Stephen was less than impressed.

“On the Academy Awards she was a travesty,” Stephen, 84, told The Times. “It was ridiculous, as it would be from any singer who treats that music in semi-operatic style. She had no relationship to what she was singing. What people liked was her versatility.”

Watch Lady Gaga‘s Sound of Music Oscars performance here if you haven’t seen it yet, and take a look at photos from the performance below. More Here! »

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Stephen Sondheim Clarifies 'Into the Woods' Movie Changes

Legendary composer Stephen Sondheim is speaking out to clarify comments that he made about the changes being made to his musical Into the Woods for the upcoming movie, which caused an uproar among fans of the show.

In the original story, it was said that a major song was going to be cut and that one of the characters who dies in the play would live in the movie.

“An article in The New Yorker misreporting my ‘Master Class’ conversation about censorship in our schools with seventeen teachers from the Academy for Teachers a couple of weeks ago has created some false impressions about my collaboration with the Disney Studio on the film version of Into the Woods. The fact is that James (Lapine, who wrote both the show and the movie) and I worked out every change from stage to screen with the producers and with Rob Marshall, the director. Despite what the New Yorker article may convey, the collaboration was genuinely collaborative and always productive,” Stephen said (via Broadway World). “When the conversation with the teachers occurred, I had not yet seen a full rough cut of the movie. Coincidentally, I saw it immediately after leaving the meeting and, having now seen it a couple of times, I can happily report that it is not only a faithful adaptation of the show, it is a first-rate movie.”

“And for those who care, as the teachers did, the Prince’s dalliance is still in the movie, and so is ‘Any Moment,’” he added.

ARE YOU SATISFIED with Stephen Sondheim’s clarification about the Into the Woods movie?