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Whitney Houston's Mom Cissy Breaks Her Silence Over Sexual Abuse Allegation

Whitney Houston‘s mother, Cissy Houston, and Cissy‘s niece Dionne Warwick are breaking their silence on the allegation of sexual abuse made in the new documentary Whitney.

The documentary debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, and made the allegation that Whitney was molested by her cousin, Dee Dee Warwick, when she was a child.

Whitney‘s brother Gary also made an allegation in the documentary that he was molested by Dee Dee, who died in 2008.

The Whitney documentary is now available to see in theaters now.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Looks Back at Memory of Whitney Houston

Jada Pinkett Smith is opening up about one of her memories of friend Whitney Houston and she shared the only photos she has of them together.

The 46-year-old Girls Trip actress took to Instagram to talk about the late singer.

“These are the only pics I have of Whitney and I. I’m pregnant with Jaden. She came to my baby shower,” Jada wrote on her Instagram. The pics were snapped in 1998 before he was born.

“Whitney was so sweet, so fierce … so real. She was funny and fun and so … present. As talented and famous as she was … she didn’t wear it on her sleeve. Not many of us in this business can claim that … not even myself at certain points in my life. She was so down to earth… that’s what I admired about her most. If only we could have celebrated her more while she was here,” Jada added. “You are missed Whitney😘✨.”

Go to Jada‘s Instagram to see the pics.

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AGT's Glennis Grace - Watch Her Whitney Houston Covers!

Singer Glennis Grace just wowed the judges on America’s Talent with her cover of a Whitney Houston song and she’s someone you might have seen perform before!

The singer, who who turned 40 last week, competed in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest for her home country of the Netherlands.

Ever since then, Glennis has been a huge star in the Netherlands and she has performed Whitney covers all around the world.

On AGT, Glennis performed the Whitney song “Run to You” and the judges were a bit skeptical about why she hasn’t been discovered yet, but they were blown away by her vocals. One piece of advice that Mel B gave her was to try and come up with her own personal sound as she sounds so much like the late vocalist.

Glennis Grace on “America’s Got Talent”

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Bobby Brown Reacts to Kanye West Using Photo of Whitney Houston's Drug Covered Bathroom

Bobby Brown is slamming Kanye West for using a photo of the late Whitney Houston‘s drug-covered bathroom for the cover of Pusha T‘s latest album.

After it was released that the 41-year-old rapper paid over $85,000 for the photo of the late singer’s bathroom from back in 2006 during her struggle with drug addiction, the 49-year-old singer and Whitney‘s longtime love says the cover is “disgusting.”

“Why would he post that on his album cover? That’s really disgusting that he would do that,” Bobby told Rolling Stone. “That’s in really bad taste.”

Kanye produced Pusha T‘s new album Daytona, and Pusha T revealed that Kanye changed the album cover at the last minute and had no problem paying mega bucks for the photo.

Bobby continues: “Something should happen to Kanye. He’s already crazy. I knew that when I first met him. Now he’s pushing the bar a little bit. He needs somebody to slap him up or something. And I’m just the person to do it.”

On the contrary, one of Whitney‘s nephews recently spoke out in support of the album cover.

Whitney Houston's Nephew Defends Controversial Pusha T Album Cover

Pusha T‘s Daytona album, produced by Kanye West, features a picture on the cover of the late Whitney Houston‘s bathroom, which is believed to display drug paraphernalia.

Gary Houston, the 31-year-old nephew of Whitney, is now speaking out to Good Morning America about the cover – and he says that Pusha and Kanye shouldn’t be blamed for using the image.

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“Not to be divisive, but I’m of a different mindset when it comes to situations like this. People will automatically look to people like Pusha T and Kanye West and try to place blame or say they have ill or malicious intent in order to gain publicity. But I get it. I get the correlation (sans my aunt but the photo itself) and I actually love the album,” he said.

“Bottom line — they are artists and in this day and age, if they can afford to pay someone for usage of that photograph in order to convey a visual message to accompany their musicianship…then so be it,” he continued.

“The bigger issue is deeper and one that most people (including folks who claim to be so heartbroken and traumatized by the usage of the photo) choose to conveniently ignore and bypass. The person who violated the trust of my aunt by taking the photo and selling it to tabloids for their own personal and/or financial gain is more of a travesty to me. People should research that — because whoever exposed it are the people who violated her trust, mistreated her, and who should ultimately be held accountable for contributing to circumstances surrounding her demise.”

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