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Meet Mortal Kombat's Mileena, Sisi Stringer, with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Meet Mortal Kombat's Mileena, Sisi Stringer, with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

The highly anticipated Mortal Kombat movie is out now and we caught up with breakout star Sisi Stringer to learn more about her!

The up-and-coming Australian actress plays the role of femme fatale Mileena in the new adaptation of the beloved video game franchise. This is her first major movie and she spent four months training for the physically challenging role.

Sisi quickly caught on to the muay thai and gymnastics training thanks to her background in dance and musical theater.

Make sure to check out the trailer for the movie, which is in theaters and on HBO Max now. Here are 10 Fun Facts about Sisi:

  1. In high school I shaved my head, down to a number 2, and for my senior year wore a plastic tiara to school every day, including graduation.
  2. My favorite video game of all time is Paper Mario and The Thousand Year Door on Nintendo GameCube.
  3. I cry all the time. Sometimes multiple times a day. The other day I cried at a video of Tibetan throat singing. I have been known to cry over the absence of lemons, ads for eyebrow gel and while listening to BLACKPINK and BTS.
  4. My favorite genres of music are blues, country and soul. That’s the kind of music I write.
  5. I have seen every episode of Drag Race, minus season one because I hate that damn Vaseline filter.

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  1. For her 80th birthday my Grandma got a tattoo of a frog, copied from a drawing I painted on her kitchen tiles.
  2. I trained myself to eat spicy food. My mum is a terrible cook and we never had hot food so I put cayenne pepper on every savory meal I ate for 2 years to build a tolerance. Now I can eat mega death sauce.
  3. I used to work at a Blockbuster, right before they became extinct. I have two uniform shirts: one to keep and one to sell in 30 years.
  4. I’m addicted to shopping on Wish. Majority of my clothes are hand-me-downs, op shopped, or bought from Wish. Although I have just discovered AliExpress, which is just Wish’s bougie cousin.
  5. I don’t embarrass easily or mind making a scene, so I’m always listening to music, singing and dancing full tilt in public. Catch me in Woolworths performing the entire Dynamite routine.
  6. Bonus Fact: My friends are the most important thing in my world. It’s the moments like dancing with them at bars or just driving wherever blasting pop hits when I realize how happy I really am. Thinking about it right now I’m gonna cry again.

Make sure to check out Mortal Kombat now, both in theaters and on HBO Max.

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Photos: Richie Swindler
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