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'Sex/Life' Season 2 Full Frontal Scene Gains Attention: Is Jonathan Sadowski Wearing a Prosthetic?!

'Sex/Life' Season 2 Full Frontal Scene Gains Attention: Is Jonathan Sadowski Wearing a Prosthetic?!

Season one of Sex/Life featured a very memorable full frontal scene featuring the show’s star Adam Demos, and now that the new season has dropped, fans are wondering if there are any more full frontal moments in store.

While viewers do get a glimpse of Adam Demos‘ member once again…there’s a different full frontal scene that is getting most of the attention.

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Spoilers ahead!

Fans who already binged the entire season will know that the most talked about full frontal scene of the season comes at the very end with Jonathan Sadowski‘s character Devon.

At the gym, Devon’s character goes full frontal to show off his brand new, reconstructed genitals. Devon had to get a new member attached because his was damaged in a car accident. Well, it doesn’t end there, because he’s quickly asked, “What kind of car accident lands someone with a broken penis?”

Well, Devon was receiving oral stimulation at the time of the car accident, and lost his manhood due to the resulting injuries.

The scene doesn’t end there. Devon goes on to explain that he’s now “fully automated” because he “needed a little help after the remodel.”

“I have a stylish new curve, which is cool. Chicks dig it, right? Makes it easier to hit the G spot,” his character adds, saying “Who’d have thought that Piper biting my penis off would give me a whole new lease on life?”

At this time, it’s unknown if if Jonathan is wearing a prosthetic but fans are assuming he is.

A member of the prosthetics team from season one confirmed to Newsweek that Adam’s full frontal scene featured a fake appendage, so it’s safe to assume that with this scene as well.

See what the show’s creator said about past full frontal moments!

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