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Get to Know Madisyn Shipman with These 10 Fun Facts & Watch Her 'Jill' Music Video!

Get to Know Madisyn Shipman with These 10 Fun Facts & Watch Her 'Jill' Music Video!

Former Nickelodeon actress Madisyn Shipman has launched a music career and her new single is out now!

The 20-year-old singer and actress is best known for playing Kenzie Bell in the hit series Game Shakers and her other credits include The Peanuts Movie and Ordinary World.

Madisyn just dropped her new song “Jill,” which marks her fourth song to be released this summer in preparation for the release of her upcoming album.

We chatted with Madisyn to get to know her and learned 10 Fun Facts. Check them out below!

  1. I’m very into personal development. I went to my first UPW before COVID and I attribute a lot of my growth to having a strong mindset. I’m constantly working on being the best version of myself. My mentor Traci Porterfield is a strong vessel in holding me accountable.
  2. My debut album will have 21 songs on it in honor of my 21st birthday. All of my songs are written from my own personal experiences so I thought it was only fitting to do 21 songs for this release just in time for my birthday!
  3. I made a 6 song EP when I was 9 about living in New York and being from a small town.
  4. My family relationship is my greatest strength. I think it’s so important to have an open and honest relationship with your family. My mom is definitely my best friend, I tell her everything. Family is everything. I can’t wait to be a wife and mother one day!
  5. Growing up I was obsessed with Anne Frank. I think the main reason I was drawn to her story was the fact we were around the same age and she documented her life in a journal the same way I have for many years. I’ve read and watched every Anne Frank related show, movie or book. I actually took a trip to Amsterdam a few years ago to visit the Anne Frank house but it was closed due to covid. Definitely need to plan another trip soon!

Head inside to read the rest of the fun facts and to watch the music video…

  1. I’m actually a pretty good cook. One of my new favorite recipes are elk meatballs in a creamy garlic sauce!
  2. I typically start my mornings with a workout, cold plunge and infrared sauna session. My sleep patterns and mood have radically improved since I started implementing this into my daily routine.
  3. I recently joined Playboy and have some very exciting new projects underway!
  4. I’m very in touch with my emotions. I laugh and cry all the time lol.
  5. Last year I became very interested in the game of baseball. I realized that there’s more to the game than cute guys with nice butts running around in tight pants lol

Watch the music video for “Jill” below!

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