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Here's How a Fake Cormac McCarthy Twitter Account Was Accidentally Verified

Twitter accidentally verified a fake Cormac McCarthy account and here’s an explanation about how it happened.

The 88-year-old author has written such books as “The Road,” “No Country for Old Men,” and “Blood Meridian.”

The Twitter account @CormacMcCrthy has 49,200 followers and the bio says, “My publicist insists this is a worthwhile use of my remaining time.”

On Friday (July 30), a tweet from the account went viral. It said, “My publicist is on my case about my infrequent use of this infernal website. He says engagement is down and so are metrics and something something who cares. There. I wrote a tweet. Are you happy now Terry.”

After the tweet went viral, the account was mistakenly verified by Twitter.

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