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'The Prom' National Tour Stars Kaden Kearney & Kalyn West Are a Real-Life Couple!

The Tony-nominated musical The Prom is now playing in Los Angeles and we learned some adorable news about the show’s two leads after catching the opening night performance.

Kaden Kearney and Kalyn West, who play on-stage couple Emma and Alyssa, are actually dating in real life!

The two stars were both seen walking the red carpet at the opening night performance at the Center Theatre Group’s Ahmanson Theatre on Wednesday (August 10) in Los Angeles.

Kaden and Kalyn have been documenting their relationship on Instagram over the past year while on the road with The Prom.

“No matter how crazy things get, I’m grateful to be doing this with you by my side 💜,” Kalyn wrote last month.

Kaden was so proud of Kalyn in May and wrote, “This human. 😍 Today you started a new adventure 🏔 You are investing in what you want and I am so freaking proud of you. I am so incredibly lucky to be your partner and you inspire me everyday. Ily so much baby 🥰 🎉.”

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'The Prom' Actors Logan Riley & Nico Greetham Are Dating in Real Life!

If you’ve watched the movie musical The Prom on Netflix, you’re going to love this story!

Logan Riley and Nico Greetham, who play the characters Kaylee and Nick, are dating in real life.

In the film, the characters are a couple and Nick asks Kaylee to go to the prom with him. They are two of the most popular kids in school and are not accepting of Emma, the openly gay student who has been banned from attending prom with her girlfriend. Spoiler alert… by then end of the film, the characters learn how to “love thy neighbor” and become supportive of Emma.

Back in August, both Logan and Nico shared photos from a photo shoot they did in which they flaunted a lot of PDA. “mine,” Nico captioned his post while Logan wrote, “my favorite boy.” Go to their Instagram pages to see the amazing shots!

If you look through the comments on their posts, you’ll see the two young stars leaving so many cute messages for each other.

Want to know more about each of them? Here are 10 Fun Facts about Nico and also 10 Fun Facts about Logan!

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Meryl Streep's Singing Voice in 'The Prom' Is Shocking Fans Because She Sounds So Good - Read Reactions!

The movie musical The Prom is now streaming on Netflix and one general consensus among viewers is that Meryl Streep steals the movie with her incredible vocal performance!

The three-time Oscar-winning actress plays the role of Broadway diva Dee Dee Allen in the movie, so it’s no wonder that she would want to sound her best.

Meryl has previously sung in the movies Mamma Mia and Into the Woods, but everyone thinks she sounds better than ever in The Prom.

There’s even a theory that Broadway actress Donna Murphy may have provided vocals to enhance Meryl‘s voice in the movie, though this is just something that some fans have been saying and is not a confirmed fact.

Read about why lots of fans are outraged by one of the actors featured in The Prom.

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'The Prom' Movie Cast - See Who Plays Each Character!

The new movie musical The Prom is streaming right now on Netflix and it’s a joyful and uplifting film that is perfect to watch with your family this holiday season!

A star-studded cast brought the Broadway show to the screen and there are also some amazing newcomers in the mix.

The story follows a group of Broadway stars with a crisis on their hands who come up with a plan to resurrect their public images. After reading about an openly gay high school student in Indiana who has been banned from attending the prom, the actors travel to the small town to give the girl a night where she can truly celebrate who she is.

The Prom premiered on Broadway back in November 2018 and Ryan Murphy quickly got the rights to turn it into a movie… and he surely didn’t wait long to make the film!

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James Corden Plays Gay in 'The Prom' Despite Being Straight, Andrew Rannells Shares Thoughts on the Casting

A lot of people are upset by James Corden‘s casting in the new movie The Prom and his co-star Andrew Rannells is reacting to the controversy.

Corden, who is straight, plays an openly gay and proudly out Broadway star in the new movie. Rannells, who is gay in real life, plays the straight lead male role.

Vanity Fair even ran a story with the headline, “James Corden Should Have Been Banned from The Prom.” In the article, the magazine called the actor’s performance “insulting.”

Andrew shared his thoughts on the casting in a new interview.

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'The Prom' Has a Joke About TV's 'Two Of a Kind' That Made So Much More Sense on Broadway

There’s a joke in the new movie musical The Prom that might not make a lot of sense to you if you didn’t see the Broadway version.

When the Broadway stars in the movie arrive at a motel in small-town Indiana, the clerk doesn’t recognize Meryl Streep and James Corden‘s characters Dee Dee Allen and Barry Glickman, but he does recognize Andrew Rannells‘ Trent Oliver.

Trent, a fictional character, is best known for playing “that guy” on the ’90s sitcom Talk to the Hand.

The hotel clerk that tells Trent that he recognizes him as the star of Talk to the Hand and notes that the show is on “right after Two of a Kind.” What made this line so funny on Broadway was that Trent was played by Christopher Sieber, who starred on Two of a Kind as the Olsen Twins‘ single father. The scene was like a wink-wink moment between the actors and the audience and it always got a ton of laughter.

None of the stars from the Broadway version were included in the film version, though the movie still brings the show’s magic to life!

Meet 'The Prom' Actor Nico Greetham with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

The new movie musical The Prom is now streaming on Netflix and young actor Nico Greetham is one of the newcomers featured in the film!

The 25-year-old actor plays Nick Boomer, one of the popular kids in school who bullies the lead character Emma, an openly gay student who just wants to go to the prom with her girlfriend.

Nico got his start on So You Think You Can Dance and then made his Broadway debut in the musical Newsies. He’s best known for playing the yellow Power Ranger in Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Here are 10 Fun Facts about Nico:

  1. I may not look it, but I am half Colombian.
  2. I speak fluent Spanish!
  3. I absolutely want my last meal to be my mom’s empanadas.
  4. I have a minor addiction (but seriously please help) to Philz coffee. I go every day.
  5. At my 4th grade monster mash I slipped on a piece of smooshed popcorn and cracked my chin open. My Digimon costume turned red very quickly!

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