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Camera Shy Celebrities

Camera Shy Celebrities

Two of Hollywood’s least paparazzi-friendly couples cover up as they both leave Brentwood restaurant Katsuya on Wednesday night in Calif. Double date, perhaps?

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli and Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin covered up well, hiding their sought-after mugs from photographers.

Of note: Leo is driving an eco-friendly Saturn Vue Hybrid SUV. He was recently spotted walking around Brentwood with Bar, not hiding .

12+ pictures inside of the camera shy couples

Just Jared on Facebook
chris martin covering face 01
gwyneth paltrow chris martin covering faces 01
gwyneth paltrow chris martin covering faces 02
gwyneth paltrow chris martin covering faces 03
gwyneth paltrow covering face 01
gwyneth paltrow covering face 02
gwyneth paltrow covering face 03
gwyneth paltrow covering face 04
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli covering faces 01
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli covering faces 02
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli covering faces 03
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli covering faces 04
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli covering faces 05

Photos: Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: Bar Refaeli, Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Leonardo DiCaprio

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  • thea

    FIRST i love gwyneth and chris!! and apple too! :)

  • thea

    SORRY i posted so 3! my com was lagging so i kept pressing :p SORRY JJ! please delete the first two! :D

  • hyi

    why bar is hiding she’s even not famous!!!!!!!!

  • Anne-Ce [France]

    Shy ? I’m not sure … Rather have had it up to here !
    All the Best Guys. Kiss. A-C.

  • Kate

    Go Leo and Bar!

  • Anon.

    I think the Martins look ridiculous. It’s not like they get papped all that often. I think they need to go back to the UK. Gwynnie likes it better there anyway. I think she’s a snob. Leo I can understand. Fans and paps go crazy for Leo all the time. Bar might be covering up cuz she’s scared. Awwwwww! Why doesn’t Gwynnie get all upset when they take Apple’s picture. She sure doesn’t mind her “mothering” image.

  • !!!

    I agree, #6 Anon.

    It’s not like a lot of people care about Chris Martin, or Gwyneth Paltrow for that matter (Only Lainey does, I think!). I guess the paps were running out of celebs to photog so they just went for anybody they saw. And Bar? Who the fcuk is she? I mean she’s an appendage to Leo so she’s getting photographed, but I don’t think anyone would care if she’s by herself. And hooking up with a superstar like Leo should make her realize that she would be pictured all the time so she better get used to it. Isn’t that why Kate Middleton bailed out on Prince William too?

  • devilgirl

    I think right now the most wanted pic is of Jake and Reese. I know *I* want to see it!

  • Crystal

    I too would hide from the paps if I was on a date with my husband/boyfriend, whatever. it’s such an intimate moment and to be harassed by photogs is a bit of a shame and it would peeve me to no end. I know all of you can agree with that; I would be VERY surprised if any of you would think this is a cool thing. If so, fine, however you like it hun. On top of that, those harsh flashes must be killer at night time, especially after you have had a few drinks and are tired. Yes, that would hurt. So, hiding is the only solution, because even if you just close your eyes, you can still feel the effect from the flashes and as humans, we are curious so we’d open our eyes. About Apple, I don’t think Gwyneth always knows that the paps are taking her pictures. I have seen many paps around NYC and LA hiding to take pix of celebs unbeknowst to them. Apple always seems curious so naturally she’s looking and she is too young still to realize that the flashes hurt (now how old is she?). Heck, I hide from camera’s and I’m not famous!!! My friend did date a famous person and was followed by paparazzis once and this friend siad that was a very scary feeling and never again would they want to experience that. My friend=no famous. I think we should be sympathising with these people rather then shooting them down everytime they do something we think is not “cool”.

  • Lindsay

    i don’t know why Leo still hides, hes been famous since childhood, he should be used to it

  • Nora

    They are more likely covering their eyes from the flashes. Those camera’s can really blind you.

  • Tanya

    Nobody want to see stuck-up Gwyneth and her stuck-up husband anyway.

  • Tanya

    Kate Says:

    April 19th, 2007 at 3:43 pm – flag comment
    Go Leo and Bar!
    What exactly does this mean? I see this term all the time, and just don’t know what it means, when someone says “go so ‘n so”. School me on what that mean, please.

  • Rose

    Leo said in an interview, you never get used to being followed around even as famous as him. You always have to look over your shoulders, that can be scary and also very annoying. Yes those cameras can really blind you, especially at nightime. The razzis spring up from nowhere, and come right to your face when you least expect it.

  • Kate

    Tanya, Its kinds of like saying “go team!” like go kick some ass cuz they rock.

  • Lucinda

    Many of these photographers sell these pictures for a lot of money and benefit plenty from taking these pictures. What’s not fair is that just because these people are famous doesn’t make it okay to make money off of them. They work hard for their status quo and the photogs do nothing but hassle and harass them.

    The flashes though yes, very very very bright. I too would hide my eyes, especially since mine are extra sensitive to lights at night (like high beam headlights–ouch!).

  • Nina

    Leo is such a whiny baby! He’s a famous actor so the paps will always take his picture so he better get use to it. Bar is nothing but a sex toy for Leo and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was pregnant because she’s desperate to be famous. The only reason Bar is getting attention is because she’s screwing Leo. What a great thing to be proud of. Leo is a very good actor but he’s arrogance is annoying. I’m sick of these egotistical self-important celebrities.

  • Rose

    what arrogance are you talking about? Since when is he arrogant? Arrogant are usually people who have the attitude of “Look at me”, Leo is a very private man. He said his acting is a job, a job that he enjoys to do but outside the job it’s his private time. I suppose you think any celebrity who is camera shy is arrogant? To me arrogant who comes to mind is Donald thats an arrogant person. Who has to stamp his name everywhere. There are plenty of other self importance celebrities out there, who walking around like their shit doesn’t smell. I don’t see Leonardo in the same category, I see him as a very lovely actor, who is generous, kind, private, classy and passionate about environmental causes.

  • taryn

    Why is hiding from Paparazzi being arrogant? If you hear any of his interviews by the way he says he doesn’t like to whine about the negatives of being famous because that is such a small price too pay and he is grateful for being able to act and make a living out of it. It’s demeaning to Leo also to say she is only with Leo to make herself famous. Most girls would love to be with Leo because he is gorgeous, talented and has an interesting personality and so family oriented, he is so close to his parents and grandmother. Was Gisele also only with Leo to get famous? seems like she was already a well-known supermodel when she hooked with Leo.

  • dargelita

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL hey ! look at leo !! nice to see him with a new girl !.. but i heard he was absolutely gay…
    lol… i dunno why.. but somebody told me that !!!!

    ps.. love the pictures of chris and gwynnie… they’re a perfect couple… nice too see them back on the tabloids ;)
    pleeeeeeeeaseeeee coldplayyyy come back to argentina gain hahahahahahhaha
    i relaly really miss that guy .

  • Lea

    I love Leo. He`s amazing and such a brilliant actor!

  • Tracy

    I wonder if they are hiding from the flahses more so then the paps. Gwyneth and Chris are covering their faces, and Leo and Bar are hding behind their sun visors when it’s clearly night time. I agree the flashes are very bright, and those are very large cameras the paps use.

  • vyshnavi

    ok. i am one of leo’s biggest fans BUT i honestly dont understand y he and all these other celebs hide their faces. i mean the fans and paparazzies knoe its them already so wats the point of hiding their faces? it jst brings more attention to them!i think its great that he wants to keep his private life private but this is goin too far.

  • Leonardolover34

    There covering and closing their eyes because of those blinding flashes…I can see why no one gets used to that. I understand why there all blocking their faces. Papparazzies are like flies for heaven’s sake! They don”t stop following you around…JEEZZ! haha. Leonardo is soooo hott too<33 I don’t know if I like Bar…but if Leonardo’s happy…I am :]. I love Leonardo Dicaprio<33.

  • http://abc 1234567890123

    Do any of you honestly think that we were ment to be photographed everyday of our lives?
    It isn’t natural.
    These poor people just want to live a normal life without always being invaded… and instead of all of you being negative all the time about celebrities, etc, just let them be, let them live their life like us – without being critiqued all the time.
    don’t you think they’ve had enough already!
    being negative all the time gets you absolutly know where. you will find yourself stuck in one spot never moving forward if you continue.
    isn’t there already enough negativity in the world?

  • Gina2k8

    They must be tired of papparizzi (or however you spell it) following you aroun trying to get your picture!