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Britney Spears: No More Wigs!

Britney Spears: No More Wigs!

Britney Spears sports her real hair (bleached, of course) with super long extensions as she leaves Millennium Dance Studio after another dance rehearsal on Tuesday in L.A.

Accompanied by her 20-month-old son Sean Preston and another gal pal, the trio made stop for burgers and fries at fast food joint Carl’s Jr.

Britney, 25, will reportedly be flying off to Florida soon for a couple more “surprise” performances.

The pop princess is set to take the stage at The House of Blues in Orlando on Saturday night and Mansion Nightclub in Miami Beach on Sunday night.

20+ pictures inside of Britney and Sean at Carl’s Jr…

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britney spears carl jrs 01
britney spears carl jrs 03
britney spears carl jrs 04
britney spears carl jrs 05
britney spears carl jrs 06
britney spears carl jrs 07
britney spears carl jrs 08
britney spears carl jrs 09
britney spears carl jrs 10
britney spears carl jrs 11
britney spears carl jrs 12
britney spears carl jrs 13
britney spears carl jrs 14
britney spears carl jrs 15
britney spears carl jrs 16
britney spears carl jrs 17
britney spears carl jrs 18
britney spears carl jrs 19
britney spears carl jrs 20
britney spears carl jrs 21

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  • Yily

    love britney. give the girl a break. she’s trying to get her life back on straight. at least she’s working on her album now and performing again.

  • Just Maybe…

    Does anyone else think that third picture doesn’t look exactly like Sean P? It looks like Sean P. with Down’s Syndrome.

  • Sophie

    Just Maybe… I don’t think those kids are totally healthy.

  • PP

    Why is it that you NEVER see her with her younger baby? Has she rejected him or what?

  • Jo

    That kid doesnt have down’s syndrome,that´s just cruel,I think Sean P is just sooo cute.

  • Teresa

    Why do people have to be so cruel about her children? I don’t really care for Britney but Sean P. is adorable and just looks exhausted.

  • Mattanja

    It looks like her natural hair on top with very very long extensions..
    Or am I the only one who thinks it looks like that..

  • Just Maybe…

    I don’t think that babies with Down’s Sydrome are ugly. They are adorable, wonderful kids.
    And I’m wondering if that third picture might be of Jayden, not Sean.
    There are new pictures on that show that Sean and Jayden look a lot alike.

  • Me

    This is her real hair, bleached and with extentions, i’m pretty sure about that, finally! Hated all those ugly wigs

  • yara

    what the hell she’s wearing? cam on Brit get a stylish or something

  • André

    Why did she bleach her hair?
    She should’ve let her hair grow natural and healthy…

  • Danni

    Agree with André…the good thing about her shaving her head was that her natural hair could finally grow in healthy again and if she already bleached that then it’s just going to be the mess it was before.

  • Bethanee

    The one who said that Sean P looks like he has Downs Syndrome is just plain crazy!! Any child that just wakes up always are making faces like that!! You guys really need to stop all this with the children, they are the innocent!!

  • Me

    It would have looked amazing and healthy after some months or even years that she let her hair grow, all natural, but i agree with you, surely britney gonna mess it up again and bleach and dye her hair every other day just because she seems not to have enough patience, she needs everything right NOW, the kids, the hair, the tattoos, the marriage, slow down brit!

  • Rii

    I agree with André too about the hair matter.

  • blah

    the kid is definitely touched in some way. look at the parents, not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.

    her hair looks like complete shyte. matches her entire look. eventually it will all fall out and she’ll be left permanently wearing wigs on a hat.

  • Raichill

    Britney’s hair looks bad but please leave her children alone. They are innocent little kids. Quite often young children have a wide bridge across the nose which changes as they grow.

  • Shmoo

    I can’t decide if that’s her real hair with extensions or a wig that has a scalp attached to it. My mom has cancer and she has a wig that looks very real because of the cap the synthetic hair is attached to.

    I’d certainly hope Britney would realize the best thing she could do to change her image is to rock a short, natural pixie and be confident doing it instead of going back to her nasty, unwashed extensions.

  • Scotti

    why on earth would she put that back into her hair?!

    I remember her cousin “claiming” that she shaved her head because she was sick of the extensions and what all they were doing to her hair. Just sort of proves that was crap even more.

  • katieee


  • madmax

    Her kids don’t look like Downs….FASD perhaps, and that is certainly highly prevalent now…

    I am sad that she is destroying her new hair..this child learns nothing.

  • KaySi

    Have pity on those two children … they are doomed.

  • Jess

    She’s just weird. I’m sick about hearing about her to be honest. She’s obviously an attention seeker. Why the hell else would u shave off ur hair?

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    I love Britney Spears, no one on this planet can destroy their career and embarrass themselves religiously over and over like she can – she’s amazing. To bad she’s not secure enough and women enough to just rock her REAL hair Like Natalie Portman did – I would actually have some respect for her if she did.

  • Sondie

    NICE holes in the tights again….Not a good look-and NICE zits Britt

  • mina

    The children are really cute. They can’t help it. I’m so sorry for them having a mother like spears. I think their future will be full with problems and fears.
    I wouldn’t trust spears with any kid let alone her own.


    Whoever dont believe that brit’s two boys have Down’s syndrome, youre in denial. Someone upthread said they both look alike…….well d’uh………….thats the thing with Down’s syndrome, people! They all look alike. Its a feature of the dsease. But its not just brit’s two boys that have it. Kevin and Shar’s little girl also have it. I just havent seen the baby Shar had when kevin left her for brit so i dont know if he has it also. I guess then that its not Kevin’s baby mamas who have the problem. hint hint.

  • Muu

    Oh hey, Miss Trailer Trash has come out for her daily media whoring fix!

  • nathan

    everyone check out

    pretty cool source of infos

  • Mondo Bongo

    OK~~~~ Britney needs mental help fast and with the quickness!!

    As for her children~~~ you morbid morons, being foul and stupid
    is not a plus, and idiotic when you don’t know what the f*ck your
    TRYING to talk about.
    Why you idiots always go for the children is beyond me!!!

    IMO yes i believe her children need a healthier environment, i can
    only hope someone will step up and in soon to help them ALL!!!!!!

  • Sophie
  • b

    britney is awesome, she looks great…i cant believe u ass holes have the nerve to say those kinds of things about someones baby! the kid looks like a normal baby!

  • Mmmmm

    Gosh he looks just like her mother .. still think it is sick that these paps have no regard when the children are concerned

  • N

    Dummies the children do not have Down Syndrome…or FAS….. they look like normal kids. Bash her leave her kids out of it. Also, Shars kids do no look like they have ds either. You guys are evil assholes….and you have the nerve to judge her.

  • lb

    I cannot believe one of her dancers said tha now that her hair is about 2 inches ‘she looks like a model’. Model my ass! She looks like she just finished a round of chemotherapy. All you ladies that like to glue that fake ass hair into your head take a long hard look at Britney’s hair growth or the lackthereof…and the bald spots. The extension will ruin your hair so bad that you have to wear them for life. I don’t care how expensive of extensions you get they all damage your hair and scalp and cause bald spots. Is the fake long hair worth it?!?

  • snapcase07

    sweet photo Sophie…man this Britney grosses me out…in fact, she has always grossed me out.

  • jam

    omg those extensions look really awful and crunchy

    she’s fucking rediculous i love her but her real hair i bet is way cuter…guess were never guna see it

  • sparrow

    am i the only person who thinks that her hair hasn’t grown nearly as much as it should given the time frame? It seems like it should be longer now.

    and what in the hell is going on with those stockings? It’s way beyond weird at this point. It’s almost as though she is afraid to take them off?

    the kids look fine, leave them alone.

  • You Shouldn’t Insult Skunks Like That

    There are tons of pics of both of the kids together that came out in the past couple of days on other sites so she isn’t really hiding Jayden plus there have been pics of him in the past. I personally wouldn’t want all the paps scaring the crap out of my small baby either, maybe he startles alot easier than Sean or maybe she just realized that she had made a mistake exposing Sean to all the crap paps early on and didn’t want to do that with Jayden. Or maybe she just really likes to SCREW with all the paps and all the people who are saying “where’s the baby?” “Why won’t she show him?” “What’s wrong with him?” Like it is some how our/their right to see her kid. I don’t particulary care for Britney and think she has pretty much turned out to be a real fuck up in life, but, I am a mom and so I have to say, leave her kids alone dumbasses there isn’t anything wrong with the kid in that pic and to those who talk about the other one bad because you are freaking out so bad about wanting to see him for some reason, JAYDEN ISN’T YOUR KID AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THESE PEOPLE, GET OVER IT AND GET A LIFE!

  • yikes

    that looks painful.

  • FASD is real, folks.

    Sean does look like he has FASD.
    Poor Jayden, he is going to have to force his way out in the public when he is a teen-ager, he is hidden like people use to hide their children when they were deformed or mentally deficient.

  • No Money For Jayden’s Pics

    The reason she keeps Jayden hidden , is because she could not get paid for him. Britney is naive enough to think every child she has will bring her a pay-off from the magazines. She was shopping around for a magazine to pay for posting his first pictures, but no magazine was interested. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Britney, no magazine is interested in giving you money for your child’s pic. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

  • Denise

    Sean always looks distressed. I wonder what’s up with that. I wonder if the other child is distressed like that.

  • blue_capacity

    I dont know who is the worst dresser..Britney or Kirsten?
    At least Kiki dresses maturely and they are the same age..

  • justyna

    Jezu ludzie ale macie głupi język!!
    hehe ciekawe czy ktoś mnie zrozumie
    Spadajcie g***************

  • kittybonus

    Well, half year later and I bet all of you who were defending the skank are so pleased by sticking up for her. She’s trash and she has NO excuse to behave the way she has; mental illness or not. I have bipolar and I’m not a feckin crazy idiot like her. I have a 6 year old girl, my life is handled just fine. What she needed was to recognize her problem, take time off her fame and her feckin g’damn boys and such, and pay attention her well-being. But now it’s too late, she needs to be in treatment, ASAP. Inpatient. Atleast for 6 months so they can make sure she’s taking her medication and seeking couseling. She was such a lovely young girl who totally went cuckcoo. She has potential but NOT until she’s inpatient. She’s got two kids who NEED their MOMMY just as much as they need their Daddy.

  • jezzebelle

    hey….. she n her family is trying to do the best so dun’t judge rite now…… give her time (1 year) after tat then u can comment bout britney…… poor tat women…….

  • aleahthompson