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Victoria Beckham's Knee Wrinkles

Victoria Beckham's Knee Wrinkles

Posh‘s knees sure caught a bad angle. Somebody call Demi‘s doctor!

Literally minutes after picking up her permit, Victoria Beckham was stopped by Los Angeles traffic police for “speeding” (read: stopped by police to add drama to the Beckham reality TV series).

The former Spice Girl forked over her London driver’s license but walked away unscathed.

After all was said and done, Vix flashed photographers another one of her huge grins and a big thumbs up!

Is that a thumbs up… ‘I’m pregnant?’

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victoria beckham speeding ticket 01
victoria beckham speeding ticket 02
victoria beckham speeding ticket 03
victoria beckham speeding ticket 04
victoria beckham speeding ticket 05
victoria beckham speeding ticket 06
victoria beckham speeding ticket 07
victoria beckham speeding ticket 08
victoria beckham speeding ticket 09
victoria beckham speeding ticket 10
victoria beckham speeding ticket 11
victoria beckham speeding ticket 12
victoria beckham speeding ticket 13
victoria beckham speeding ticket 14
victoria beckham speeding ticket 15
victoria beckham speeding ticket 16
victoria beckham speeding ticket 17
victoria beckham speeding ticket 18
victoria beckham speeding ticket 19
victoria beckham speeding ticket 20
victoria beckham speeding ticket 21
victoria beckham speeding ticket 22
victoria beckham speeding ticket 23
victoria beckham speeding ticket 24
victoria beckham speeding ticket 25
victoria beckham speeding ticket 26
victoria beckham speeding ticket 27
victoria beckham speeding ticket 28
victoria beckham speeding ticket 29
victoria beckham speeding ticket 30
victoria beckham speeding ticket 31

Photos: Team Beckham/Splash News Online
Posted to: Victoria Beckham

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  • Shelby

    eww gross

  • sue

    Gross! This woman need to go back where she come from.

  • bella


  • 2985

    It’s just a knee Jared, why don’t you give us more Angie news instead? ;) Thanks for all the ones you’ve been putting up! Great job! :)

  • Christina

    LOL OMG its a knee! The shock, the horror :P SH elooks fabulous as usual. I’m loving her look, she looks so great!!

  • xyz

    oh so fugly!!! She is THE embodiment of fatuousness & vacuousness!!! Please Jared for the sake of humanity, don’t post her pictures… PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLease give more of the pulchritudinous Angelina

  • whatever

    I like that bright green bra under her dress very “Cali” inspired. And her knees look just fine…i love to see how some of these peoples’ knees look shoved into a size 0 dress..jeeze.

  • lyc

    she’s got a little piggy nose. oink.

  • Lucie

    Eww it looks like scrunched up glad wrap! But it’s probably just a really bad photo

  • Yily

    its definitely a bad photo but c’mon, she’s not perfect. everybody has taken a bad picture before and a celebrity like her has many i’m sure. i think posh is beautiful and she’s such a fashion icon. america cannot get enough of her and i’m sure we’ll see her a lot more now that she’s coming to the states.

  • Debbie

    Well said Yily…if all peaople can do is make bad comments about her perhaps they should look in there own back yard first…perhaps they are envious of this beautiful english rose!!!

  • MJStyle

    she looks lovely! very happy lately!

  • Lucie

    ok I wouldn’t go so far as to call her an english rose haha that’s like calling paris hilton america’s sweetheart! keira knightley, kate winslet, or lily donaldson but definitely not victoria beckham

  • jess

    she looks great you guys. thats one bad photo lol. i love the outfit, she looks so fabulous..

  • IMO

    She is stylish, yes!
    She is ugly, yes!
    She is overexposed, hell yeah!!
    [other than that she my be a perfect D lister, with a A lister husband] = coat tail!!!!!!


  • Jill

    Leave this poor girl alone…..I think she’s beautiful. It’s nice to see her smiling.

  • Soft

    She looks real bad when she smiles, are those still her milk teeth?

    What is she famous for anyways?

  • tanique33

    knee wrinkle? ugh, disappointed at the posting of that. i hate when people do silly things like point out imperfections. what’s the point? especially, since i’ve yet to meet the perfect person.

  • Depeche

    “read: stopped by police to add drama to the Beckham reality TV series).”
    tHATS the truth. They are FAKE FAKE FAKE

  • Vanessa

    Seriously, guys. It’s a bad picture. No one is perfect. It’s just a knee for heaven’s sake.
    Victoria’s a very pretty lady. I think she has one of the cutest smiles.

  • lilflowa

    i knew all the VB haters would come out in there droves! bet theyve been waiting for something like this to get their kicks!

  • lilflowa

    and oh please posh is more A list than her husband…………if he wasnt married to her he would just be any other decent looking footballer…nuthin special……..and yes he’s the one with the career at the moment but she’s doing her own thing too with her dvb style brand….so i wouldnt exactly say riding his coat tail…..he has nothing to ride from!

    Plus she was way more famous than him when they got married so dont come up with all this she is married to him for money and all that bull crap!

    Do ur thing VB….forget the haters……..because im sure they have sooooooo much going for them at the moment* roll eyes*

  • lilflowa

    seriously……*c-r-a-p* got censored? i didnt say “S***”…… a gd girl :D

  • VickiB is a “waste of a human being”

    That is soooo backwards~! She is famous and a semi-celeb because she married DB! If not for that she would be just another washed-up Spice Girl (who’s name everyone had forgotten) looking for work! She is NOTHING without the BECKHAM NAME- Get a grip and a CLUE! She is over-rated, over-glorified HOUSEWIFE who does not spend any sort of QUALITY time with the three children she has birthed… she should have stuck with collecting HANDBAGS & SHOES & DESIGNER CLOTHES for god knows she spends more time on herself and HER NEEDS than those of her CHILDREN! She is a patheitc excuse for a human being- totally self-absorbed, vain, narcissistic and actually just plain GROSS! (looks-wise as well as personality-wise) At least photogs take her pic at every opportunity- I’m sure that will be great comfort to her boys’ when their older– Look Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz- Mummy was too “busy” shopping, taping a “bomb” of a reality show and being a “fashionista” to spen any sort of time with you- but you understand, don’t you? WASTE OF A HUMAN BEING!

  • André

    she’s gonna freak out when she sees this!

  • Dr Jube

    She scares me. Hideous, freaky….stick. I’m so glad I’m in Australia and she’s faaaaaar away in LA making some naff reality tv series. Seriously, how lame is that?

  • Eathan

    Dr. Jube, Victoria is coming to Australia in October, you better RUN! lol

    She’s a fantastic person with a great doze of humour and you’ll definately see that in her new show.

    So what if it was staged? It’s not like all reality shows are actually real.

  • LJ

    Oh please those comments that she don’t spend time with her kids…she spend time with them as much as her husband or working mothers so shut up.

  • Ellie

    Leave her alone. Everyone’s knee wrinkles when they walk and you end up saying all this nasty stuff about her. You don’t even know her for god’s sakes! She hasn’t done ANYTHING to you. If you don’t like her, that’s fine. It’s unfair, but I’m sure she really doesn’t care. But don’t bother writing all this s**t about her because it’s a complete waste of your time. NOBODY CARES.

  • pb

    I agree with #24 & #29 entirely.

    This greedy pretenscious sad example of a human being should have had small dogs she can chuck in her designer handbag, definately not children – she’s never there for them, how can she be when she’s travelling all over the world promoting her sorry self.

    She should get a life and join the real world for a change, maybe then people would stop laughing at her.

    The Beckhams are serial liers anyway, 1) her boob job she blatently denied on TV has been proved she DID have several. 2) The Rebecca Loos affair was denied when it OBVIOUSLY happened 3) D.Beckham’s LA Galaxy salary was first reported at £125 million – we now hear it is in fact £5 million.

    Who are they trying to kid – they must think the public are total idiots!

  • kazzie

    thats it guys carry on rippin the pee out of her if it gets you throught the night and you feel loads better for it go ahead ill do the same about you then.

  • Sable

    This is a classy lady who has somehow avoided getting muddied by all the trash celebs get dashed with these days. Good for her…and good for him. They’re a gorgeous couple. I hope I’m lucky enough to marry for love and money and looks… three out of three isn’t bad.

  • Abhi

    was it a reality show or some kind