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Isaiah Washington -- FIRED!

Isaiah Washington -- FIRED!

Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington, aka Dr. Preston Burke, has been fired from the hit ABC medical drama, according to TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello.

Washington‘s rep Howard Bragman confirmed that Grey’s creator Shonda Rimes told Washington over the phone that he would not be invited back to the show next season.

The decision was reportedly due only in part to Washington referring to co-star T.R. Knight as something-derogatory-that-I-won’t-repeat-here. In part? Yeah, right!

Isaiah Washington, YOU’RE FIRED!

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Credit: TV Guide; Photos: Nancy Ostertag/Getty
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  • Rancour

    41 jocelyn | 06/08/2007 at 10:44 am

    since when is it a racial slur to say ******? why is sexual preference compared to the color of skin dumb? but anyway since imus got fired i know they had to fire him not the same people
    (Flag This)
    42 jocelyn | 06/08/2007 at 10:45 am

    sexual preference and skin color not the same sorry.

    I don’t know what word u used but if you meant F***t, it’s a slur. It’s not racial slur but it’s offensive to most gay people out there especially if someone nasty wants to get back to them. The same will apply if you call a black person N***r. That was my point.

    And no need to call me dumb. Go educate your ignorant ass first and realise how much you miss on the real stuff that happens out there.
    Gay peeps are being discrimanated against in the same way some blacks are. The only difference is you can’t tell a gay person from the multitude whereas you can see black people from a distance so to speak.
    Hence if you kow someone’s gay — as I assume IW knew that guy was– and you want to hurt them , you’ll use any sort of slur that applies to homosexuals to hurt their feelings. The same things happens to black or other non- whites. Some peeps would wanna hurt or insult a black out of anger, hence use the N word. Tell me now, isn’t it the same? That was the point I was making. Racial discrimanation CAN be compared to homophobia. Now go get a book about it and educate yourself you dumdshit.

  • shopgirl

    TR a crybaby? please!! I’d like to know how you would feel if you had to work with someone on a daily basis who not only choked your coworker, but has a past history of violent behavior and throws the f word around like it’s going out of style. Maybe you wouldn’t mind..change the scenario- what if it was your daughter or son or mother that had to work with this guy? I think you’d feel a whole lot differently if you or someone you loved was directly involved in his abusive behavior. ….

  • shopgirl

    They’re exactly the same, you don’t choose your skin color or your sexual preferance – your born with it. And both words – N and F are said out hate and intolerance which you have to know is never ever OK…

  • Jess

    shopgirl i understand your point. I think what jocelyn is trying to say though is that people see your skin color before they even meet you or get to know you, they don’t necessarily know that someone is gay if that person doesn’t tell them. they can assume all they want to, but it’s not a fact until they are told. it is easier to hide your sexual orientation than it is to hide your skin color.

  • in my crystal ball, i see…

    The problem with this man is although he’s still handsome somewhat, he has aged over the past 10 or so years. He used to be a VERY FINE black man. I think he is jealous of his fellow actors, namely Mc Dreamy and Mc Steamy and how the white actors are getting all the attention. I feel his energy and he seems resentful that he’s not a major heartthrob. He thinks it is unfair.

  • vitaa

    What Isaiah did was wrong but I think the word slipped from his mouth, I mean, I don’t think it was intentional. Though it was necessary for him to apologize and to do all this stuff to be forgiven for this incident. And I agree with Burpie, this wasn’t none of Katherine Heigl stuff, she’d better have her mouth closed, she just added fuel on the fire. He’s human after all, everyone makes mistakes. That’s so hypocritical to have hime fired at the very end of the season. Why at the end ?! I hope there’s still a chance for him to come back, I don’t know him as a man, but I liked him as a character.

  • Junebug

    I think it is so unfair that Isaiah Washington got fired from Grey’s Anatomy. Each character makes the show such a huge hit, and firing Dr.Burke was the wrong move. I think he took full responsibility on the comment that he made toward T.R. Knight and the gay community. He went to rehab and made a public service announcement and he also apologized several times. In a way ABC is saying that Isaiah got fired due to his own personal opinion. Grey’s Anatomy will not be the same without him. I have watched Grey’s Anatomy every week, but without Dr.Burke I don’t think the show will be as great as it once was.

  • amanahill>BANGluvr

    what happened to IW was wrong. TR and KH, should be fired too, and the execs are asses. Everyone is acting all selfrightoues now, like we have never made mistakes. The worst of us love to throw the first stones. If PD did this same thing they wouldn’t fire him, i wouldn’t want him to be fired, but they would never fire McDreamy. Yet IW apologizes and does everything to appease the ABC execs and they still fire him, after using him for the halfbaked season finale. I don’t know how they are gong to fix it next season (probably make cristina a tequila drinking whore like meredith, or an adulterous winer like izzie) but I am not watching to see. Down with Shonda and all the ABC execs. As for all you self righteous wannabes, no one is perfect, and in time of transgressions we all beg for forgivness, forgive the guy!!!!

  • meh

    A nigger called a turd-pusher a faggot. This was news?

  • meh

    A nig!ger called a tu!rd-pusher a fa!ggot. This was news?

  • The Enlightener

    You don’t CHOOSE to be black or white or a woman or handicapped or any other minority. Despite the bullshyt that gays and these so-called scientific experts feed us that we gorge ourselves on, homosexuality, bisexuality (still gay) and every perverted variant thereof is a CHOICE! You do not have to remain that way as several ex-gays that were apparently that way ‘from birth’ have proclaimed, you choose to. They don’t want to change. It’s all over the net. They are working diligently to achieve minority status so they can justify their deviant and perverted lifestyles. All blacks, native americans, hispanics, women and every other TRUE minority should be outraged at homos trying to make themselves equal. But then again there is no other class of people that has more nerve than homos and they will stop at nothing to make their agenda reality.

  • shopgirl

    The word slipped? Sorry, Words do not “slip” out, not unless prejudice is a part of your everyday thinking…

  • enlightenerisaFOOL

    Being gay is not a choice, no one in their right mind would choose to be targeted, discriminated against and still not have the same rights as straight folks.

  • Real

    Only a white person would say that racial and homosexual slurs are the same.

  • Kate

    I think it was horrible that he called T.R Knight you-know-what…but I love Isaiah Washingtons character, so I am sad that his character won’t be on the show next season.

  • child

    I dont think he should have been fired, who cares if he said something about the homosexuals, a lot of people say things they dont mean, and its not that big of a deal

  • Julia

    I’m a lesbian and I think it’s ridiculous that they fired him. What happened to first amendment rights? No when complained when the character Alex said George punched like a girl. If you want to be all proud about being PC get mad about a statement like that too.

  • Jesse

    I don’t think I’ll be watching anymore.

  • Kenneth Coble

    The “guantlet” wasn’t enough due to the fact that he wasn’t fired soley for the “F” word. He also used that again at the Globes awards anyway so it was obviously not enough now was it? Besides all of that, he was fired for other aggresive situations including an altercation on set. Looking into Mr. Washingtons history you will find that he has been dismissed due to similar instances. I have been following this for a few days now, and have seen more “Lily White folk are afraid of well spoken black man” Comments than when Imus went on his last rant. If the African American community is so insistant on accountability in the media.. Then shouldn’t this include ALL outlets? The man is a violent homophoic bigot who thinks there is any court in the USA that would even hear him out ha! He is the one who sounds like the stereotypical redneck to me.

  • Lauren

    Okay so I totally am pissed about what happened like big time,
    but seriously what is show gonna be like without his conflicts with Christina.
    He just disappears and a new guy comes?
    I’m not gonna lie but I hate when that happens on TV shows.
    But T.R. Knight I support.
    Oh I do love this show.

  • Hattie-X

    This is stupid, all the people who really watched the show knows that Dr. Burk was one of the main reasons people will miss everything important in their lives to watch Grey’s. Now, they fire the one person who can really act, i don’t know if the people here in Africa will appreciate this. Expect a major decrease in your viewer numbers. This has nothing to do with colour or how outspoken the guy is but something more, maybe he’s difficult to work with but he is a great actor and showed that he will do anything for the show by going on counselling and apologizing in public Still this firing “is a shocker of the year”

    Cheers Grey’s you just lost AFRICA…

  • Hattie-X

    PLEASE READ this!!!How can people go on live TV and say they made up but the next year you FIRE the actor, in this case Isaiah.

    “I lost my cool but it wasn’t coming out of a place of animus for Patrick or T.R. or anyone. It was coming out of a place of trying to stay focused about the work,” Isaiah says. “I’ve been working with these beautiful men for three years now and we had an argument as brothers. It came about at a time and a place that was overwhelming for both of us.”

    Despite what reports said, Isaiah says the argument was just that. “What it was not, was a brawl,” he says. Isaiah says his reaction was below his personal standards and has apologized to the cast and crew.

    When the argument broke out, James called a meeting to clear the air, as any good chief would. “We’re a family. … With families you have a beef. It was a beef, no more, no less,” James says. “We got a chance to go ahead and air some stuff. It was done, and we went back to work.”

    Patrick says he thinks a lot of good came out of the argument. “I think what happens is we needed to just be open and be able to communicate and not let things build up,” Patrick says. “I think we’ve come to that point where it’s much freer to communicate with each other, and we’re more relaxed because of it. I think the whole company’s tighter.”

  • Steve

    I never liked his charachter anyway,…and to make things worse he is now co starring in The Bionic Woman… to be honest with you… I would love to pop him right square in that deformed mouth of his. Actually, I think he was insanely jealous of Mr. Knight… wether he is gay or not.. I think that Mr Knight is a MAJOR hottie.. and if GA has Denzel Washington, instead of this loser we would definitely have us a killer show!

  • Allure

    lol@ the Hypocritical Fans…Gees! No excuse for what I.Washginton did to TR. Knight thou’.

    I actually liked Isaiah’s Character On Grey’s antomy.

  • Hattie-X

    Lets look at the shows numbers for next season…