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Britney Flashes Her Boob -- AGAIN!

Britney Flashes Her Boob -- AGAIN!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

Britney Spears has dang gone done it again! The habitually wardrobe-malfunctioning pop princess showed some extra flesh as she tried on clothes on Monday.

Britney was trying on several different outfits at the Beverly Hills store Jill Roberts when she stepped out to consult with her cousin Alli Sims. Her mammaries did pop out but she was wearing underwear!! After her shopping trip, Brit headed to the Four Seasons hotel for some pampering at the five star spa.

You can watch the video of Britney in the changing room here (it’s towards the end).

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Britney’s constant wardrobe malfunctions? And is it or just me, or does Britney look like she’s ready for some sumo wrestling with that hair?

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115 Responses to “Britney Flashes Her Boob -- AGAIN!”

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  1. 1
    [Famous] Says:


  2. 2
    Didi Says:

    can her boobs be classed as weapon of mass destruction. when is bush gonna invade her bush and drop some scatter bombs

  3. 3
    Tim Says:

    what has she become? stop this brit. if you really want a comeback, get yourself together, suck it up, and start training!

  4. 4
    mocha Says:

    why are the photographers taking pictures of her while she’s changing in the dressing room? thats the real question. perverts.

  5. 5
    galsso Says:

    she is a grown ass woman, who cares what she shows and doesn’t show. why must everyone make such a big deal?

  6. 6
    galsso Says:

    and besides this was definetley not on purpose, she should be more careful, but how is she supposed to know those perverted photogs can reach all the way into a fitting room!
    by the way that is illegal since she still seems to be inside the fitting room area.

  7. 7
    {Shava-shava} Says:

    ‘Britney was trying on several different outfits at the Beverly Hills store Jill Roberts when she stepped out to consult with her cousin Allie Sims’


    I bet all the clothes stink of sweat, piss and *** now. thank you britney

  8. 8
    mocha Says:

    like your broke ass could afford the clothes anyway shava-shava, go cash your welfare check, *****.

  9. 9
    L. Says:

    i don’t consider taking your clothes off to change a wardrobe malfunction…? just most people don’t usually have mad cameras with zoom lenses following them everywhere.

  10. 10
    mocha Says:

    jared, please stop sensationalizing this story. you sound like a horny pre-pubescent boy thats never seen a *** before: omg! omg! boobs!!!!!!!!!

    she’s changing. they shouldn’t be taking pictures.

  11. 11
    Camille Says:

    Poor Brit, can’t even try on clothes without being stalked… Maybe she was trying on swimsuits, and she leaned over a little too much. No biggie…

  12. 12
    {Shava-shava} Says:

    8# “like your broke ass could afford the clothes anyway”

    so you’re admitting she smells of sweat, piss and c u m, then? lmfao even her stupid ass redneck fans have lost all hope in her.

  13. 13
    Brit Says:

    It’s getting old….Britney flashing her private parts all the time. What’s wrong with her??

  14. 14
    Dina Says:

    I think it’s totally disgusting, not that she flashed her boobs, but that the paparazzi followed her when she was dressing in the changing room. Honestly guys, changing rooms are supposed to be for that purpose and it’s supposed to stay private! :(

    I’m not a Britney fan and she does drive me mad sometimes, but I feel sorry for her. It’s almost as if she s proclaimed America’s bashing victim N1.

  15. 15
    T Says:

    Amen leave her alone.

  16. 16
    mocha Says:

    no, there is no point in arguing with the mentally unstable such as yourself. go play in traffic.

  17. 17
    DD Says:

    Desparate for attention…

  18. 18
    {Shava-shava} Says:

    dont blame jared if the stupid wh-ore wore a bra this wouldn’t be happenin. she’s naked on purpose and shes seen the photogs already in picture no 3 and is exposed on purpose fucken walking trash she is.

  19. 19
    mocha Says:

    do you not read, b*tch? i said go play in traffic. you’re ass is obsessed and will be first in line to purchase her new album, i guarantee it. now start saving up baby, you know record stores don’t except ebt/food stamps/

  20. 20
    samantha Says:

    she is mentally ill, she needs help, sadly, she will never get it.

  21. 21
    {Shava-shava} Says:

    mochas idol is a dirty fat wh-ore hes a very upset individual and is on a one man crusade for boob rights. i am sure there are support grps 4 people like you or try the Samaritans

  22. 22
    Jon Says:

    Well she’s shopping inside of a store, and was clear that she is trying on clothes. It was deff not done on purpose, plus the paperazzi shouldn’t even be takeing pictures while she’s in there, but watev.

  23. 23
    anonymous Says:

    what’s with that frumpy dress? and those boots again? I guess she’s giving the pink mukluks a rest.

  24. 24
    {Shava-shava} Says:

    mocha is getting angrier by the minute and will write a harsh letter of disapproval to jared if his lord britneys boob bashing continues.

  25. 25
    [Famous] Says:

    Anyone who still thinks this girl can and will make a comeback is as crazy as she is.

    The photogs are taken pictures because she’s allowing them too. She wants the attention so she lets them take these pictures. I just pray when she blows her brains out she lets the photogs take pictures of it – I really want to that!

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