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Will Smith is John Hancock

Will Smith is John Hancock

Here are the first pictures off the Los Angeles set of Will Smith‘s latest superhero-themed flick John Hancock, taken Friday! The film will be directed Peter Berg (The Kingdom).

Looks like Will‘s character takes to the bottle while “flying around”! (Why are his legs super shiny?)

Here’s a little synopsis: A tortured superhero (Smith) who has fallen out of favor with the public enters into a questionable relationship with the wife (Charlize Theron) of the public relations professional (Jason Bateman) who’s trying to repair his image. He tries to transform himself by romancing this alluring housewife, causing chaos in the city.

John Hancock is set for a July 2, 2008 release.

More pictures inside of Will Smith working on John Hancock

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  • Angelina

    looking hot there will. lol, what is he wearingg? he looks like a teenager and im not saying its a bad thing…not neccesarrily.

  • http://yahoo Melissa

    i like him.

  • Mrs. Fugly

    I love this guy! So talented and funny. he seems like a great hubby and dad. I imagine his get-up is for a movie part? I mean, please tell me he’s not an alcoholic? He’s too good for that. I think its, just his part in the movie. Playing a drunk? Eeewww. Knowing Will Smith he’ll, do the movie justice. He’s a very good actor.

  • La

    Oh la la. He is so cute and he is totally awesome!

  • La

    His wife is gorgeous too.

  • Pandora

    He is cute. I just love him! LOL — Mrs. Fugly I don’t think he’s a drunk but I’m sure he’ll give the role his “all”. :)

  • stfu


  • [marie]

    I LOVE Will Smith’s glistening legs… I hope that he gets an Oscar for this one [keeps the giggling to a minimum]…

  • [Famous]

    This man truly deserves an Oscar.

    marie, if my dcik starts to get heavy you can put it down for a second.

  • name

    Full of himself. Yuk!

  • christina

    Mmmmmm that is one hot couple sexy will with the hotness charlize !

  • angelinammm

    Tony Parker?
    they look a like

  • Metal Water

    The new Will Smith film you are reporting on…called John Hancock, was called Tonight, He Comes…a really wonderful title for an original script about a realistic super hero…one not born of comic books.

    There have been, numerous reports for years that have declared Tonight, He Comes was, and is, the best un-produced script in Hollywood. Now with the unnecessary, and just plain horrible name change, and the obligatory Will Smith alterations of the script, I have lost all interest in this movie!!! This is truly bad news…and I think it spells a disaster at the box office!!!

  • mttroplay

    i just know he will get what is dew him in the long run. people who say bad things about other people are only jelos because it is not them.will smith is a good person with a big heart.he is a family man and a great dad. i have all his movies and they are all great.will smith is john hancock just like bagger vance.if you are a person who love movies than you would not say things like he is stuck on his self. what will smith dose is pay his bills like all the rest of us do.he pay taxes to. its not like he just make up these movies him self he has a prodoser just like all the day it would be great to meat him and his wife and kids specialy jaden his would be nice to trade recipets with his mother. will just keep up the great work and do not let no one i mean no one tell you that the movie is not great.all of the movies you have made are great to me i do not know how other people feel about it but they are great to are a special person and i hope your wife know what she has.that is all i got to say about it.

  • someone

    damnnnn…. look at those jays! jordan I retro black toes. so nice


    If I were a superhero with a substance abuse problem and came accross Charlize Theron, I’d do what Will’s character does in the movie…bang her!

  • Derrick

    Hmmm hot so sure about this one Will. I loves ya’ bro but this concept sounds as dull as My Super Ex girlfriend. But regardless I will support you.

  • wills #1 lover

    will smith is the hottest man ive ever seen in my entire life. too bad hes married. btw how old is his kid? i mean trey from his other marriage not jaden or willow. god i know a lot about this guy. WILL I LOOVE YOU! hes the best actor in the world seriously. does neone know a way i can reach him?

  • Regina

    I saw Will today @ downtown LA. Actually, this new movie is filming there today, tomorrow, and next week. The location is corner of The Westin Hotel.

  • Regina

    I saw Will today @ downtown LA. Actually, this new movie is filming there today, tomorrow, and next week. The location is corner of The Westin Hotel.

  • tyrone frisby

    im looking for mr smith so i can give all my support on a creative level im from wynnefield of philadelphia can someone let him know of me please artist visual and creative soul tmf thankyou my #714654-3322

  • RG

    “people who say bad things about other people are only jelos because it is not them.”

    This must be the stupidest remark I’ve ever read. Then again, this IS the Internet.

    So let me see if I understand. If I say Hitler was a bad guy, it’s because I’m ‘jelos?” (You came a lot closer to spelling Jello than jealous.) If I dislike, let’s say, a gameshow, it’s because I’m jealous of that game show, or maybe the game show host, or the game show contestant who won $5,000? I don’t like Mondays. Am I jealous of Monday? Do I secretly want to be a day of the week? And of course, if I don’t like a particular actor, I must be jealous of him…right?

    You are just one small part of what makes the Internet, and even humanity, frequently pathetic and stupid.

  • Letisia

    I saw Will Smith filmin gsome of this movie in hollywood!!!! I cant wait to see it! I love Will Smith so much!

  • http://JustJared Cool

    This movie is worth seeing it looks Great! But hopfully it makes up for “I

  • Nicola

    oiaweuhroiawheoruawe HANCOCK PRIDE OHH YEAHH.
    My last name is Hancock…
    I’m way too excited for the movie because of that reason, that and I LOVE Will Smith :)

  • aw

    Nicola: I imagine you had a hard (ehehe, I said hard) time when you were a kid. *sniff*

  • vivek cris

    i love u man !!!!!!

  • Teejay

    We were in Downtown LA when they were filming the bank scene.
    Absolutely fantastic, Will looked great. Made our Honeymoon.
    Can’t wait to see the film, big Will fans.

  • Will is hot

    Who cares if he’s legs are shiny! Will Smith is an absolute hunk! He’s so dignified n intelligent n caring n sensitive n sexy…n did I mention SEXY!! Wish I could be Jada for just ONE NIGHT YUMMO!!!!

  • http://diggthis torbjorn

    tessi fina mynd

  • Paul

    Hollywood needs this, a drunk super hero. I mean really, who came up with this movie? I don’t know because it was the pictures that caught my attention, not the words!!

  • Nate

    I just saw the first showing of the movie in developement here in was really good. Unlike any other superhero movie I’ve seen so far. Ya’ll will like this one I think, and they didn’t advertise 100 million things in this movie (cough Irobot cough)

  • Nate

    Oh and the little thing up there the description of the film is almost entirely wrong.

  • Ms Hayes

    I actually saw the movie and did a comment card to the director–along with 500 others. The movie superseded my expectations and Will–as usually–blew up on the scene. I’m positive it will be a summer blockbuster, because it’s a laugh a minute action film that keeps your attention. There is a killer twist towards the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • frank

    haha i got da same jays had them for about 2 years and look how he fucked his up and look how mine look hahaa funni stuff

  • dadzrule

    big up will smith evrytime

  • Joana

    John Hancock? I think he got somthing to do with the declaration of U.S independence right?

  • http://smokinjoejerzy jose l.cordero

    hey!!!!!!!! where did the idea? of this movie pop up, no where a couple of film guys…a mail box some where…? how about the dollar in his wallet “at least noone can say he didn’t die wit out a dollar tu his name…lol.”
    remember th movie he made about ..matter of fact….my name could of been john doe i was joh doe for a day…cheezin….no without all the joken around where could an idea lik john doe have come from?
    there’s been no speculations thats has really found a local buzz just yet its almost lik unbreakable…cliff hangers tend tu be a dime ah dozen…by th way i’m only 26 n bored…still breathin im…in pennsa… yu finsh the rest…but how about…i canl eave that thought alone…lol…i lik the jordons’ ….u know john handcock sound lik a real random movie almost lik a cia super guy lik movie…someone thats a cronic perfectionist could ave. came up wit a moviey as such…on a really bad day dealin wit a daydah life stuck in th “arm pit of a…”the armpit”s a wierd shape..”5,000,” characters all tu gether 3,954 left….? why didn’t they name the character john doe…or lost or still wondering broke…lol…this was very obvisous but atleast u can’t stay mad at im. i like the fact he can’t remember who he is…jon doe leaves an open outlook on society…jus by the fact he’s a no name even wit the name john handcock…saw was comic lik “n” so was insideman a close tu reallity movie or what about a beautiful mind…or if u seen american beauty that gave people a huge outlook but now were wondering… stick tu th script if john handcock can mak an over the top appearance how should it exit appear tu be…original classic or just a way for whats jus could have ….>? been hard time for class and movies of grandour…

  • http://smokinjoejerzy jose l.cordero

    seems lik its not enuff yet…?

  • http://smokinjoejerzy jose l.cordero

    hey where did they get the idead of john hancock?

  • http://smokinjoejerzy jose l.cordero

    i don’t get this its not showin my question where did john handcock come from…and the part wit the dollar in his wallet atleast they can’t say he didn’t die in the movie wit outah dollar tu his names “my name is tom” or “john doe” if u don’t know who i am… but bac tu the real question the idea of john handcock is real random who came out wit this idea…?

  • http://smokinjoejerzy jose l.cordero

    o.k. i got the hint…? im stil in with questions……

  • http://smokinjoejerzy jose l.cordero

    hey u kno how young i was when i came up wit the thought …of somethinlik this it was a rainy manic depresent day or twilight…early and i still couldn’t spell straight…lol…i always wanted tu be a director but i knew wit all the garbage in my lif and how hard things got…there was always a way around reallity…i was torchd and wrote a senario about a character lik myself…” john handcock” and stuc it in a mailbox…an…i can’t say where but the street was union ave…i remember the letter cuz i realized 2 scenes the part wit the fatboy…”n” the symbolizm wit th dolla bill in his wallet…i was big on symbolizm not fame, thats how i workd at the tim .so i wrote all my ideas n fears or paranoyahs on paper and what characters could most likly play those parts…and how a media movie could bring an idea tu the worlds national issue lightly…cuz poporotcy had tu much control at the time ,thank god i still feel scared but “the whole idea could only work if it were based on reallity .” hopefully by now people could see what i saw at a young age times were hard and beyond a natural order wit war and other distraction of reallity” so the strategy was who ever found the letter unlucky smo or not and had access tu the actors on the list would have a copyright tu all the ideas that were slowly slipn away “n” it had a hope in a bottle desperation, cuz i thought i wasn’t goin tu amount tu much…an im still nameless of course who would beleive this corny scanario besides the mail person and the people involved nomatter how many people would claim they already thought or made comic about it….i would stake my memory on it…it was an act of faith n good will for a worst case sanerio…lol…john what ever….thanks will atleast someone rembered…was defanetly early in penns… besafe people…oh i defantely brong up the enviromental issue…tu .. still thikin…

  • http://smokinjoejerzy jose l.cordero

    “hey who’s on first…” is there a sick kid involved in the sequl…”when he fly’s into the sun…in france u can almost see him…ahhh…now its tu movie tickets in his wallet hell wit it my idea seemed more…that all…lol

  • Silvia

    no hay fotos de Will con su trajecito de super heroe?? es super sexy!!!!!!

  • Linda Margaret

    I think the acting was really better than the script. The idea was interesting, but the story line was a bit scattered. I am a die-hard Will Smith fan forever, though.

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